The meeting is almost here,Xiao Fan stood up and said:“All right,The main content of today’s meeting is these three parts,I only emphasize one point,Less than necessary,Try to keep a breath for the person opposite,But the main threat to your safety,No need to stay。”

Everyone said yes,Xiao Fan sat down,Tell Yiming:“Can let everyone go out first,Get ready,You and Shen Lin stay。”
Yiming tells everyone:“That’s it for today’s meeting,Everyone is gone,Go back and get ready,Shen Lin stay。”
Everyone left,Su Ran smiled at Shen Lin,So I followed everyone out,She has to go to Chu Yao to take over。
After everyone is gone,There are only three people left in the conference room, Xiao Fan Yiming and Shen Lin。Xiao Fan tapped his finger on the desktop twice。I looked up at Yiming and Shen Lin。
“Yiming,Shen Lin,This time their boss must go to the meeting in person,and so,I must explain to you clearly in advance,My brother,Although the strength is not better than us,But he is my former brother after all。”Xiao Fan felt something was wrong before he finished speaking。
Yiming interrupted Xiao Fan’s words:“boss,You don’t have to go in person,I go,Or me and Shen Lin,Two of us go。”
Shen Lin also feels something is wrong,Quickly nodded and said:“Yes,Fan,Brother Yiming is right。”
Xiao Fan smiled,See what they two say:“no need to worry,But many years ago I failed his expectations,I must return him,Otherwise there will always be an endless struggle between the two of us。”
Yiming and Shen Lin both bow their heads,They know what it means to repay,possible,Half-life will go in。
Xiao Fan stopped talking,Because he doesn’t know how to say,But this is the truth,He must solve this。He can solve it directlys,But he doesn’t want。
sWas the only one who was good to him,He also believes,sWon’t do anything extraordinary,That way,He will resist。
Xiao Fan continues to explain:“If after this time,I can’t come back in a short time,All bases and companies are handed over to you,Fan Laohui will come to help you。”
Yiming feels bad,But nodded,The same is true for Shen Lin。Xiao Fan said:“And the Lin family,My wife,Their safety is left to you,This time the matter is resolved,No one will touch them anymore。”
Shen Lin said:“Brother Fan, don’t worry,Sister-in-law, I will definitely protect it,Su Ran will go with her too,You must come back early。”
Xiao Fan nodded,He looks at Yiming,Yiming’s eye circles are already red,Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing,Say:“Yiming,Do you think anyone in this world hurt me,and,I would be so stupid,Let him kill me。”
It seems right to think about it,No one can hurt the boss yet,Thinking so,I feel better。
Xiao Fan told them both,Let the two of them leave to prepare for this tender meeting,maybe,sWill appear at the tender meeting。

Shen Han is still in the operating room,Huo Rongxuan almost lost patience,The voice on the phone became completely cold,“Shen Han is still rescued,You have to make sure what happened to Shen Han,The Shen family can afford the consequences。”

This is already very important,But Shen Han’s father still refused to show up,Huo Rongxuan finally hung up before listening to his explanation,I have to order to use the blood in the blood bank first。Fortunately, after a series of tests,Shen Han’s body did not react,After a few hours of rescue,The injury has stabilized。
Huo Rongxuan got the special help who was always next to him,“Go check the Shen family’s affairs,Details of each person,Including Shen Han’s biological mother,Check it all carefully。”
Finished,Added another sentence:“Put Shen Han’sDNACompare the sample with the Shen family,Tell me immediately when the result is out。”
Huo Rongxuan already had doubts in his heart,This incident undoubtedly verified his ideas even more。Even if the Shen family are not willing,It’s not that he can’t bring people here,But they would rather take the risk of offending the Huo family than refuse to give Shen Han a blood transfusion,Then there is probably only one answer,That is, Shen Han is not a child of the Shen family at all。
A few hours after anesthesia,Shen Han just woke up。He opened his eyes and looked at Huo Rongxuan who was standing by for a long time,Just called him:“Huo Rongxuan。”
Huo Rongxuan gave him a drink,ask him:“how about it,Still uncomfortable?”
Shen Han was injured in several places,There is a long hole in the leg,But he still shook his head。
then,Huo Rongxuan saw Shen Han look around in the ward,ask him:“Didn’t my dad come??”
Huo Rongxuan knew he was frightened this time,Only when I wake up I rely on my family。He tucked the quilt for Shen Han,Tell him:“Your dad went out of town,Rushing back。”
Shen Han closed his eyes and said nothing,But even Huo Rongxuan can feel the disappointment that is suppressed and does not want to be shown.。
after awhile,He heard Shen Han whisper:“I seemed to hear the tiger calling。”
“This time the tiger made a contribution,I asked someone to take him to eat meat。”
Shen Han nodded,Huo Rongxuan asked him:“how,You just hear the tiger call,I called you without hearing me?”
Shen Han heard him compare himself with Huzi,Was amused,Just said:“heard it,I thought it was an illusion。”

Zhang Ying nodded,Echo:“I think we can actually conduct a confirmatory ignition test tomorrow,If tomorrow’s confirmatory ignition test is fine,Let’s invite the leaders to visit,Ensure that the ignition link is foolproof。”

What is experimental ignition?
To put it plainly is a fool,Let the engine ignite tomorrow,Make sure the engine is ok,Invite the leader again,Then wait until the leader arrives before proceeding“Official first ignition”,Actually everyone has done this all the time,Otherwise in case the ignition fails,The leader is angry,The big guy’s face is even more lacklustre,Who will bear the responsibility then?
Huang Wenqing、Wang Dazhi and some other leading comrades immediately nodded frequently,Obviously they also agree with Zhang Ying“Experimental fire tomorrow,And then officially fire according to the time of the leader”Suggestion,All of them looked at Chen Geng eagerly。
Chen Geng laughed dumbly。
Encounter a slightly decent event,The event organizer will definitely find ways to invite several leaders to attend the opening ceremony、ceremony,The leader invited is more important,Event organizers have more face,And if you fail to invite the leader,Not only the event hosting is not good,People who participate in the event will also beat the drums in their hearts:Why didn’t a decent leader come?,Is this project not being taken seriously by the leaders??Is this event okay??
Huang Wenqing、Meng Haibo、Wang Dazhi and others came from an old state-owned enterprise,The body naturally has a strong imprint of the characteristics of the times,Not to mention people still have an administrative level,Like this kind of strong Annunciation invitation,In their opinion, the more leaders they can invite, the better。
In addition,The reason why they mentioned it to Chen Geng at this time,Actually, it also meant that Chen Geng personally invited:Based on the relationship between Mr. Chen Geng and the leaders,If he personally invites the leaders,The leaders will definitely save face?
He understands Huang Wenqing、Thoughts of Wang Dazhi and others,But facing this request,Chen Geng shook his head:“Not necessary。”
No one thought Chen Geng would say that,Everyone is dumbfounded,I was speechless for a while:Not necessary?What the hell is this??
Zhang Ying was the first to react,He hurriedly explained to Chen Geng:“Chairman,You can’t think so,Although our project is focused on by the chief executive above,But now south……Ok,Also went well,If we don’t show up in front of leaders often、Let the leaders know our progress,Maybe it will be bad for us。”
So called south,It’s actually the magic city。

It was the first time he saw a formal mountain gate,Even though this mountain gate looks a bit dilapidated long ago,But at least let Qin Feng know,They used to be just playing。

Qin Feng now needs time to control his own power,It’s best to have a higher level of exercises to allow him to practice。otherwise,Maybe he will always be at the bottom of these schools。
To know,Qin Feng used to think that the aristocratic family was very
Great。But since I learned that this world still exists beyond human limits。Suddenly Qin Feng wanted to pursue stronger power like those fighting madmen before.。
As for why it feels like this?Because he met!
This time is good luck,There was no battle with the members who were back together,But if you meet other players again?Can you really make money with harmony??
Although Qin Feng doesn’t think he deserves to be valued by others。But since it was troublesome before, I came to my door automatically,Qin Feng feels that he still needs to become stronger。At least that will make you feel more secure。
“Don’t go,Don’t go yet!”Seeing Qin Feng leaving their Su family,Su Chengxu is a little worried。Even though he understood what Qin Feng said,But it’s still hard to digest。but no matter,He felt that once Qin Feng left,The final ending is resignation,He doesn’t want this!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One Mouth escape?
Qin Feng didn’t leave in the end,At this moment he frowned,Feel very uncomfortable。Because he didn’t stay because of Su Chengxu,But Su Rou asked him to stay。
But he really didn’t want to!Although it seems selfish to say this,But Zhang Lili has nothing to do with Qin Feng, right??
Desperately for an irrelevant person?Is it really necessary?
“Qin Feng,Don’t you have a master?Can’t you let your master help??”Su Rou said。

“I want to invest in Qingshui Village,Is this okay?”Lin Qingwei looked at Qin Feng very seriously and asked。

“This is naturally ok,But I don’t understand。Why do you want to invest there?To know where it is now,I really don’t see any good investment。”
Qin Feng said seriously,He can’t tell at all。
Heard this,Lin Qingwei shook her head and said:“I still didn’t understand at first,Why did Tianguang and others follow you desperately,But now I understand,Only by following you can we mix some future。”
Qin Feng said that he was stunned,Can’t see at all,what is happening,Follow yourself and there is a future?
Even though he knows he has the ability,But he is even more aware of a situation where his ability is not great。
Besides, he didn’t necessarily show anything,These guys just like this?
“This thing,Can we talk slowly?”Lin Qianqian also looked at Qin Feng and said,After my grandpa was treated,,Her personality is very different from before。
She is very gentle and quiet,This also made Qin Feng a little confused。
But at this point,Qin Feng was also relieved,Because this girl doesn’t need trouble。
“Naturally。”Although Qin Feng said he wanted to go back,But it doesn’t have to be right now。
Several people are sitting in the house。
“I don’t know what your thoughts on the development of Qingshui Village,But what do you need to do,I can do my best to cooperate with you。just,I hope I can get the same treatment as Jiang Tianguang and others,Can something like this?”
Lin Qingwei looked at Qin Feng with a serious face and said,There was an unspeakable sincerity in her eyes。
Qin Feng thought for a while and said:“Don’t ask me about this,If you need it,I can find someone,Then tell him。”

Lu Youshan immediately thought,Kim So Yeon is obviously the boss of such a big group,Why do you like his son somehow,And came all the way to Liufang,Everything seems to have an answer now。

He dare not let his son continue to be gentle with this appearance,Actually a femme-hearted woman is together,That’s why he held Lu Menglin very firmly。
That’s the effort of the father and son,Kim So Yeon was taken out by the three。
She doesn’t have to look back,I have probably guessed the reaction of everyone in the house。
Lu Menglin’s parents are very traditional,They really can’t accept a woman like themselves!
For a time,Kim So Yeon is in chaos,Messed up,Lost even the most basic vigilance。
now,Everyone in the living room of the Lu family looked at each other.,A little too slow。
People like Wang Shaoxiao and Fat Dun are obviously heartbroken and sad,But more worried about Lu Menglin,I’m afraid he will be hit too hard,Can’t think of it。
Uncle’s family of three is laughing around,They seem to have seen how rare the excitement is,A mocking smile appeared unconsciously on his face。
Fortunately, Uncle and they still have a trace of fear,Knowing that Lu Youshan at this time can’t provoke,But they were laughing inwardly。
Are you not proud of Lu Youshan??Got a foreign daughter-in-law,It turned out to be a poisonous widow!
Even Interpol has come to the door,Don’t look at the beautiful woman,If this is a few days later,Maybe even your Lu Menglin was swallowed so much that there is no scum left!
There are two other guests coming to visit Lujia,See this scene clearly。
These two are cadres of Liufang,At a glance,I suddenly shook my heart,Finished thinking!It turns out that Lu Jiabang is not a rich woman,But a murderer,Now Liufang’s transformation is about to fall apart,It turned out that it was just a bamboo basket.!Everyone is going to be frightened again。
For a time,Everyone in the living room has their own thoughts,But I still worry about the Lu family,Most people worried about Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin is also confused,He really didn’t expect,Why did Interpol come here,And why did Bae Jungi die??Why didn’t Kim So Yeon mention it to herself??
Is it,The purpose of her coming to China,It’s not just coming to me,Still have no ulterior motives?
wrong!Will not!Kim So Yeon is definitely not that kind of person!If she wants to hide,Not used to find me at all,I won’t go to Shenzhen University to apply for an assistant teacher!
Which link should go wrong!
Lu Menglin’s mind turned fast,The look on his face is even more uncertain。

but,The more at this critical moment,On the contrary, the Sandstorm City Legion cannot make any unfavorable actions against the Fourteen Mechanics.。Because the fourteenth mechanic just talks hard,I don’t want to be under the management of the Sandstorm City Legion,But they are still stationed on the Jinghu Line,They occupy the righteousness against the army of monsters,If someone shoots at them at this time,That is to abandon race and just ignore it,For selfish desire,Destroy the human defense circle。

And the Master Ji Deming of the 14th Mechanic,It is with a keen political sense,See through this,That’s why I’m so persistent,His existence,Just for disgusting people,A pair of hate,But can’t get rid of him。
Maybe behind the fourteenth mechanic,Hidden some big power,Just waiting for the Sandstorm City Legion to attack the 14th Mechanic,Because only this,They can regain the initiative of public opinion,Regain public opinion in the chaotic circle。
One thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters New species
Jinghu Line of Defense,The 14th Machinist Camp in Korea。
Commander Ji Deming in heavy armor,Laughed at the subordinates:“Those idiots in the military,I thought the pie would fall in the sky,So I was hit by Wuhao’s tricks!Those who came out of the hunting ring,Bad water,What tricks and tricks are made。If you fight with real swords and guns,They won’t work!”
“Yes!Yes!Our Fourteenth Division just doesn’t accept inclusion,I didn’t see any movement there,I’m obviously afraid of you, Master!”An army officer touted。
Master Ji Deming shook his shoulders,Laughed:“Of course!What they called the final line of defense,in my opinion,It’s nothing!The offensive of those monsters is already at the end of the battle,No more power,It happened to be picked up by the wild boy for a bargain。Plus Hu Lin’s desperate styling for him,Come and go,He became famous!”
“In my opinion,That Wuhao,It’s just a dog of Hu。Really powerful characters,It’s the old man Hu!Old marshal,Why are you willing to take care of yourself??He is borrowing a corpse to return to life!”
“Takami!The teacher really has an opinion!”
“Hit the nail on the head!The teacher’s wisdom is much better than those politicians in the capital!”
“Yes!Our teacher grows great,There must be a chance to enter the capital in the future!”
For a time,The officers of the 14th Division sought after,All kinds of flattery,Like the Yangtze River,Endless stream。
Ji Deming listened to these words of praise,Very proud,Can’t help but laugh again。
“Teacher,What are we going to do next?Keep guarding Jinghu Lake??Still waiting for an opportunity?”A senior officer of the 14th Division asked。
“If we can fight the sandstorm army,Pierce their undefeated myth,That would be better!”Another officer laughed。

In a flash,In front of the worm-headed monster,There is a dense circle of warheads,Are all blocked by the protective force field,Electromagnetic warhead after losing kinetic energy。

No one thought,That monster actually knows how to control the horned dragon armor,Unleash the force field,Successfully blocked this wave of attacks。
Followed by,From the dense forest behind that monster,Buzzing up a swarm of poisonous bees,Each is the size of a puppy,Metallic shine all over,Rush to the base of Taishan ship。
These venomous bees are flying too fast!I almost arrived in front of everyone in the blink of an eye,It’s too late to react。
This worm-headed human monster,And that group of terrible giant poisonous bees,It was the culprit who shot down the Taishan ship that day。
As the saying goes,Enemy meet,Extraordinary jealous,It’s a pity that it is aimed at enemies of equal strength。
For the night Koreans in the Taishan ship base,They are the defeated generals of the opponent,How to be brave?
These monsters can even shoot down the Taishan ship,Not to mention dealing with such a group of defeated soldiers!
Those terrifying giant poisonous bees rushed to everyone,Open sharp limbs,Several people fell down all at once。
Everyone is in a panic,Shooting randomly,Many people have not even reacted,Was shot by the stream,Did not die under the needle of a poisonous bee,But died in his own hands。
At this moment,The leader of the swarm,The body of the worm-headed monster moved slightly,Suddenly disappeared in place。
Next moment,It also appeared in the crowd。
The worm-headed monster flicked its tail,That thick and powerful tail is like a spear,It fell into the chest of the first officer.,Nail it firmly on the ship board。
In an instant,Mr. First Mate’s body,Dry out at a speed visible to the naked eye,Became a piece of human skin in clothes。
The people present finally understand,How did those sentinels become corpses,It turned out that they were all sucked dry by this monster!
Talking late,Then soon!Hu Lin with evil spirits,A stride rushed to the electromagnetic heavy machine gun at the entrance of the base,Open the machine gun safety and magazine,Bullet loaded,The gun body is fully charged,All the actions are done in one go。
Followed by,Hu Lin shouted,Pulled the trigger hard,From the muzzle of the electromagnetic machine gun, a large, light blue flame was ejected.,Swooshing electromagnetic bomb,Like lightning。

Willow smiled slyly,“If you are afraid of long nights and dreams,We can also go to the Civil Affairs Bureau first,But I didn’t bring the account book,You have to take me home first。”

“Although we are in place in one step,but,Your family can’t help but give a meeting gift,This is etiquette。”
“.you,You just said getting married?”Huo Yun and his mind that hasn’t adjusted the jet lag buzzed,He has seen thick-skinned,but,Thick to this degree,Really not!
“Yes,You look so handsome,I’m so pretty again,Without stamping,Out of touch。”
Yangliu is thinking of him,“and,You all this year28Years old,Never get married,Will there be fertility in a few years??Huo’s big industry,Can’t be cheaper outsiders!”
Do not,She is not cheeky,She has no shame!
If you can’t bear it, you don’t need to bear it anymore,No matter how well-trained you are, you can’t stand this kind of shameless woman!
Facial paralysis is cracked,“Miss Lu,Have you seen neurology?”
Willow winks,“.What do you mean?”
Huo Yunhe sneered,I don’t even understand this,Dare to speak out?
“Since Miss Lu can’t understand,I will make it difficult for you to popularize science,People with the wrong nerves are prone to hypothesis,Your current symptoms are。I,Huo Yunhe,Not interested in you,Not now,There won’t be in the future。”
“you,you do not like me?”Yangliu’s eyes widened,The voice becomes sharper,Said sharply:“You made it clear?”
“you,Not my type,I will never like a woman like you,Why sit here and endure your vulgarity,It’s because of the face of Huo Lu’s family relationship,Please don’t take my politeness as indulgence,OK?”
Yangliu was quite satisfied with the man’s exasperated remarks,but,To solve the trouble completely,She has to work harder。
Silence for a while,Suddenly smile,If you don’t have that oily face,Really lady,“Brother Huo,You are so handsome,I really fall in love with you,Reprimanded by you,I’m not angry at all,But think you are tooma
Lest he doesn’t believe it,Yangliu raised three fingers and swear,“Your voice is so good,I’m more than Yankong,Still voice control,Your voice is better thanZYWAlso magnetic.ZYWYou know who it is?Walking hormone!Although it’s an uncle,But his charm.Oh,Far away,I mean you are the perfect man in my heart,I am such a beautiful woman,It should be worthy of a handsome pot with education and connotation like you。”
Huo Yunhe’s etiquette since he was a child made him unable to say anything too bad,That unceremonious remark just now is his limit,Unexpectedly, this woman was not hit at all,also,also.
He doesn’t even know how he reacted!

“When did arrogance start to care about the people below?It’s incredible!”

Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain,But I can only complain,After all, for such a principal,He seems to be unable to do anything。
“Qin Feng,Why are you up so early?”
Jiang Yan originally planned to walk around,See if there is any way to help your company。Because she actually thought of other ways,That is to ask the bank for help,As long as there is liquidity,She’s not saying that she can’t improve her company’s treatment。So as to compete with the company established by Xiao Mo Group in hiring employees。
Until now,Jiang Yan is still reluctant to admit defeat easily。But when she saw Qin Feng wake up so consciously, of course she was a little surprised。
After all, Qin Feng’s ability to get up early was basically Wang Mengmeng’s wake-up service。
“Ok,To help you。”
“Help me?”Jiang Yan frowned slightly,But didn’t say anything。But she also thought of something,To know,Her grandpa is always fascinating,Although I don’t know what my grandpa does,But there must be a lot of money。
Qin Feng as his apprentice,Even if you only learn three things,these years,I must have some savings。Jiang Yan actually doesn’t want friends to suffer,the most important is,She doesn’t want to bear the debt of relationship。So deep down,She would rather the company go bankrupt than a friend to help。
But changing to Qin Feng is a little different。After all, from a long time ago,Jiang Yan thinks this residential apartment is her own industry。
But Qin Feng suddenly appeared,And showed up with her grandpa’s transfer procedures,Take away her most valuable property。so,Even if Qin Feng paid to help,Jiang Yan would treat it as guilt and want to make up for some of his compensation.。
Of course it is impossible for Qin Feng to know what Jiang Yan is thinking。After all, this time he followed the other party to deal with things,Actually deal with it with the heart to solve the problem。
However, he never thought,The two of them just left the door,The door of the unit next door is also opened,Chen Wensen looked at the probe,Then I changed a suit and followed it out。
“Qin Feng, where are you going?We are together!”
People who don’t know think Chen Wensen and Qin Feng are so familiar,How deep the relationship is。
Qin Feng knew,It’s hard for me to explain to Jiang Yan,So I didn’t explain it at all。