The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

The old man refuses to accept the old, does not make old children

Some elderly people will have an abnormal dependence on their families because they are “rejuvenated”. People often call these elderly people “old children”.

Studies have shown that relying on psychological “alternatives” includes loss of confidence in the future, lack of security, declining function of various organs, slowness of movement, mental retardation, and depression and inferiority.

This situation occurs in the elderly, usually caused by their “wearing old” mentality.

  For the elderly, 60 is a hurdle.

The root cause is that the physiological function is naturally aging, and the old man will consciously buy things and can’t walk far. He will pant after climbing a few stairs.

  At the same time, the elderly at this stage are worried about retirement, the economic ability is shrinking, and the social level is reduced. What is reduced is self-confidence, security, and control.

This gives the old man a clear psychological suggestion: I am old.

With this psychological background, some elderly people naturally rely more on their loved ones, and need more companionship and support.

  At the same time, the decline in self-confidence allows them to close themselves. Life is too dependent on their loved ones. The older they are, the more timid they are like children, the more they dare to go out and interact with others, which in turn leads to a vicious circle of physical and psychological functions that accelerates “destruction”.
  How to change the phenomenon that the elderly are too dependent on their loved ones?

Experts believe that the most important thing is to rebuild the self-confidence of the elderly.

  First of all, the community and relatives should do a good job in the knowledge education of “actively supporting the elderly”.

We must know that many outstanding old scientists and old experts are more and more spiritual because they are diligent and participate in social activities.

As long as you no longer feel that you are old, all problems will be solved.

  In fact, children must help their parents to develop a “Happy New Year Plan”, including encouraging them to develop a variety of interests, arranging them to realize their unfulfilled dreams, doing what they want to do most, going where they want to go, and buying what they want to buy.Gifts, make the most friends you want to pay.