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  Xinhua News Agency, March 14th, Qiqiu: Tibet, Tibet, Chasing "Two Road" Xinhua News Agency, Hu Xu, Liu Hongming, in the end of April, before the mountains of Hano Village, the first secretary Wen Xuequarcheng Everyone broadcasts the new season of the new season, grinding more than 2,000 pounds of green powder, reserves the production of the production of the green cookies.

  Hango Village is located in Li Tang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, with an average sea level of 3700 meters, a half-pastoral and semi-animal husbandry in the plateau. Since last year, Wen Xuequung and other help people have carefully planned to work, and will work well into a cookie, and become a national stable source of income through e-commerce sells well.

  "There is no transportation improvement, there is no industry development.

"Wen Xuedong said," Hango Village is close to Provincial Road 217, all the way to the national road 318 line and Yaku Expressway through Chengdu, people are in good luck, the car is smooth, the introduction of modern technology in the village has laid the foundation, but also let this remote village Agricultural and sideline products have accelerated into the city and become a higher added value. "Qianlichuan Tibetan line, like a white Hada surround the snowy mountain meadow, flying over the mountains, put the countless Hanogun Village of the plateau, let agricultural products more smoothly, the foreigners are more convenient, let the plateau people open The field of view, the active thinking.

  Basku County, Changdu, Tibet Autonomous Region, has attracted a large number of tourists from the Sichuan Tibetan line due to its unique and magnificent "ancient glaciers". In the local area, it is necessary to vigorously develop infrastructure and green ecological tourism, and quickly gathered more than 100 hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hot pot restaurants, barber shops and other service facilities, and absorb more than 200 employment. According to the reporter, in Wuzhen, Waiba Village, Terminal Yuju, the ancient Village Public Welfare Inn, Candsha Village Yunlai Hotel, etc., the village collective economy has fixed income every year; More than 100 horses, more than 1 million yuan per year, drive 109 households to get rich, and the people have increasing about 3,000 yuan. Since ancient times, the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau region has frequently communicated with the mainland economic culture, but because the snow peaks formed by the transverse mountain range, the traffic is extremely difficult to hide the mainland before the founding of New China.

  "The iron cable bridge in Tsing Yi River is only walking. The soldiers moved to the right, and the head is soft.

"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Opening experience.

  In 1951, in 1951, I went to the Tibetan People’s Liberation Army into the army, and they declared war to the mountains.

On the snow in the snow in the snow, the 180th Army’s fifty-four divisions 160 groups of Ding Xi Yan and his comrades spit a spit, and they have formed an ice flower.

The sun is shining on the snow, and the silver light reflected is unknone. "The soil layer here is hardened than the stone, no matter whether it is a sharp shovel or a rhinoceros, it is just a whiteprint, and even shocks the handsome, the tiger!" Ding Xishi Yan’s memoirs Write, the soldiers cut their trees in the ice and trip to the ice day every day, and fired firewood with a flaming of the frozen soil. Just like this, more than 4,000 military and civilians have been fighting for more than four years, and finally opened a lifeline connected to Sichuan Tibet. On December 25, 1954, two highways in Shanghai at that time – Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway were passed through the train, and the people in the Tibetan area bid farewell to "Bird Trip Coats, Tianse Plan, Solver", ushered in. The era of highway running cars. Pavement plus width oil, bridge and huge re-renovation, improve dangerous roads … After decades, the state’s rectification and transformation of "two" continued to ensure the smoothness of two altitude lifeliers.

As the government continues to increase fund support in the Tibet, and the rapid progress of engineering technology, in recent years, a batch of heavy major projects on the Sichuan-Tibet line have been continuously completed.

  In 2016, the 318 line of the National Road 318 Line Mountain Tunnel, shorten the mileage of the Panshan Mountain; the 2017 Tong car national road 317 line county tunnel, open the natural risk bottleneck in the North Line of Sichuan; 2018 and 2020 Yakang Expressway and Wenma Expressway, the flagchuan Tibetan line officially spans the "high-speed era". Yunfei Road not only created unprecedented traffic construction in the world’s ridge, "two" spirit "" I am not afraid of suffering, I am afraid of death, tenacious hard work, Gan Dang, military and civilian, national unity "has become Sichuan "Dream Navigation" on the Tibetan line.

Today, the Expressway and the Sichuan Tibet Railway are being stepped up in construction, and the strugglers are continuously written in the new era of the new era. (over).