See if you have management skills

See if you have management skills

Today you are wearing a piece of clothing that you think is very decent, but everyone is criticized. What will you do?

  1. Immediately want to change 2, change 3 tomorrow, and then wear 4 tomorrow, and never wear analysis again: 1. You pay attention to others’ views on yourself, and believe that the strength of the team is the core of the success of your career, and correct othersAble to accept quickly and put it into practice, but your strong sense of followers often puts management in trouble.

  2. You can accept the opinions of others in good faith, and think calmly in combination with your own opinions. You need to be persuasive in doing things, provide employees with more development opportunities, and are an outstanding manager convinced by the people.

  3. In the business competition, you can thunder and rush to seize business opportunities, but you are unwilling to accept any opinions to replace yourself. This will inevitably cause paralysis in the internal management of the company.

Remember “the Lord has to be safe inside and outside”!

  4. You are willing to abandon all the revolutionary spirits for the success of your career. As a manager, you strive for perfection in your work. As a result, you and others are exhausted. In the long run, this will inevitably lead to the loss of outstanding employees in the team.