Listen to him,The two are dazzling,They all know that Wu Hao didn’t just talk about it,He is a cruel man,Speak up!

Huang Shaotian was silent,Because it’s not difficult to restore strength,But continue to improve,Difficult!Especially in places like Bairimen,We must compete with the world,Also fight with others!And still when the three of them cannot reveal their identities。
“and so,Let’s hide it first,Have a nice job!”Lu Menglin draws a conclusion to the three people’s lives,Seriously。
In the evening,Zong Huaichun is back。
His face is not so good,But when I saw the three,Still forced a smile。
In fact, he is not as good as he brags,There are so many noodles in this neighborhood,He is just a low-level guy in Aoki Club。
Since it is,Of course there will be times of anger,And the probability of this kind of thing happening is still very high。
“Are cooking!wait for me,I have a bottle of good wine that has been kept in private for many years,Today we continue to drink,Have a great drink!”Zong Huaichun saw that Miss Huang was already setting the tableware,Talking quickly,While walking towards my room。
Actually Zong Huaichun didn’t understand,How could I pick up three people back inexplicably,Keep at home。
Maybe because of loneliness!Since his good brother left the day gate,This yard is always empty,He lives alone。
And these three are from Hongliu City,Talk to them,It will inevitably make Zong Huaichun feel,It seems that the psychological distance from my good brother is a little closer。
“How is this wine?I saved for three years!”Zong Huaichun toasted and smiled。
Liu Wenzhang’s face is a bit weird,Didn’t say anything,I just swallowed the wine in my throat。
This is a good wine!Liu Wenzhang has never had such a bad wine,A weird smell。