Indonesian President Zoko said it is promoting the peaceful resolution of Russia and Ukraine

China News Agency, Jakarta, April 29th (Reporter Lin Yongchuan) Indonesia President Zoko said on the 29th in the Presidential Palace in Maowu City, West Java that peace and stability are the key to the recovery and development of the world economy. As the rotating chairman of the G20 (G20), Indonesia is promoting a peaceful resolution of Russia and Ukraine.

According to news from the website of the Indonesian Presidential General Office, since March this year, Zoko has been with the global situation, including the Russian -Ukraine conflict, has successively made with German Chancellor, Kishitta, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, French President Macron , Dutch Prime Minister Lutter and UN Secretary -General Gutres conduct communication and exchanges. Zoko said that Indonesia hopes that G20 is united, not split, and peace and stability are the key to the recovery and development of the world economy.

On the 27th and 28th of this month, Zoko talked with Ukrainian President Zelegski and Russian President Putin. Zoko said on the same day that Zeelianzki filed weapons assistance requests to Indonesia. Zoko responded that "in accordance with the Indonesian Constitution and Indonesian diplomatic principles, it is forbidden to provide weapons assistance to other countries." Aspiring, Zoko emphasized that "a peaceful solution was proposed through negotiations." Zokko invited Zeleianzki to attend the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia in November this year. In a call with Putin, Zoko once again emphasized the importance of ending the war immediately.

Zoko said that Putin thanked the G20 summit and expressed his gratitude and said he would attend the summit. (Finish).

Su Qi put the news in advance,Said Lu Yuli will come,For your own business,No one wants to change a mature face in front of the Lu Group.,Can with the land home,I can also eat for several years.。

So,People who are invited by Sujia,Almost no one is absent。
at this time,All from me in one by one.。
Lu Qiran also responded patiently,When everyone asks the female partner next to him,He is also a great introduction, is a girlfriend.。
子 奈 奈 极,He is not repeated Lu Yuliu。
Because lack of security,She has always been a very contradictory person。
After half an hour,I finally came over again.。
子 舒 靠 压 压 压 压 压:“Lu Lanran,Why have you always introduced me your girlfriend?,I haven’t promised you to do your girlfriend.?
Will you not be too much??
Do you want to face??”
Lu Lanran:“”Do you want to catch your girlfriend??
He also knows that the swallow will be unhappy.,But he can’t control your desire,He just wants to regard her as his own.。
Put the firm lock,He is relieved。
“swallow,Do my girlfriend!”
He sincerely request,Lips in her ear。
Hot breath is sprayed on her face,She fierce back,And he opened a little distance,Only:“You think beautiful,I haven’t chased me, I want me to be your girlfriend.,You are so easy when you are now.?”
Lu Yuli laughs,These days,He is very happy,Swallow to him,Face is getting better and better,after,Better。
His hippie smiles:“Swallow,I am chasing you now.。”
Blindness“Ha ha”sneer。
“You really dare to say,How did you chase??
Do you pay practical actions??”
Facing a problem,Lu Yuli smiled softly,“Swallow,How can there be no practical action?,I am going to send you up and down.。
Flowers,There will be tomorrow。”
“Chocolate will also have,Isn’t today a sweet pineapple lollipop??”
Blindness:“That’s it?”
Lu Qiran looked at her slightly,Pick up a small cake,Dug with a spoon to feed it into her mouth,“Swallow,This cake is good,Do you know that I am home for passenger??
He did the foreign friends he met in the past few years.,The pastry of their home is the best。
”Blindness:“”He wants to be so confused,no way。
But this cake is really delicious.,Inlet,Good taste is particularly good。
After the squat is Shu Shu,Lu Yuli smiled,I fed her a few mouthfuls. ,The opportunity to give her an opening。
“Lu Lanran,You will wait for a while to find a small cake back to the kitchen.,Really delicious!”
Lu Yuli has already had such a plan.。 Sweet things are really good,Swallows don’t care about her.。
“good,I will let Du Xin take。”

Shenzhen’s first Hong Kong and Macau Youth Station unveiled 20 talents in the house in peacetime, helping Hong Kong and Macao youth entrepreneurship

  On April 2nd, the first Hong Kong and Macau Youth Station in Shenzhen was officially unveiled. The station is located in Luohu District, Shennan Dongdao, Vanke Shennan Plaza. A total of 20 sets of talents are provided to rented Hong Kong and Macao youths who work in Shenzhen. It also brings more and more people from Hong Kong and Macau to gather Shenzhen and integrate into Shenzhen. The station is established by the Shenzhen League and Municipal Party Committee and Shenzhen Talent Anju Group, Harbor Innovation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Qianhai New Journey (Shenzhen) Science and Technology Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., which will provide a one -stop setting service for the Hong Kong and Macao youths in Shenzhen and Macao Essence

The talent settlement of the personnel provided is divided into two, three -bedroom, and four -bedroom. The construction area is 86 square meters to 142 square meters. The whole set of rent is 4472 yuan to 7386 yuan per month, which is only 60 % of the house rent in the same area in the market. Cai Youxiang, a Hong Kong youth who has been in Shenzhen for nearly two years, rented an unique type of more than 100 square meters. In addition to the large bed room, there were independent living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. He laughed that this was a "mansion". "Only by setting up can you find a job or start a business with peace of mind." Cai Youxiang said that he has been moving in the past two years, and now he has finally stabilized. He also met a number of Hong Kong people neighbors. It is very convenient to communicate and meet. Cai Youxiang is very grateful to Shenzhen for their care for Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial and employment youth. I hope that Hong Kong people who can think of the development of the Greater Bay Area in the next year will help in Shenzhen. It is reported that Shenzhen has established 20 youth stations in 10 districts in the city, providing free accommodation, employment guidance, and city integration of fresh graduates of Shenzhen Jobs. , Staying in the depth of youth retention rates reached 75%.

Blue Xin laughs:“dad,Need not,So fine。”

Blue and blue:“”
Blue and laugh:“mother,All right??”
Blue Xin looked at his son laughing:“Ran Ran,Mom is not a big star,What all”
Blue Xin suddenly remembered a thing,“Baby,Mother will not affect you。”
Her own business,Can you affect the future?。
Blue and sorrowful shakehead,“mother,will not!”
Lu Haocheng listened to it,I quickly took out my mobile phone to browse it.。
topic:Brave admitting your love,First-line star Xiao Ruoyu boyfriend,Director of Lu Group。
below,With a boy and a man’s figure,The man is covered from the lips.。
but,Others can’t see who this man is,He knows。
This man,Isn’t he Lu Hao Cheng??
The content below is:This array,everybody knows,The actor Xiao Ruozhen suddenly suffered,The reason is because your boyfriend is involved in Xiao San.,Temperament。
Every word every word is a lemon sourness.。
In combination with the news that Xiao Ruoyu, Xiao Ruo, was thrown out of the company,Plus today’s news,Blue Xin Xiaoshan,I am sitting in an instant.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the content in the mobile phone,And to Blue Xin’s 谩,Lu Haozheng wanted from Sura from the abyss of hell,The horrible breath of haze is unable to breathe。
A good Xiao Ruozhen,Even the heat of Lu Haozheng dares。
“Ah Cheng,Come over。 ”Mu Qing shouted。
Lu Haicheng put away the phone,“mother,Here。”
Blue Xin also sits down and eats early,Take advantage of this air,She took out her mobile phone to browse it.,See two maps,Blue Xin is very fast, less than one meter Lu Haozheng。
She quickly looked at Lu Haozheng,“Lu Hao Cheng,How do I feel that this man is like you?!”
Lu Hao is unhappy and bowed to eat breakfast,That is him。
Blue blue eyes are good,I can recognize him directly in the crowd.。
Yi Tianqi smiled:“Blue,Your eyes are really good,This is him。”
Lan Xin quickly draws the comment area。
Ashes:How is the man on this map look like a big Lu Hao Cheng??
Autumn wind:You get out,Did I get my eyes??Will our family see this woman??
Blue Xin’s mouth slightly pumping,Her family,Really not a general powder。
She laughed:“dad,Not only I can see it alone,Many people have seen Lu Hao Cheng.?”

Guangfa Bank Taiyuan Branch: "Continuous files" of financial services and gathered together

Facing the current situation of the epidemic prevention and control, the Taiyuan Branch of Guangfa Bank of Taiyuan Branch has responded rapidly, scientific deployment, active response, and active responsibility. It actively cooperates with the requirements of the Taiyuan outbreak prevention and control work to do a good job of guaranteeing financial services in an orderly manner. According to reports, after receiving the "Announcement on the Implementation of Classified Management on Classified Management on the Related Areas of Taiyuan City", the bank held the bank as soon as possible to hold an online emergency management work conference, and at the same time, the bank was launched. "Special Emergency Plan for the Risk Management Special Epidemic Risks of Taiyuan Branch’s Business Continuous Management System" requires all employees to raise their ideological understanding, strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and real -time feedback on the epidemic -related situation. At the same time, the bank comprehensively investigated information such as the administrative district, the closure of the community, the two yards, and the epidemic trajectory of the staff where the employee is located. Ensure that all kinds of materials have sufficient reserves; comprehensively carry out the environmental elimination work, especially the parts with more customers in contact with the parts to focus on eliminate disinfecting, strictly prevent strict control, responsibility to people, leave dead ends without leaving dead ends, and provide a safe and hygienic environment for employees and customers.

Guan Xueli heard that Li Hui Feng said so,It is also whispering some doubts.。

After all, the air-conditioned young men and women who can buy it.,But she wants to buy a few, but she really didn’t have seen it.。
“handsome guy,You have to buy a few,If it is more than three,I can contact our manager.,Let the manager give you a discount。”
“Um,Then trouble the beauty.,Beauty contact me.,Look at an air conditioner how much price can I give me?,Buy at least four。”
Li Hui said this,Single, but there is some disdainful laugh.。
“Xiao Li,Don’t call first,How is the heart be so serious in the young man?,If you can buy four,I can have more than 40 sets.,Your girlfriend has sold a few money in the station before the station.,Your air conditioner can’t sell it in a summer.?”
Guan Xueli listen to the singularity,Also stop making a call,She is actually a little doubtful.,After all, if you ask,If Li Hui is not bought,Maybe she has to criticize。
Sorry is also to see if the Single Week is true.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect that Single will actually send it to the door to find a pit.。
Originally, he is very uncomfortable.,Now that the other party has questioned him five times.,Let him laugh directly。
“Hey-hey,This boss,You mean, I am a little white face,I want to use Xiaoya’s money.?”
“I haven’t said this.,It’s what you said.。”
Single, the monopolism that said this is obvious,Li Hui Feng is a little white face,And it is still a small face of school,After all, he saw Li Hui Hui to carry a book.。
What can a student can have any economic capabilities?,He is justified that Qin Su Ya is in the hands of the wind.。
If he knows early,Feel a little more funding,Threaten,I will definitely get Qin Su Ya.,Just he has never known that Qin Su Ya is still a little boyfriend.。
But now he feels knowing too late.。
Today, he wants Li Hui to completely don’t have faces before Qin Sui.。
“Hey-hey,This boss,Even if it is a little white face,But when you buy air conditioners, it is also what I follow.,You don’t have to question us.?
Xiao Ya Sister can’t sell it out,I can sell it out.?
Whose cuisine,I remember that you also spent money bought.?
That price sold once a day,One month is also a thousand dollars,One summer four air conditioners come out?”
Li Hui is like this,Single, some don’t know how to refute,After all, in accordance with Li Hui’s logic is true.。
“hehe,Little brother,You said these are theoretical things,Some things are ideal.,Reality is very bone,I advise you to listen to your girlfriend.,Still don’t buy it,For the face, it will harm yourself.,Harm your girlfriend。”
When you say this, the eyes have been staring at Qin Ya.,He hopes to see the disappointment of Li Hui Feng from Qin Su Ya’s eyes.。
But from the beginning to the end, he saw that Qin Su Ja is concerned with Li.,This makes him directly can’t stand it.。
He really doesn’t understand Li Hui’s small white face like this.,Where is the good woman worthy of Qin Ya Ya?,I thought it was very amazing before I saw Qin Su.,But when Qin Su Ya, Qin Su Ya was dressed in the village.,But today, this dress does make him feel the surprises.。
Li Hui Hui listened to Single Weixin,Also a glimpse,If the other party, if it is put on others, it is simply killing.。
This is burying in a knife.,If he is really no money,Maybe each other can really play a certain role,But now he is the existence of rich people.,Maybe there is money than the other party。
“hehe,This boss,You question, I can’t afford it.,Dare to make a bet with me?”
Thirty-eighth chapter big pit
Single will listen to Li Hui Feng,It’s straightforward.。
Heartway:“Young man is young,It’s too easy to impulse,Actually fighting,This doesn’t start, it’s self-investive.。”
“hehe,Little brother,What gambling do you want to play??
If the bet is too big, I am afraid that you lose your pants.,So you still mention the little bet.,For example, send you an air conditioning。”
Singleweed provocation allows Qin Su Ya could not help but gently greeted Li Rong’s clothes.。
This little movement is naturally captured by a single place.。
Li Hui Feng also felt the nervousness of Qin Su Ya,Directly reach out of the slibecerer,Give the other part。
When the Single Weixin, the side of the snow is held by Li Hui, such as the big light.,Qin Su Ya could not help but want to break free,After all, she has always been with Li Hui’s distance.。
Single Weixin saw that Li Hui Feng took Qin Su Ya’s hand,Both eyes are so hot,He feels that it should be he held,Li Hui is fundamentally。
It is Guan Xue Li to see that Li Hui’s movements are also dark.:“Young people are very concerned about girlfriend,From this little action, it proves that Li Fah is really not to take Qin Su Ya as a tool.。”

People come to theory: One more rational when choosing medical beauty

Consumer Liu found that the injection whitening needle did not have a Chinese label and imported drug approval number, and did not even have a drug manual. Then he sued the medical beauty enterprise to the People’s Court of Haidian District, Beijing.

The court ruled that Liu’s proposition to "refund one pay ten", ordered Jiahe Baiwang Company to refund Liu’s payment of 34,000 yuan and compensate 340,000 yuan. Heart of beauty in everyone. With the continuous improvement of my country’s residents ‘income level and the opening of ideas, consumers’ demand for medical beauty has increased, and the rapid development of the medical beauty market has expanded.

At the same time, illegal medical institutions, illegal medical doctors, and illegal medical products have caused the industry to chaos.

According to the complaint data of the Chinese Consumer Association, from 2015 to 2020, the complaints from the medical beauty industry received by the National Consumers Association increased from 483 to 7,233, and the number of complaints increased by nearly 15 times.

The heat on the stage is facing the sky, underneath the reef beach.

The barbaric growth of the medical beauty industry not only brings unbearable weights to consumers’ bodies and spirit, but also misleads the values ??and aesthetic cognition of young people to some extent. Some even pay the price of life.

In recent years, in order to regulate the development of the industry, my country has continued to carry out special actions to crack down on illegal medical cosmetology, and from the "Special Action Plan for Certificate of Combatting illegal Sale and Use of Sodium Hyattanate Sodium" to "Special Action Plan for Special Action for illegal Medical Beauty" ; From the most stringent medical beauty advertising supervision documents in history, "Medical Beauty Advertising Law Enforcement Guide" to "Cleaning Faculture False, Black Public Relations, and Network Water Army"; This year, there are many domestic regulations on the supervision and law enforcement of medical beauty. Zibo City focuses on rectify medical advertisements. Xi’an has successfully destroyed a "black nest" of medical and beauty medicines such as botulinum toxins … The distinctive attitude and determination to protect consumer rights and protect consumer rights. Only by the regulatory authorities, the continuous purification of the medical beauty market, and severely cracking down on illegal operating behaviors can the healthy and standardized development of the medical and beauty industry, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and protect the health and life safety of the people. Strong supervision and strict rectification are necessary. But do you still need to consolidate the system and supervision? Can the inspection and supervision of medical and beauty institutions be a regular job? On the one hand, only by building a normalized inspection and supervision mechanism and strengthening cooperation between departments can the entire process be achieved without dead ends and no loopholes; on the other hand, increase punishment and allow illegal institutions or individuals to pay The price that cannot be affordable is a deterrent to it.

In addition, it is necessary to control the qualifications of the institution from the source, standardize the institution’s access system, improve the threshold for entry into the industry, and prevent criminals from changing the vest to continue to mix in the medical beauty industry. It is worth reminding that when consumers are pursuing beauty, they must choose scientifically and have more rationality. When choosing medical cosmetology, you should go to a qualified regular institution, and fully know the approval information and precautions of imported drugs to avoid serious consequences of harming health. At the same time, preserve the service contract, medical records, payment records, comparison photos before and after medical beauty to facilitate rights protection. Beauty is not only a face, but it is also an attitude, ability, and personality. Any kind of beauty deserves our serious treatment. (Responsible editor: Meng Zhe, Qu Yuan) Share let more people see it.

Because with Li Hui,People who come to eat in the hotel are also slower.。

“welcome,what do you want to eat?”
Just calculate the bill of willow sweet,When you speak politely talking to people,She suddenly heard a familiar voice。
“Sweet, I want to eat a bowl of noodles, you can not?”
Chapter 866, Chen Chaoyang’s tragedy
Heard this sound,Willow sweet body。
Raise your head immediately and looked at the man in front of you.。
“You gave me out,Don’t welcome you here。”
When I said this,Willow sweet, pointing at Chen Chaoyang,The tears in the eyes have emerged。
See Liu Xujian,Chen Chaoyang feels Liu Xian’s still feeling emotional。
“Sweet,I’m wrong,I am really wrong.。”
Speech,Chen Chaoyang has already gone。
“You gave me,Go out,Heard no。”
Chen Chaoyang kneeling a moment,Willow sweet heart is also a tremble,But just think of the scene of each other with He Wenwen in her home.,She felt that the man in front of him was so disgusting.。
Especially the average of the dog,Think of yourself because of love each other,Those who agreed to the other party,She is sick and more strong。
“go away,I don’t welcome you here.,If you don’t roll, I’m called someone.。”
Willow sweetly said this,Tears, I can’t help but flow.。
She originally felt that she had completely forgot this man.,But when this man appears again,She only knows,It turned out that the other side of the other party still appeared.。
Will still pull out from my mind。
Miao Xiaoxue saw a man in front of the willow sweet,The first time is the first time.。
“Sweet sister,what happened?”
But Liu Xu is did not answer Miao Xiaoxue.,It is cold and looked at Chen Chaoyang who kneel on the ground.。
“You get up.,If you don’t want to abandon the shame, I still disappeared.。”
Say this,Liu Xu is also directly to Miao Xiaoxue Road:“Small snow,Let the kitchen finish slim。”
“Oh oh,I will go this.。”
Although I don’t know what happened.,But Miao Xiaoxue can feel that the relationship between Liu Xu sweet and that man is not general,Otherwise, the other party will not kneel。
I heard the willow sweet to eat,Chen Chaoyang knows that each other should not catch yourself.。
Looking at the other party, I have been very different from before.,But there is a woman taste,I have a lot of windsome more atmosphere.。
Especially the face,It seems younger than before.。
These changes in Chen Chaoyang’s eyes are the flash spot,Let him get more regrets why Ho Wen Wen,And not to continue with Liu Xian。
Willow sweet looks at Chen Chaoyang,The heart is also a sweethen。
Although it is still a suit,But it is obvious that no one has given a hot clothes for a long time.。
The wrinkles are more obvious overlap clothes.。

2022 China International Cross -border E -commerce Exhibition June appeared in Xiamen

People’s Network Xiamen, March 9th (Zhang Meng) 2022 China (Xiamen) International Cross -border E -commerce Exhibition will be held from June 15th to 17th. At that time, many well -known cross -border e -commerce platforms, service providers and industrial belt companies will gather in Xiamen to seek development together. The scale of this exhibition will exceed 70,000 square meters, providing more than 2,000 international standard booths, covering more than 50 advantageous industrial belts across the country, and will provide docking for more than 100,000 core cross -border sellers and high -quality suppliers. It is worth noting that in order to serve the "Chinese Year" of the brick, this exhibition will hold an online and offline "buy in the BRICS" BRICS specialty product exhibition and marketing to help BRICS countries highlight the Chinese market.

During the exhibition, many special conference forums will empower enterprises to develop the "BRICS+" emerging markets, helping Xiamen’s foreign trade transformation and upgrading and high -quality development.

In addition, the exhibition will gather forces such as active cities, cross -border e -commerce comprehensive test areas, regional and industry associations, and head enterprises in various major cross -border e -commerce cities, cross -border e -commerce comprehensive pilot zones, various regions and industry associations, and head enterprises. "Commercial Industry Strategy Alliance" promotes cooperation between the Silk Road and the BRICS countries, promote the docking and demand docking and information sharing, and form a complementary advantage. This exhibition was co -sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce’s Foreign Trade Development Affairs Bureau, China International Chamber of Commerce, Xiamen Trade Council, and Xiamen International Chamber of Commerce. (Responsible editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Share more people see the client download.

Cui Cui-like bracelet,“Brother,This is a two-piece secret treasure I refining myself.,Refining process does not have any error,It is impossible to activate it.……”

Summer eyes bright,“Are you still a refinerie?”
Taskiors and refiners are coincident in many fields.。
But most of the tasting people will not refine。
after all,Theory and hands,It is completely two things。
Just like the same roof,Also have Jianbao master,Can play an ancient play,The head of the analysis is the road,Slightly。
But if you let him make,Certainly you can’t do it.。
For example some passed the famous painting,More people can identify more,If they draw them,Naturally。
to be honest,It seems that the sect of school is combined,Essentials。
“Yixin,You want to find me to find me.,What is the use of a two-piece book?。”
Still don’t wait for the summer,When I immediately grabbed the bracelet,At the same time, the real element,Remaining。
Wang Yixin’s 眉 蹙 蹙,Face, I is cold。
She took out this bracelet for testing summer depth,This guy is too annoying。
Discrete,As if I didn’t see Wang Yuxin’s face,I am flying in the hand ring.。
“Ha ha,Yixin,I know the problem.。”
He seems very much,Invitation,road,“You are too pursuit simplified,There are seven hundred and twenty variations in the two products.,There are only 10,000 nodes……”
He shakes his head,By patience,“This is like a cover,Every change,Is a house,A house takes 10, 000 spices,But you cover a seven hundred and twenty houses,How is the 10,000 spices??”
Wang Yuxin’s forehead emerges three black lines。
She certainly knows that she is refining the shortcomings of this bracelet.。
And it’s early to identify。
Take out the summer,This bastard is in this show。
She is ignorant,A grab a bracelet,Summer,“Brother,You help look,Can you transform??”
I immediately took it in summer.,The huge idometry quickly sweeped an interior。
His eyes are not bright,“The meditation inside is not simple.,Simplification has arrived,If it is successful,Power will be large,It’s already close to the three-piece secret treasure.。”
Wang Yuxin suddenly exposed a smile。
This secret treasure refining failed,But she did not destroy,Array concept and node arrangement,Even if I am very admired。
Unfortunately,Even http://www.woniuchao.cnZhang Lao can not be upgraded。
“Brother,Do you think the bracelet can be transformed??”
Summer nice head,“Can。”
“Ugh,forget about it……what?”
Wang Yixin is full of eyes,“Can be transformed?”