Keep your cockroach away from your spring weight loss method

Keep your cockroach away from your spring weight loss method

Spring is coming, is your weight loss plan ready?

Spring is the day of weight loss, and the excess meat that is hoarded in winter can be reduced to meet the enthusiasm of the summer.

What is a good way to lose weight in spring?

The following small series to recommend 10 weight loss methods for you, so that you can easily get rid of the excess meat to become a skinny beauty!

  1. Shortening the interval by 10 minutes every hour will increase your metabolism and allow the digestion of the food in your stomach.

If conditions permit, it is better to have a week around the room, or even a small dance.

  2, there is a proper place to place If you are used to eating while watching TV, when your focus is not concentrated on food, you will eat more.

Therefore, for the time being, you should concentrate on it. It is best to sit at the table and eat.

This will reduce your eating speed and reduce your food intake.

  3, choose a low content of food can choose to shop online once a week, so it is more convenient to check the trace content of the food you buy.

As long as you don’t have a high-migration food stored in your home, you will feel that it is too much trouble to go out and eat it.

  4. Check that your drink is a very important part of a healthy diet.

Some drinks drink more to help lose weight, some green tea, drink more can help increase metabolism, help to lose weight.

Drinking three cups of low-fat milk a day can help you lose weight.

However, some high-energy drinks should be carefully chosen.

In many juice drinks, extra sugar is added, which will make you repeat too many transformations.

The carbonated beverages add artificial sweeteners that break down the brain’s control of the transfer.

Drinking these carbonated drinks regularly will make you more eager to eat sweets and easily cause obesity.

  5, only eat eight minutes to eat and eat only 8 points full, the benefits are too much.

This will help you control your food intake so that you won’t get thicker and thicker because of too much rice.

Too much obesity will cause you to eat more in the next meal, and always eating too much will lead to hoarding.

Therefore, 8 points is a very suitable amount, which can make the dieters maintain a better state.

  6, choose a healthy snack to replace your usual desserts and other high-concentration snacks with fresh fruit slices, you will find that you lose weight after you re-establish it.

Excessively high transient snacks are also a cause of weight gain!

  7, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are rich in rich cellulose, and converted into, eat more can increase your satiety, effectively reducing the intake of other foods.

Ensure that vegetables account for one-half of the remaining amount, which reduces calorie intake.

  8, shorten on time Do not think that excessive diet can lose weight, excessive obesity can even damage your health, and will let you eat more.

Disperse on time according to healthy eating habits, do not eat at will, which will reduce the replacement of some extra volume.

If you are hungry before you have time to stay, you can drink a glass of water to increase your sense of fullness.

  9, drink water to choose more time to drink water to help lose weight, but the right time to drink water is more beneficial to lose weight.

Drinking a glass of water before breakfast in the morning can speed up the gastrointestinal motility, replace the metabolites in the body, and reduce the chance of small intestines. Drinking water before meals can alleviate obesity and reduce food intake. In the afternoon tea,It is a time when people feel tired and tired, but at this time, the fragile time that overlaps because of emotions easily leads to an increase in excess meat. You can reduce your appetite by drinking a glass of water.

  10, carry a small pedometer with a pedometer at any time, it can be said that it is a portable treasure for fitness weight loss, bring it, insist on walking every day, you can easily lose excess meat.

Studies have shown that the pedometer user’s exercise volume has increased by an average of 27%, and body weight has generally declined.

Carrying a pedometer with you makes you want to walk more, and you even choose to take the stairs without taking the elevator.

The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

Some elderly people will have an abnormal dependence on their families because they are “rejuvenated”. People often call these elderly people “old children”.

Studies have shown that relying on psychological “alternatives” includes loss of confidence in the future, lack of security, declining function of various organs, slowness of movement, mental retardation, and depression and inferiority.

This situation occurs in the elderly, usually caused by their “wearing old” mentality.

  For the elderly, 60 is a hurdle.

The root cause is that the physiological function is naturally aging, and the old man will consciously buy things and can’t walk far. He will pant after climbing a few stairs.

  At the same time, the elderly at this stage are worried about retirement, the economic ability is shrinking, and the social level is reduced. What is reduced is self-confidence, security, and control.

This gives the old man a clear psychological suggestion: I am old.

With this psychological background, some elderly people naturally rely more on their loved ones, and need more companionship and support.

  At the same time, the decline in self-confidence allows them to close themselves. Life is too dependent on their loved ones. The older they are, the more timid they are like children, the more they dare to go out and interact with others, which in turn leads to a vicious circle of physical and psychological functions that accelerates “destruction”.
  How to change the phenomenon that the elderly are too dependent on their loved ones?

Experts believe that the most important thing is to rebuild the self-confidence of the elderly.

  First of all, the community and relatives should do a good job in the knowledge education of “actively supporting the elderly”.

We must know that many outstanding old scientists and old experts are more and more spiritual because they are diligent and participate in social activities.

As long as you no longer feel that you are old, all problems will be solved.

  In fact, children must help their parents to develop a “Happy New Year Plan”, including encouraging them to develop a variety of interests, arranging them to realize their unfulfilled dreams, doing what they want to do most, going where they want to go, and buying what they want to buy.Gifts, make the most friends you want to pay.

Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Recommended: foreign elderly trendy supplies TOP16

Smart glasses A visual company in the United States has developed an autofocus electronic eyewear.

It can adjust the focus point of the lens at any time according to the distance of the person wearing the mirror.

In this way, the older person does not have to pick up the reading glasses, and this multi-purpose glasses can also be used as a sun visor.

  The old car, the United States and other Western countries have developed a special “old man car” in the field of family cars.

This car is designed according to the physiological characteristics of the elderly.

For the convenience of the elderly to move freely in the compartment, the body frame space is relatively larger than the average car.

The car is equipped with automatic shifting, so that the elderly do not have to repeatedly step on the clutch, repeatedly shifting gears, reducing the labor intensity of driving.

The chassis of the car is high, and the seat is comfortable but not too depressed, which is convenient for the elderly to get on and off.

Due to the emergence of “the elderly car”, it is common for foreigners over the age of 80 to drive abroad.

  An old night umbrella U.S. an umbrella factory in Philadelphia recently introduced an elderly night umbrella. There is a light bulb at the top of the umbrella. It is connected to the battery installed in the umbrella. Just press the switch and the light bulb will light up, and the old man at night and fog.Travel is very convenient.

  Anti-fatigue and pain-relieving shoes The United States has developed an anti-fatigue pain-relief shoe for the elderly. This kind of shoe has a magnetic piece on the sole, which corresponds to the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot, and has certain curative effect on headache and insomnia.

In addition, the elderly wear this kind of shoes to climb mountains and travel, which can eliminate fatigue.

  Positioning the mobile phone Recently, a Korean communication company designed a positioning mobile phone for the elderly, especially the demented elderly.

In addition to the functions of a general mobile phone, this mobile phone also has a “positioning” function.

As long as the elderly wear a positioning mobile phone, the family can use the help of the satellite positioning system to measure the position of the old man (within 10 meters), and become afraid that the old man is lost.

  Wrinkle-reducing mirrors Japanese experts have designed a wrinkle-reducing mirror for older women, which is characterized by the fact that the images in the mirror will hide facial wrinkles and look at least 10 years younger than I am.

Although this kind of mirror provides “false information”, it also helps to sigh the mental health and emotional stability of the lost old ladies, so that they are full of confidence in life.

  The robots of older robots are mainly designed as young people.

However, through the arrival of an aging society, Japan began to design robots that look like old people.

According to reports, “old-age robots” often help the elderly to deal with some daily household chores, often with the owner has more “common language”, and thus more trusted, and get along with the master is more harmonious.

Some widowed old people have tried this “old-age robot” and said: “They are more like my wife.

“Anti-riot cane Japan has developed a riot-proof cane that can help the elderly to walk steadily, and can also release high-voltage electric stuns when the elderly encounter a gangster attack to protect the safety of the elderly.

  Smart pets The robot pets developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. have cats, tigers, dogs, etc. When they are touched, they will smile and give greetings, and even save the owner’s life.

According to the pre-programmed procedure, when the room is quiet, the robot pet will start asking questions and help monitor the health of the owner.

The continuous silence of the owner will trigger the pet to pass the mobile phone and tell the owner’s relatives and friends that the problem may have occurred.

  First Aid Pager A new type of emergency pager used in the elderly for hypertension and hypertension in Japan has been unveiled in the market.

The aircraft is about 10 cm long, about 5 cm wide, and weighs only 40 grams. The elderly are always carried on the body. Once there is an unsafe factor, the button on the pager is pressed and the machine signals the rescuer.

  Blood pressure ring In the Swiss market, there is a blood pressure ring that is popular among middle-aged and elderly people. This ring can display different colors with the slight change of finger temperature. Patients with hypertension can observe the color difference of the ring, master the temperature change and fatigue, and rest in time.Relax and avoid the disease.

  The old man’s anti-collision suit Swiss developed anti-collision suits including anti-collision caps, anti-collision outerwear, clothes and hats are all inflated.

If the old man is dizzy due to high blood pressure, suddenly falls, wearing this kind of clothing, there is no danger of injury.

Because the computer bumper is installed in the hat, when the right side is tilted, the computer will command the bumper to open, so that the old man feels that someone is holding it.

Even if the tilting speed is fast, the bumper does not have time to react, and the old man will not be injured because the head has been supported by the spring tension of the bumper.

  The Augmented Phones have launched a special-sounding phone designed for the elderly in the German market. This phone can adjust the volume freely. It is especially suitable for the elderly who have different degrees of hearing. The drunken glass is used in the UK market to introduce a drink suitable for the elderly.After the wine glass is immersed in the wine glass, it will react with certain chemicals on the surface of the cup. Finally, the spirits will be softened and will not be intoxicated after drinking.

  Leisure table tennis in Sweden, a “leisure table tennis” that is twice as large as ordinary table tennis has emerged, which is designed for the elderly fitness.

In essence, the size of the table tennis ball is large, and the speed of the back and forth is slow, so that the elderly can calmly hit the ball and exercise.

  Automatic Massage Bed Canada produces a bed with a built-in automatic massage device for the elderly. When you use the switch on the bed, the massage device will automatically massage the person’s buttocks and waist.

It is convenient and comfortable to use, and is loved by the elderly.

  Tourism TV Russia is a portable travel TV developed for elderly travel enthusiasts. It weighs only 3,000 grams. It is suitable for both AC and DC. The images are clear and easy to carry. Old people can watch TV programs at home like they are at home.

Clear fat to lose 3 delicious slimming tea

Clear fat to lose 3 delicious slimming tea

Green tea can really slim down, do you believe it?

The reason is that aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve a small amount, turbidity and greasy, prevent micro-stagnation in the body, vitamin B1, C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion, help digestion and cellulite.

Green tea also increases the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformations, strengthens microvascular circulation, and reduces unfortunate deposits.

Spend a few minutes, mix a pot of green tea, while moisturizing the tongue, but also beauty and slimming!

  1, lotus leaf tea slimming tea side: green tea powder 2 grams, lotus leaf 3 money.

  Practice: brew with boiling water, can be used as a drink.

  Efficacy: dry mouth, easy to grow acne, blood is not good, the skin of the face is not soft, the effect of obesity is good.

  2, cellulite green tea slimming tea side: green tea 1 gram, rhubarb half money.

  Practice: use boiling water to brew can be replaced.

  Efficacy: can cure bad breath, broken mouth, lowering fire, laxative, excess meat, often drink this tea can also resist aging.

However, people who usually have soft stools are prone to diarrhea and must pay attention when taking them.

  3, 窈窕 green tea slimming tea side: green tea powder 6 grams, hawthorn 5 money.

  Practice: add three bowls of water to boil for 6 minutes, mix after three meals, add boiling water to brew or even continue to drink, a daily post.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate excess meat and fat, and it is also effective for the blood stasis.

250 ml of milk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer

250 ml of milk a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer

250 ml of milk per day can prevent colon cancer, but drinking too much may cause prostate disease. Milk can be healthy and has many benefits. Recently, American scientists have found that reducing 250 ml of milk per day can also reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  Scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School surveyed 500,000 people from five countries and analyzed their daily intake of milk, cheese, yogurt, and other foods high in calcium.

It was found that women who took 250 ml of milk a day were 15% less likely to develop colon cancer than women who did not like milk. For men, the figure was 10%.

However, this anti-colon cancer effect is only obvious when drinking milk, cheese and yogurt are not very effective.

  In the course of the research, scientists also found that the more milk you drink, the better.

They said that when a person drinks more than 1 liter of milk a day, it will not bring anything to health. On the contrary, it is harmful because excessive calcium may cause deformation of organs such as the prostate.

  Therefore, experts recommend that calcium should be considered in its overall physical condition.

In addition, if the accidental intake during normal meals is generally high, then you must exercise more, otherwise, even if you drink milk every day, you may still develop colon cancer.

If the temperature suddenly drops, the person who has died suddenly increases the surface health.

If the temperature suddenly drops, the person who has died suddenly increases the surface health.

When it comes to sudden death, many people will feel panic, but as long as they are seriously considered and actively prevented, it can reduce the death rate.

Such as regular physical examination of the heart, young, middle-aged people work tight, fast pace of life, work and life pressure is also prone to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Excessive fatigue and mental stress should be avoided, and the working rhythm and working time should be controlled. It should not be too fast and too long. Regular physical examination and early examination should promptly discover the disease and treat it early to reduce the risk of sudden death.

For several days, the number of patients who did not have a fever and fever increased. In addition to the smog weather in Nanjing, the number of patients with cough and asthma increased gradually, more than three times that of the usual emergency.

What is even more amazing is that due to the increase in temperature difference, every day, the emergency department of Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital can treat 1-2 patients who died before the hospital. When there are 120, there are no vital signs, which makes the accompanying family unacceptable.They think that their loved ones are very good, how can they suddenly say no?

Case: 60-year-old man went out in the morning and wandered in the afternoon. Mr. Zhang, who was just 60 years old, went out early in the morning. Many acquaintances met and said hello. As usual, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Zhang suddenly fell to the ground, consciousness.Blurred, shortness of breath.

I was stopped by the 120 Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the way to the emergency. After 45 minutes of rescue, the breathing was weak, and the aorta pulsation disappeared. The pupils of the eyes were scattered. After asking about the history of hypertension, I felt that I was afraid of cold and other discomfort in the afternoon.

But who knows, there will be no one at all, and Mr. Zhang’s lover is particularly unbearable.

This is usually a good person, I think there is no more?

Coincidentally, Mr. Yang is 52 years old. He has been exercising physically, and his body is also very good. He usually goes to work normally. He will ride a car with friends on weekends to exercise. But after eating dinner yesterday, there will suddenly be confusion and no breathing.After 120 arrived at the hospital, he failed to save his life and was diagnosed with sudden cardiac death.

The family is very painful and difficult to let go.

Experts: It seems that health is actually a big increase in labor temperature. Sudden death may follow. The reporter learned from the major hospitals in Nanjing that there are many patients with cerebral hemorrhage in the hospital recently, and the peak has been maintained since the National Day holiday.

The deputy director of the hospital encephalopathy department said that the recent treatment of cerebral hemorrhage patients has a tendency to become younger. Many of them seem to be very healthy in appearance, but the onset is often more critical.

Moreover, these people tend to think that their bodies are healthier and will not cause normal health care. Once the overwork is heavy, and the weather changes, it causes heart and brain dysfunction, increasing the possibility of sudden death.

The brain surgeon said that a cold autumn rains and the temperature difference between day and night is increasing.

It feels warm at noon during the day, but the temperature difference between morning and evening may be 10 degrees. Patients with a history of high blood pressure do not monitor their blood pressure. Once the blood pressure suddenly rises, causing the microvascular rupture in the brain and causing bleeding, unpredictable consequences may occur.
It is worth noting that the sudden death of cerebral hemorrhage is generally a seemingly healthy person, because of the sudden onset or deterioration of a potential natural disease.

It also coincides with the end of the end, staying up late, working overtime and other unhealthy living habits and work pressure, so that cardiovascular disease appears quietly in a large number of young adults.

Data: Nanjing Hospital received 1-2 pre-hospital death patients every day. The reporter learned from Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital that since the temperature has cooled down in the past few days, the hospital has been able to receive 1-2 pre-hospital patients.

The director of the emergency center told reporters that in September this year, the 120 emergency treatment center in Nanjing City received a total of 330 ambulance patients. From October 1 to October 29 this year, the number of first-aid ambulances soared to 385 趟.

In the last year, in September 2012, the Nanjing 120 Emergency Center issued a first-aid 360 baht, and in December, the 120 emergency medical center in Nanjing City reached a total of 389 急救.

According to the doctor, too many people have discomfort such as coronary heart disease, especially in the acute phase of myocardial infarction. During the recovery period and the chronic process, the risk of cardiac arrest is higher.

Clinically, the potential risk of cardiac arrest accounts for 20% of the 72 hours of acute myocardial infarction.

During the recovery period of myocardial infarction, there will also be a sudden history of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, and the risk of cardiac arrest is the greatest.


Anti-aging massage 5 minutes a day anti-sagging

Anti-aging massage 5 minutes a day anti-sagging

The reality of “aging” cannot escape, and the process of “aging” can be delayed.

In fact, the secret of breaking through the aging curse has been hidden in our body, and the hidden “anti-old hole” has been found to improve the obvious spots, fine lines and slack through massage, and restore the radiant and firm face.

  The bamboo hole has long been facing the computer, and the fragile eye skin is prone to edema, fine lines and slack.

  Efficacy: Promote microcirculation of the eye, increase the oxygen content and absorption of the eye skin, and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

  Location: The location of the brows on both sides.

  Massage method: the index finger presses the acupoint point and cooperates with the breathing, and continuously presses for 30 seconds.

  The Yingxiang point is polluted, and the ultraviolet rays erode the original delicate skin every day. The poor blood circulation leads to dull skin and loose skin.

  Efficacy: Enhance the blood circulation of the face and moisturize the skin.

  Location: Depression on both sides of the nose.

  Massage method: The index finger is blocked in a ring shape and massaged for 1 minute.

  Pension point.

hzh {display: none; }  长期缺乏运动容易导致体内新陈代谢减慢,毒素积累,色斑、皱纹不断出现。   Efficacy: dredge the meridians, effectively improve facial spots, wrinkles and skin, so it is still a special effect point for dealing with acne.

  Location: The front and back of the wrist.

  Massage method: use the index finger to push the abdomen, and with a soothing breath, massage for one minute.

100 skinny legs every day

100 skinny legs every day


Every day before going to bed, the pedals are 100 times. There is a fixed rhythm. Don’t be slow and slow. The speed is moderate. Concentrate on it. Don’t think that you don’t feel tired.


Do not put down immediately after stepping on, keep the posture ready, put your legs together, straight up into the air, avoid bending, and straighten your toes.

Hold on for 3 minutes and then slowly let go.


After doing the above actions, the whole leg will be a bit numb, then remember to massage your legs!


  Small reminder: This action may be more difficult. If you don’t adapt, you can do 50 times each time. I am an acute child. I want to slim down immediately, so I will do 100 times.

It should be noted that this action must be adhered to every day, and you must not stop for one day, so it has no effect at all!

If you do well, you should take it as a fixed homework every day, otherwise it will be counterproductive. (I am lazy and do not do it. The result is a typical rebound in 3 months.) Weight loss part: This group of actions is mainly for the loose part of the thigh.I also have some exercise on the waist and abdomen. I insisted on doing a week, and the thighs are really thinning every day!

The effect is quite obvious!

  However, it seems to be useless for the calf, so from yesterday, before doing this group of exercises, add a method of putting the legs 90 degrees on the top for more than 15 minutes to see if you can put a calf.

  Diet needs attention: there is nothing to be said about diet. I just don’t eat sweet, don’t drink cola, eat instant noodles, drink plenty of water, don’t eat or eat snacks outside of three meals, others don’t deliberately avoid it.

Before breakfast every day, after dinner, drink a small bowl of honey: white vinegar (1:4).

I hope to be able to apply 2 or 3 kilograms, about 47.

How to make up after the winter?

Grab these “food” machines

How to make up after the winter?
Grab these “food” machines

Food supplements account for a large part of China’s health care. Winter temperatures plummet and smog weather is frequent. After winter, tonic is the most important part of winter health. In order to adapt to seasonal changes, the body needs to consume enough nutrients.Then let’s take a look at what to eat after the winter!
  Cold weather has adverse effects on the urinary system of the human body, and urination increases. There are also more inorganic salts such as sodium, potassium and calcium excreted in the urine. Therefore, foods containing inorganic salts such as potassium, sodium and calcium should be eaten.
You can eat more vegetables, increase the animal’s internal organs, lean meat, fish, eggs and other foods. If you have the conditions, you can also eat chicken, turtle, turtle, lamb, longan, lychee, walnut meat, fungus and other foods.It is not only delicious, but also rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It can not only supplement the calories consumed by the cold in winter, but also nourish the blood and nourish the body.Especially suitable.
Others include medicinal liquor, medicinal porridge, etc., which can be selected according to their physical condition.
Several dietary recipes are recommended for selection.
  Black sesame porridge Ingredients: 25 grams of black sesame seeds, 50 grams of glutinous rice.
  Practice: Black sesame seeds are fried and cooked at the end of the meal. The glutinous rice is washed and black sesame seeds are cooked in the pot. After boiling, the simmer is used to cook the porridge.
  Efficacy: tonic liver and kidney, nourish the five internal organs.
  Cordyceps steamed duck Ingredients: 5 Cordyceps sinensis, 1 old male duck, yellow wine, ginger, scallion, and salt.
  Practice: the old duck goes to the hair, the internal organs, rinses clean, put it into the water pot and boil it to the water to make it out of the water, pour the duck head into the neck, put it into the Cordyceps sinensis, tie it with the thread, put it into the big pot,Add rice wine, ginger, scallion, salt, water, and then put the big pot into the pot, steamed for about 2 hours with water and steamed (you can also steam with steam).
  Efficacy: tonic and essence, nourishing yin and helping yang.
This side is mainly based on Cordyceps, helping kidney yang, benefiting essence and blood; supplemented by old ducks, nourishing yin and tonic.
Fang Zhongyi is biased towards Bu Yang, and it is partial to Yin Yin. The two are used together to form a salty and tonifying essence and nourishing Yin and helping the yang.
  Tomato granules Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 1 藕, granulated sugar.
  Practice: Peel the tomatoes, boil them in water (3 to 5 minutes), put them together in a dish and sprinkle with sugar.
  Efficacy: spleen appetizer, thirst.
  Longma Tongzi Chicken Ingredients: 15 grams of shrimp, 10 grams of hippocampus, 1 child cock, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, salt, ginger, onion, water bean powder, clear soup.
  Practice: After slaughtering the broiler chicken, go to the hairy, wash, and put it into the large basin for use.
Wash the hippocampus and shrimp with warm water, soak for 10 minutes, place on the chicken, add the onion, ginger, and broth, and steam until cooked.
After the cage is out, pick up the onion and ginger, add MSG and salt, and use the soy flour to thicken the juice and pour it on the surface of the chicken.
When taking, eat hippocampus, shrimp and chicken.
  Efficacy: warming kidney and strengthening yang, replenishing qi and replenishing essence.
Applicable to impotence and premature ejaculation, frequent urination, uterine bleeding and so on.
  Sweet and sour octopus Ingredients: 500 grams of fish, 2 slices of ginger, 1 slice of onion, 1 spoon of garlic, 4 spoons of sugar and vinegar, 1 spoon of raw flour, 1 spoon of wine.
  Practice: Rinse the fish, wipe off the water, cut into pieces, marinate with a little salt and wine, pour the raw powder; put the oil in the pan, put the fish in the oil pan and fry for about 10 minutes, until golden brown, reach the outer cokeWhen it is soft inside, remove it, drain the oil, and put the plate; put the oil on the garlic, ginger and shallots, then pour in the sweet and sour sauce, and boil the sweet and sour sauce on the fish.
  Efficacy: Enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.
  Lotus leaf salted duck Ingredients: 1000 grams of duck, 1 large lotus leaf, 1 / 3 spoon of pepper, 2 capsules, 1000 grams of coarse salt, salt and oil.
  Practice: slaughter duck peeling, go to the internal organs, wash, cook the duck with pepper, star anise and seasoning for 1 hour, then hang for 30 minutes; wrap the duck with lotus leaves, put hot hot salt in the big corrugatedBake the duck for about 30 minutes, then add hot salt to bake for 30 minutes. When roasting, keep turning the duck body until the duck is cooked. Then take the duck out, unwind the lotus leaf, and cut the duck into pieces.
  Efficacy: Enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.
  These kinds of meals are especially suitable for tonic after the winter, but it is also necessary to distinguish the constitution. There is also a saying in Chinese medicine that “virtual is not supplemented”. Excessive supplementation of nutrients will be physically affected and cannot be absorbed. Therefore, appropriate tonicIt is necessary, but it must not be excessive!
In order to avoid adverse consequences.

How do sugar friends choose Chinese patent medicines?

How do sugar friends choose Chinese patent medicines?

Diabetes refers to the absolute or relative deficiency of insulin secretion and the decreased sensitivity of target cells to insulin, causing sugar, protein, sputum and secondary water, absorption and metabolism disorders, clinical polydipsia, polyphagia, polyuria, body weight loss or urineA disease characterized by turbidity and sweetness in the urine.

A significant proportion of patients have no clinical symptoms and are only discovered during the experience.

This disease belongs to the traditional medicine “thirst”.

Any random blood sugar is greater than 11.

1 mmol/L, two fasting blood glucose is greater than 7.

8 millimoles per liter, combined with the symptoms of “three more and one less”, the transformation is clearly diagnosed.

Most of the causes of diabetes are due to the yin deficiency of the body, long-term over-eating fat and sweet taste, resulting in spleen and stomach transport and dereliction of duty, accumulation of heat, dryness and consumption.

Often induced by emotional disorders, overworked.

Chinese medicine treatment should distinguish the focus of the lesion as upper focus, middle focus or lower focus and separate treatment.

  When you see polydipsia and polydipsia, dry mouth and tongue-drying, combined with frequent urinary frequency, red tongue, pulse number and other high-risk syndromes with lung heat blazing, you should supplement the heat and lungs, thirstdrug.

Xiaoke Pill consisting of Astragalus, Raw Land, Trichosanthin, and Glycol, can nourish yin and nourish yin.

Oral: 5-10 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

You can also choose Yuquan Pill consisting of pollen, pueraria, Ophiopogon japonicus, ginseng, alfalfa, licorice, ebony, and raw jaundice.

Oral: 60 capsules each time, 2 times a day.

  If you see that it is easy to cure with more food, body weight loss, dry stool, yellowish moss, smooth veins and other stomach heat sizzling, it should be replaced by bezoar, scutellaria, cork, scorpion, rhubarb, scorpion,Raw gypsum, borneol, chrysanthemum, forsythia, yuan ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, licorice and other composition of Niuhuangqing stomach tablets, to clear the stomach fire.

Oral: 4-6 tablets each time, 2 times a day, pregnant women should not take it, and the elderly and infirm should be used with caution.

It is also possible to use Qingwei Huanglian Pill composed of berberine, gypsum, astragalus, medlar, phellodendron, rehmannia, paeonol, red peony, forsythia, Zhimu, Tianhua powder, Yuanshen, and licorice.

Oral: 9 grams each time, 2 times a day.

  When you see the number of frequent urination, turbidity such as grease, urine sweet, dry mouth, red tongue, pulse count, etc., the main reason for the kidney yin deficiency should be supplemented by rehmannia, hawthorn, yam, Alisma,Danpi, a combination of Liuwei Dihuang Pills to nourish kidney yin.

Oral: water pills are appropriate, 6 grams each time, 2 times a day, and then combined with Xiaoke pills to nourish yin and fluid.

If you see the frequency of urination, turbidity such as cream, even drink one by one, look dark, the ear wheel is dry, the waist and knees are sore, the shape is cold and cold, the impotence, the pulse is weak and the yin and yang deficiency syndrome should be chosen in Liuwei Dihuang.On the basis of the pill, add cinnamon and augmented golden kidney pills to nourish yin and impotence.

Oral: 30 pills each time, 2 times a day.

  There are many complications in diabetes, and Chinese medicine can also be used to treat it.

In addition to the unclear sight, instead of Shijie, antelope horn, scorpion, cassia seed, berberine and other stone 斛 夜光丸, to nourish yin and kidney, clear liver and eyesight.

Any combination of acne, phellodendron, rhubarb, white peony, and atractylodes can be used to relieve phlegm, relieve blood stasis, dissipate phlegm, and also use octopus, muscle jade.Red cream and so on.

If both hands and feet are numb, Tianma Pills consisting of Tianma, Eucommia, Achyranthes, Angelica, Scorpio, and Shengdi should be supplemented with Shujin Tongluo, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.