2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club League Basketball Concurrentie met succes

Een paar dagen geleden, een 6-daagse 2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club League Basketball Game, eindigde met succes in Jiangsu Xinyi Basketball Hall.

Na 6 rondes van 71 felle wedstrijden, won de Alien Club of Dafeng District het Grand Championship, de Fengcai Club won het Championship B (40-50) Champion, Jiangsu Xinyi Club won de klasse B (50 Year Old Group), Tinghu Women’s Basket Club won de vrouwengroepkampioen.

Deze competitie werd gehost door het Yancheng Sports Bureau en Yancheng Sports Association. De competitie is een belangrijk initiatief om Yancheng-basketbalactiviteiten te ontwikkelen. Het biedt een fitness en concurrentie voor de meerderheid van de basketbal enthousiastelingen, en cre?ert een gloeddynamische fase voor basketbalkenmerken. Het is duidelijk dat Yancheng een lange geschiedenis heeft en een breed scala aan massa-bases. In de loop der jaren zijn een groot aantal uitstekende basketbalspelers gecultiveerd en hebben ze prijzen gewonnen in de provinciale basketbalkampioenschappen en "gouverneur cups" basketbalwedstrijd. Met de verdere verdieping van het "nationaal sportgezondheidsmodel" in Yancheng zal de bouw van de amateurclub van de stad een nieuw niveau blijven, en de gezondheidsgevel index van de mensen zal verder toenemen. Gerelateerde suggestie.

Academic Censions and Ideal Justice One – Actively Promote "Two Learning and One" Learning Education Normalization Institutionalization

Original title: Study scientific knowledge of the "two learning and one" learning education, institutionalization, party organizations at all levels should be compared with the party regulations, concurrently with the series, and strive to solve the party’s awareness of the party. The organization is not strong, and it is not enough to work. Forging a party member and cadres who have a combat power, it is more closely united to unite the party central party in the hearts of Comrade Xi Jinping, in order to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation. Chinese dreams do not struggle.

Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the "Opinions on Promoting" Two Learning and Making the Institutionalization of School Education. Sex, basic engineering. Party organizations at all levels should guide the height of politics, and guide the majority of party members’ studies, to know the party, to ensure that the whole party is more closely united to work around the party’s central party in the core of Xi Jinping, and constantly create new socialism. situation.

In 2016, the "School Party Regulations, School Series Speech, and Qualified Party Members" was carried out in the party’s party’s ideological and political construction in Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

The party constitution is the total charter of the party, party regulations is the specific follow-up of party members’ thoughts and behaviors; General Secretary Xi Jinping is the latest achievement of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics; to do qualified party members are the basic requirements for each party.

More than a year, the "two learning," learning education is the successful practice of strengthening and improving the party’s construction under the new situation, must stick to the normalization of normalization. Promoting the "Two Learning One Do" learning and educational institutionalization, the basic goal is to use the party constitution to regulate the party organization and party members, and use the general secretary of the general secretary of the close, guide the mind, guide practice, and promote work. Therefore, party organizations at all levels must be closely related to the actual, highlighting of the problem, and strengthen the classification guidance, and reflect the specificization, accurate, differentiated, and "two students" in different industries in different industries in different levels. One to learn the problem of checking in education, solve problems, and promote work. Promoting the "Two Learning One Do" learning education normalization institutionalization, work and starting is to regulate the political life within the party, including the "two learning and one" learning education into the basic system of the Party branch "three sessions". The party branch is the party’s most basic organization, which is the foundation of all work and combat effectiveness. To establish a distinctive orientation of all the party’s work to the branch, pay attention to the intersection of ideological and political work to the branch, resolutely prevent surfaceization, formalization, entertainment, and vulgarization, and promote the "five-in-one" overall layout and coordination promotion "four Comprehensive "strategic layout provides strong organizational assurance.

Promote the "Two Learning One" learning education normalization, the key link is to seize the "key minority" and compact liability.

Leading organ leading cadres are comprehensive from the "cattle nose" of the party, and promote the "two studies and one" to learn the normalization institutionalization. First, from the leading cadres leading cadres, the above rate, the layers are promoted, and the branch is caught. Falling into practice, learning the party rules, and learning the party regulations, the series of speech as the party committee (Party group) The main content of the center group learning, to institutionalize the normalization, to ensure that "two learning and one" learning education is integrated into daily, caught in often.

"If you want to be straight, you must be striped; if you want to know the square, you will be rule." Promoting the "Two Learning and One" Learning Mathematical Institutionalization, Party Organizations at all levels should be compared with the party constitutes, and talk about the series of advanced typical , Focus on solving the party’s sense of consciousness, the organization’s concept is not strong, and the role is not enough, and forging a party member cadres who have a combat powerful and combat power, ensuring that the whole party is more closely united in the party with the close of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Around the central government, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Yang Lina).

China Mobile: Maximous Mobile practical

Recently, Anhui Mobile conscientiously implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and under the unified deployment of the Anhui Provincial Communications Administration and the guidance of China Mobile Corporation, take the initiative to actively carry out special actions such as "broken card" "Tmall", with large Data, machine learning, etc. 35 people, the results of the achievements, and effectively safeguard the legitimate interests and property safety of the people. The smart park is a smart city’s composition unit, and it is also a reduced version of smart cities, which is responsible for the heavy responsibility of my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, Anhui Mobile actively exerts information technology, digitizing the daily work scenes of the park, intelligent treatment, greatly enhances the integrated service capacity of the park.

In order to promote the construction of smart campus, help students better adapt to the campus life.

Anhui Mobile has given full play to communication technology advantages, and continuously explores the application of 5G technology in smart campus, providing students with comprehensive, meticulous and efficient campus information solutions. When you come to Huangshan, at the airport, you can easily use "Gigabit 5G" business, China Mobile Anhui Huangshan Branch focuses on 5G demonstration airport, realizing the terminal building, security check channel, international and domestic flights Waiting room and other areas 5g full coverage.

In recent years, medical standards in the grassroots area have been significantly improved, but there are many rural populations, and the risks of the masses are "due to illness". In order to help the government enhance the level of medical services in rural areas, provide the masses with convenient, high-quality medical services, Anhui Mobile and Boatsu News Flying Complete the "Zhixian Assistant Platform", and raising the people’s happiness in people’s livelihood projects.

In Huaibei, Anhui Mobile provides 5G transformation upgraded technical support for the mining industry, helping the mining industry to "unmanned, intelligent", and to practice "I do practical things for the masses" practice, improve the masses of the masses, Happy, safe.

Since this year, Anhui Mobile actively carried out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", establishing a rural "smart pension" project to help the elderly intelligent into the intelligent era of information life.

Anhui Mobile played the technical expertise and operational capabilities in network, digitized, intelligent, and launched the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", starting from the hub district traveler, WiFi network in Hefei South Station, 5G network full coverage, full-scale signaling equipment, and enhances passengers in crowd intensive indoor communication feelings.

Deepen ideological and political leadership to condense taxation

Strengthen ideological and political leadership, unity lead women’s cadres to listen to party Chinese and party, is the political task and political duties of the Women’s Federation, and is the weight of the women’s team.

The State Administration of Trends, the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, the Women’s Committee, earnestly fulfilled the work responsibility of the grassroots organization, under the strong leadership of the party committee, the central government, the central government, working around the tax center, find the entry point , The service overall, relying on all kinds of practical activities, deepening ideological and political leadership, and actively expand the work of the Women’s Committee, and condense the intensity of taxation. First, the intensive theory leads, firm women’s cadres listen to the party Chinese, and the ideals and beliefs of the party.

The Ministry of Women’s Committee always includes the ideological construction of women’s teams in the primary task, combined with party history education, using the rule of tax work conference, organ assembly, theoretical center group, the party branch "three sessions", special lecture, A variety of platforms such as a private document processing system, an internal website, a party building propaganda bar, agency Women’s Work WeChat group, and conscientiously organize megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload. The National Women’s Federation, District Women’s Federation, District Direct Work Committee and other important documents and conference spirit.

On the basis of studying theoretical knowledge, in the women’s cadres, we have widely carried out patriotism education in the women’s cadres, and maintain national unity of patriotism, strengthen the ideal belief education and party style and honest government of women’s cadres, and guide women’s comrades firmly establish "four awareness". Strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", further enhance party spirit and post dedication. The second is to promote the character leadership, guide women’s cadres upwards. The Ministry of Women’s Committee successfully coordinated and organized the convening of the Women’s Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau "Gusang Hua" Towel Construction Conference. The General Assembly commended 10 units and 26 female tax cadres of "Genzaja Towns" in Tibet Autonomous Region, "Genza Towels".

At the same time, actively establish typical demonstration, extensive development of towel and create a successful service, emerged as "National Women’s Civilization Post" Financial Management Office and Women’s Committee, the national leader is far away, "the most beautiful family" in the country "Ren Zhenzhuo family," The Most American Women’s Committee "Organ Women’s Committee," The Best Volunteer Service Organization of the District " , Qin Yanling, "The General Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation", China, China, etc. The third is to promote social practice and guide women’s cadres’ new era. Around the assistance of poverty, the Women’s Committee launched the "Sisters Hand Hand Hand, Women Helping Poverty", organized the Women’s Committee in the village of Village to visit Lhasa to visit the experience of grassroots women’s work reform, expand the vision of all the business, and firmly believe . The village female cadres actively play the advantage to send policies, send funds, send projects, send skills, send services, and help the poverty. In March 2020, an epidemic prevention immunity was produced, and the Women’s Cadres of Hubei Tax Systems were sent to the care and concern of the Women’s cadres in the snowy plateau, and condolences to the Turquetarriors – Third People’s Hospital medical staff, police officers, sanitation workers . The Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau organized the day-on-day duty mission is assumed by the woman’s comrades, which is an epidemic prevention, and maintains stability contribution.

In 2008, the "Tax Officer Love Foundation" was established. More than 100 women’s cadres volunteer donation funds were 146,816 yuan, helping the difficult person 550. The 2017 "Tax Officer Love Foundation" officially included in the Tibet Autonomous Region Civilization Volunteer Association, was selected as the best volunteer service organization in Tibet Autonomous Region in 2018. It is recommended to be the best volunteer service organization in 2021 Civilization Committee.

In addition, "Beautiful place to bloom – Tibet" theme photography competition, "Shu Shan March 8" reading, "The Sixth Yixian, Family and Length" parent-child public welfare reading activities.

Carried out the creation of towel, actively striving for "five good civilized families", "the most beautiful family", and the three eight red banners (individual) and other honors. With the main leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, under the correct leadership of the party committee of the district, with the help of the District, the city’s two-level Women’s Federation, actively play the bridge role of the party committee to contact the women’s cadres, adhere to the ideological and political leadership, leading Do work well, strengthen the lead in work, guide women’s comrades to firmly listen to the party Chinese, and we will continue to follow the party, contributing to the new era of Tibet, contributing the power. (Sending the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.

A new round of air pollution hits Zhengzhou will "follow up" single double number limit?

Original title: A new round of air pollution hits Zhengzhou will "follow up" single and double number limit? On December 8, Zhengzhou landmark building "big corn" shrouded in the top of "gray", the first reporter of Henan Business News Chen Peng Chong / Wen reporter / map one to winter, heavy pollution weather, each pollution process Both affect the hearts of all parties.

From December 8th to 11th, the province will encounter a round of pollution weather, and multiple areas are expected to occur in moderate or even severe pollution.

  How to generate this round of pollution? How to deal with each place? Under pollution pressure, Zhengzhou will start the mobile vehicle single double number limit? From December 8th to 11th, there will be medium to severe pollution on December 8th, and the air quality of the province has experienced a change from good to poor.

Data from the Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, 11 o’clock on December 8, in 18 provinces (demonstration zone), the air quality is good, 6 air quality is lightly polluted; At 15 o’clock, mild pollution cities rose to 10; when 18, the number of mild polluted cities climbed to 15. On the same day, the relevant staff of the Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center told the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter, is affected by unfavorable meteorological conditions, from 8 to 11, our province, is expected to have a moderate to severe pollution process. The above staff analysis, "On December 9th, most of our provinces have emerged in moderate and severe pollution period; December 10th to 11th during the day, weak part of the North wind affects our province, early Beijing-Guangzhou line There is a foggy weather, local accumulation overlay foreign transmission, there is a risk of severe pollution in the north of the province; on the afternoon of December 11th, with the new round of cold air, the air quality of China and Western China Other regional pollution has also gradually weakened. "Action launched more yellow warnings in the province to understand that the warning response should be launched for the pollution weather, the province has launched the warning response, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xuchang and other places have started heavy Polluted weather yellow III response. For example, Zhengzhou implements industrial shift measures, dust source emission reduction measures, mobile source reduction measures.

Including: industrial enterprises, according to the "one factory,", "Zhengzhou City non-road mobile machinery stops use (except for enterprises, construction, except for construction, except for pure electric), the non-road mobile machinery allowed Dacted national three emission standards or use pure electric non-road mobile machinery. On the afternoon of December 8, the relevant staff of the Provincial Ecological Environmental House told the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter, according to the current pollution development situation, all provinces will increase the control of industrial enterprises, site dust and other pollution sources.

  Many places to launch heavy pollution weather warning response, how much effects on reducing pollutants accumulation? In this regard, the above staff said that after the overall appearance, after the early warning response, through different degrees of measures, the pollution level can reduce the pollution process.

  Q & A questions, let’s ask questions about the pollution weather, some questions about the public, the top news · Henan Business Daily reporters contact environmental, meteorology and other departmental answers. Q: Why is the weather in winter? Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center: The weather conditions such as static days in winter are relatively stable, and the atmosphere is relatively stable. These are not conducive to the spread of pollutants, causing pollutants to have varying degrees of accumulation.

In general, unfavorable meteorological exacerbates the accumulation of local pollutants, pollution transmission, weak wind, diffusion, terrain conditions, etc., is a common factor in the process of heavy pollution weather.

  Q: On December 8th, Zhengzhou has a lot of time, can the sky have been gray? Zhengzhou Meteorological Station Forecitors: 8th, Zhengzhou Yin Tian, ??visibility is about 6 kilometers, the light transmission is poor, and the air humidity is not high.

The sky "grays" is not a fog, but more the feelings of cloudy sky. On the 9th, Zhengzhou weather turned to sunny day, the temperature increased, the light permeability was enhanced, and the "gray" situation will be reduced.

  Under pollution pressure, Zhengzhou will start a single-double number limit? Top News · Henan Business Daily reporters have discovered that there is currently a single-double number limit in multiple regions in our province this year.

The Nanyang Municipal People’s Government issued a notice, decided to implement a motor vehicle restricted limit in the central urban area from 9 December 2021, and the end time is not announced, the limit is 8 o’clock to 19 hours to 19, and the holiday is not limited. Fuyang City implemented motor vehicle single-double number restrictions on December 4th, limited time to 8:00 to 20:00 every day (including public rent), release time another announcement, single-double number, increase bus shift, city area The bus is free to ride.

Anyang City launched a single and double number on November 15th, limited to December 31 this year, 8:00 to 19: 00 daily, the legal holidays and public holidays are unlimited, and the urban bus is free to ride during the urban bus.

Xinyang City, Luoshan County, Fuyang County, Fuyang City, Qingfeng County also launched a single-double number limit in early December.

  Previously, Zhengzhou launched a single-double number of the motor vehicle for more than 4 consecutive years. The longest period is in 2018, the limit is 41 days, the shortest is 2019, limited to 5 days. Under air pollution, Zhengzhou will implement single-double number this year? In this regard, the top news · Henan Business Daily reporter contact Zhengzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau related personnel, is told that there is currently not to master (Zhengzhou single-double limit) news, ask the public to pay attention to the Zhengzhou Municipal Government.

(Editor: Huang Sa, Song Jing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Beijing 2021 annual vocational skills training of demobilized soldiers in Daxing District of Internet marketing division classes

People electric Beijing November 19 November 17, the Beijing Daxing District, Veterans Affairs and vocational skills training course in Beijing dream "2021 Annual Daxing District, retired soldiers vocational skills Internet marketing trainer" in cooperation Daxing school official classes.

As the country’s first Internet marketing division to carry out training courses for retired soldiers, the first phase of trainees, the unit in charge of leadership and teaching college academic staff of nearly 50 people attended the opening ceremony by line.

Skilled personnel is an important part of national personnel, is the Societe Generale, the source of development.

With the addition of online economy continues to develop new technologies and big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and so on, "Internet marketing division," as Human Resources and Social jointly market supervision Administration, the National Bureau of Statistics official release to the public in July 2020. The new occupation, due to curriculum module settings keep up with market trends, skills training approachable and quick features, has become the 2022 vocational training hottest jobs. The Internet marketing division focused on training courses to create content – that is, all media operations division. The Internet marketing division (all-media marketing division) vocational skills training were set 120 hours, using live online teaching mode of teaching and training line combination. Curriculum system around the whole process to create Internet content production, content production related to the preliminary investigation, the planning, filming, production, post-packaging, and marketing and other aspects, specific programs, covering theory, shooting trips, training exercises and graduation examination of four parts. Daxing District, the transfer of resettlement department of Veterans Affairs Bureau Cao Yang at the opening ceremony, said: "The Internet as a marketing division is currently developing a new thing and a new era of professional trades, the training is the Bureau after much research and field trips made a deliberate decision, we hope to create a national veterans resettlement training ‘new standard’ and dreams of college. "

(Chen Dapeng) (Editor: Meng bamboo, high star) share to allow more people to see.

China @ 四 川 | Dynasty, Tibet, Tibet, Chasing "two people"

  Xinhua News Agency, March 14th, Qiqiu: Tibet, Tibet, Chasing "Two Road" Xinhua News Agency, Hu Xu, Liu Hongming, in the end of April, before the mountains of Hano Village, the first secretary Wen Xuequarcheng Everyone broadcasts the new season of the new season, grinding more than 2,000 pounds of green powder, reserves the production of the production of the green cookies.

  Hango Village is located in Li Tang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with an average sea level of 3700 meters, a half-pastoral and semi-animal husbandry in the plateau. Since last year, Wen Xuequung and other help people have carefully planned to work, and will work well into a cookie, and become a national stable source of income through e-commerce sells well.

  "There is no transportation improvement, there is no industry development.

"Wen Xuedong said," Hango Village is close to Provincial Road 217, all the way to the national road 318 line and Yaku Expressway through Chengdu, people are in good luck, the car is smooth, the introduction of modern technology in the village has laid the foundation, but also let this remote village Agricultural and sideline products have accelerated into the city and become a higher added value. "Qianlichuan Tibetan line, like a white Hada surround the snowy mountain meadow, flying over the mountains, put the countless Hanogun Village of the plateau, let agricultural products more smoothly, the foreigners are more convenient, let the plateau people open The field of view, the active thinking.

  Basku County, Changdu, Tibet Autonomous Region, has attracted a large number of tourists from the Sichuan Tibetan line due to its unique and magnificent "ancient glaciers". In the local area, it is necessary to vigorously develop infrastructure and green ecological tourism, and quickly gathered more than 100 hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, barber shops and other service facilities, and absorb more than 200 employment. According to the reporter, in Wuzhen, Waiba Village, Terminal Yuju, the ancient Village Public Welfare Inn, Candsha Village Yunlai Hotel, etc., the village collective economy has fixed income every year; More than 100 horses, more than 1 million yuan per year, drive 109 households to get rich, and the people have increasing about 3,000 yuan. Since ancient times, the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau region has frequently communicated with the mainland economic culture, but because the snow peaks formed by the transverse mountain range, the traffic is extremely difficult to hide the mainland before the founding of New China.

  "The iron cable bridge in Tsing Yi River is only walking. The soldiers moved to the right, and the head is soft.

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Opening experience.

  In 1951, in 1951, I went to the Tibetan People’s Liberation Army into the army, and they declared war to the mountains.

On the snow in the snow in the snow, the 180th Army’s fifty-four divisions 160 groups of Ding Xi Yan and his comrades spit a spit, and they have formed an ice flower.

The sun is shining on the snow, and the silver light reflected is unknone. "The soil layer here is hardened than the stone, no matter whether it is a sharp shovel or a rhinoceros, it is just a whiteprint, and even shocks the handsome, the tiger!" Ding Xishi Yan’s memoirs Write, the soldiers cut their trees in the ice and trip to the ice day every day, and fired firewood with a flaming of the frozen soil. Just like this, more than 4,000 military and civilians have been fighting for more than four years, and finally opened a lifeline connected to Sichuan Tibet. On December 25, 1954, two highways in Shanghai at that time – Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway were passed through the train, and the people in the Tibetan area bid farewell to "Bird Trip Coats, Tianse Plan, Solver", ushered in. The era of highway running cars. Pavement plus width oil, bridge and huge re-renovation, improve dangerous roads … After decades, the state’s rectification and transformation of "two" continued to ensure the smoothness of two altitude lifeliers.

As the government continues to increase fund support in the Tibet, and the rapid progress of engineering technology, in recent years, a batch of heavy major projects on the Sichuan-Tibet line have been continuously completed.

  In 2016, the 318 line of the National Road 318 Line Mountain Tunnel, shorten the mileage of the Panshan Mountain; the 2017 Tong car national road 317 line county tunnel, open the natural risk bottleneck in the North Line of Sichuan; 2018 and 2020 Yakang Expressway and Wenma Expressway, the flagchuan Tibetan line officially spans the "high-speed era". Yunfei Road not only created unprecedented traffic construction in the world’s ridge, "two" spirit "" I am not afraid of suffering, I am afraid of death, tenacious hard work, Gan Dang, military and civilian, national unity "has become Sichuan "Dream Navigation" on the Tibetan line.

Today, the Expressway and the Sichuan Tibet Railway are being stepped up in construction, and the strugglers are continuously written in the new era of the new era. (over).

Daxiu Town launched "non-legacy performance into the countryside" activity Zhangzhou News Cangzhou Information

  In order to inherit the non-legacy culture, enrich the spiritual cultural life of the masses, November 10th, the New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Corps in the Nanxun District, in Datiu Town, "Non-legacy Performance into the Country Culture Hui People’s Warm" literary performance, for the local area The masses offer a wonderful performance. The performance opened in the gongs and drums to sing "16 of Zhangzhou Civilization" and sang a civilized concept and promoted the new style of the times.

Daliu Folk Art Troupes with local China Good people, the national moral model nomination prize winner Gao Qingwang "four generations of green watch" The forest, let the round of 60,000 mu of arches become the story of Linhai, and won a burst of applause.

  The whole performance is in the south of the folk songs "Zhangzhou, a new look", and the response is very enthusiastic.

Through the field performance, the residents can not feel the unique charm of non-legacy culture, and the subtlety will guide the public to participate in the protection practice of intangible cultural heritage.

(Zhou Huiping).

24-uurs multinational liefdesrelais, de groep, de groep met succes 50.000 maskermaterialen geleverd

Referentieberichtsnetwerk Gerapporteerd op 12 februari, 14.00 januari op 31 januari, een groep van 50.000 maskermaterialen uit Seoul, Zuid-Korea, is met succes aangekomen in de internationale luchthaven van Jinan, deze partij materialen werd gedoneerd door het maatschappelijk middenveld en de relevante instellingen aan de frontlinie. Epantry persoon.

Het lijkt erop dat dit slechts een gemeenschappelijk multinational materiaaltransport is. In feite, in het geval van de huidige nieuwe Crown Pneumonia-epidemie, besteedt deze partij maskervoorraden slechts 24 uur uit van de informatie die is vrijgegeven aan de bezorgingsbestemming, niet eenvoudig. Ding. Om 2 uur op 30 januari ontving de beste groep een beperkingsnieuws, een batch van 50.000 maskermaterialen van Seoul, Zuid-Korea had noodtransport en douane-klaringvereisten. Tijd is het leven, na het begrijpen, nam de beste groep onmiddellijk aan de transporttaak, en co?rdineerde dringend de lokale stroombronnen van Korea, slechts 3 uur, voltooide het pick-upwerk in de Koreaanse locatie, en is extreem nerveus in de luchtcabine in de zaak Van de hulp van partners is de cabine in de kortste tijd voltooid. Vóór 18.00 uur

Op 30 januari heeft de Groep de lokale bronnen van Seoul geco?rdineerd voor donatiematerialen.

Ondernemingen worden ingezet in de volledige co?rdinatie van de groep, en na aankomst in Zuid-Korea is het met succes afgerond na de import van Jinan, om 11:00 uur, deze partij van 50.000 maskers van Jinan zijn met succes aan boord genomen en op hetzelfde Dag 2 Na het vliegen naar de internationale luchthaven van Jinan, vervoert u deze naar de bestemming. In deze transnationale liefdesrelaismatch, van het bericht om in Jinan aan te komen, is het 24 uur. Achter de high-effici?ntie en handig, zijn er niet alleen de grensoverschrijdende logistieke douane-ruimtebronnen van de beste groep, die niet alleen het importprobleem van Koreaanse maskers oplost, maar weerspiegelt ook het professionele niveau in het proces van noodtransport.

Eén partij heeft moeilijk, acht-partijsteun, onder de inspanningen van het volk van het hele land, en de QI-groep als een logistieke onderneming, het moment om te betalen voor de kracht van de daadwerkelijke actie.

Voor de speciale situatie van de epidemie heeft de beste groep voor de eerste keer een speciale groep gevestigd. Sinds 24 januari hebben Bai Shi Express, Bai Shi Express, Biwi Supply Chain en Bai International lid geworden van Noodtransport en Distribution Public Welfare Operations.

Vanaf 10 februari verdeelde de beste groep dringend de nationale capaciteitsbronnen, een totaal van 46 vertrekvoertuigen, vrij om 81.631 te dragen, en meer dan 276 stukjes goederen. Van Peking, Shanghai, Tianjin, Anhui en andere regio’s, Japan, Tokio, Zuid-Korea, Seoel, Maleisi?, enz., Vervoer naar Hubei, Zhejiang, Shandong en andere provincies en viruspreventie en controle hoofdkantoor, enz., Materialen Cover Masks, Handschoenen, bril, beschermende kleding, medische hulpmiddelen, fruitgroenten, etc.

Maskermateriaal. Ondernemingen bieden alle werken van de bron: Bron: Referentie Message Network, zonder de autorisatie van deze website, niet opnieuw afdrukken, kiezen of anderszins gebruiken.

Beijing City Deputy Center "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Yin Xingyun) On October 28th, Beijing City Deputy Center "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street was opened, 81 households, 81 civilized families in Po Yuan Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China Business card "Happy" The most beautiful family pavilion ". It is reported that this is also the first "Family Troists" demonstration street in the country.

The total length of Liyuan Zhongjie is about 260 meters. It is just a sense of obscurity, shabby and messy alleys. After the new transformation in 2019, the title of "Beijing’s most beautiful street" was obtained in 2020.

In 2021, the Tongzhou District Women’s Federation of Yutong Jade Bridge, cleverly used the landscape design of the lane, adding "the most beautiful street" road, the red classic family teaching home training, "home country" calligraphy relief and other family building themes Content, create the first "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street in the country.

According to reports, the Tongzhou District Committee Propaganda Department is divided into the Women’s Federation of Tongzhou District, and reviewed the four-year-old civilized family and 300 street township civilized households and 300 street township civilized households in the whole year. The glorious deeds of the household-level civilized family show in the "most beautiful family pavilion" form. Co-funded by Women’s Federation of Tongzhou District, the "most beautiful family pavilion" participating in the construction of Yueqiao South China Community is the core landscape of "The most beautiful street". Fan Shuling, Chairman of Tongzhou District, issued an initiative, hoping that every resident, especially civilized family representatives, to do the new era of struggle, the advocate of civilized family construction, the struggle of life, good family good family The leader of the wind.

I hope that women in the district will actively engage in the prevention and control of the community (village), and contribute to the grassroots social governance while doing a good job in their own protection and household protection.

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