Blue Xin is shocked,I didn’t expect Lu Hao to appear here.,Is he reading a book at home??

And when she came out,Someone is still like a dried child,Poorly follow her,I want to go back early.。
“Blue,Are you OK!”
Lu Hao is very sinking,Concentrated care。
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“If you don’t appear here?,I really have an accident.。”
Blue Xin looks at the table corner,Heart has a lust。
Lu Haocheng looked at Lin Zikai after Blue Clouds.,Essentials have a touch of color,Time,Another moment is like winter warm sun,“Then I came here.。”
Be a joke,Faceless but very bad。
Blue Xin station,Look at it,I watched it back and glanced.。
Lin Ziwu,Just like a person who is fine.,The eyes are calm, the more,Looking obsessed with Lu Haozheng。
“Haojia brother,How are you here??”
Gu Ai’an smiles a gentle opening。
Who is the man in a suit from Lu Hao??
Gu An’an’s eye discovery,at this time,Put a pair and Lu Hao Cheng’s very familiar expression。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Not talking,But look at Blue Xin,Temperature temperature and:“have you eaten?”
Blue Xin:“Um,I have eaten with my aunt.。”
Lu Haozheng,Slightly,Blue Xin, I saw his backward man standing in a handsome man wearing dark suit.。
Lu Haocheng introduced the road:“Li total,This is my fiancee, Blue Xin。”
Blue Xin:“”Everyone:“”Lan Xin did not think that Lu Hao became this introduction to his friends.,This is also the first time,Lu Haocheng said in front of him, she is his unmarried wife.。
Torn the vest,Blue Xin has some small helplessness!But when she heard this sentence ,Her heart does not exclude,Instead, there is a joy that has never been seen in the heart.。
Li Guanghe looked at Blue Xin,See her long hair,A pair of water spirit,Transferful brilliance,The whole person has a clean and beautiful breath.。
No wonder Lu Hao Cheng will like this girl,indeed,Such girl,It’s a man who wants to have,The spirit of the clear spirit on her body,Let her not be like a live man,A breath of fireworks that do not eat people。
He has seen a beautiful woman,But the first eye saw this girl’s feelings,very good,I really want to feel very strong with her.。
“Blue Xin Miss,Hello,I am a friend of Lu,Li Guanghe,nice to meet you!”
Li Guanghe is a pair of land and Luhaocheng,I am laughing at Blue Xin。
Lu Haozheng is the golden single male in Jiangyou.,Everyone said,He hate a woman,I have never been a woman around,I don’t know how to have a unmarried wife.,I don’t know how many people have been playing.。
Blue Xinhong face,Looking at Li Guanghe and smiling:“Li is good!”
Li Yina is looking at Lu Haocheng.,Rest assured,She looked at Lu Haozheng:“Continental,Since you come,I still have something,Just step by step,Blue is handed over。”
She still has a meeting to open.,Time is tight。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Teacher Li is slow。”