What is the monthly season’s fruit?

What is the monthly season’s fruit?

January – Persimmon, Kiwi If the kiwi is too hard, put the kiwi in a plastic bag, then mix the cut pear or apple with the bag, then seal the bag 3?
5 days, eaten after ripening.

Persimmons have the effect of getting tired. Persimmons can’t be eaten more easily, and they are easy to get angry.

February – Sugarcane eats sugar cane in winter, it is best to cut it into small pieces of 20 cm – 30 cm, put it in the pot and cook for ten minutes, then pick up the hot peeled and eat, which is sweeter than raw.

Nowadays, sugar cane juice is popular, cool and delicious.

March – pineapple slices soaked in light salt water, eat in ice in the freezer, it will be more sweet and delicious.

April – Mango, Mangosteen, when picking, pay attention to see that the stalk is green, and the shell is softer and fresh.

: Later, the meat inside is pure white.

If the shell is as hard as a stone, most of it can’t be eaten.

(The more leaves of mangosteen, the more fruits are represented by more than 4) May-strawberry, lychee April-May, many places have popular strawberry stalks, which are listed in May, mostly March red, etc.The early-maturing variety has a slightly sour taste and is a medium-low-grade variety. In mid-June, it is the best season for lychee. The fine varieties of sweet and fragrant glutinous rice, such as glutinous rice bran, medlar smile, and cinnamon, are on the market.

June – Cherry normal picking time from mid June to June 30.

At the time of purchase, choose a full-bodied cherry with a green stem.

At 3?
It can be stored for 5 days at 5 degrees and up to two days at room temperature.

July – peach, plum peach is full, plum hurts, so it doesn’t matter if the peach is eaten, but the plum can be eaten in limited quantities.

Plums eat more easily nosebleeds in August – watermelons sweat more in summer, lose more nutrients, eat more watermelon, not only can make up the lost water, but also increase nutrition.

West melon is cool, and those who catch a cold should not eat more watermelon.

September – Grapes in the morning market, in addition to early-maturing varieties, are generally ripe, slightly sour and astringent, and contain a large amount of hormones, bad for the body, it is recommended to eat the grapes listed on the market.

October – Pear Shengjin quenches thirst, when the weather is easy to catch a cold, the scorpion is not good, long-term drink is to cook white pear.

November – Apple’s most apples are on the market in November. Some apples are suitable for fresh eating, and some are better in winter.

December – The most famous orange is of course the ponkan. If you want to eat citrus, you should go to the store where you often buy fruit, otherwise it will be easily deceived by small vendors.