Resource-based cities to build the digital transformation of Tongchuan city in Shaanxi do it!

Original title: Building the digital transformation of resources city Tongchuan city, Shaanxi do it! Western Network (Reporter GAO Guan Tao) today (July 6) morning, the Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a "struggle for centuries the road sail on a new journey" series of press conferences.

At the meeting, deputy secretary of Tongchuan City, Wei four new introduction, in 2020 GDP growth of 5% in Tongchuan City, fixed asset investment growth%, major economic indicators for 30 consecutive months, the province ranks first phalanx. Adjust the industrial structure to achieve new industry of "zero" breakthrough as coal, limestone and other resource-rich city of Tongchuan coal production once accounted for 70% of Shaanxi Province, the cumulative contribution to the country more than 600 million tons of coal, more than 200 million tons of cement. In the new era, the city adhere to the new development concept for the lead, to lay the adjustment of industrial structure "combination punches."

Wei introduced four new, around the coal, cement and other traditional industries, focus on upgrading to achieve quality and efficiency.

Coal production capacity to a total of 11.88 million tons, cement companies decreased from 36-6, the gold corner Jidong, Yao Bai advanced tons of cement clinker production line, built in Shaanxi Construction Engineering (Tongchuan) New Materials Industrial Park, the traditional industry is to high-end, intelligent, green. High-end equipment manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative industries, focus on the extension of the chain strong chain, and expanding the amount of efficiency. Built a Delta hub, Te Bike brakes and other auto parts manufacturing project, and further to do real "manufacturing Shaanxi Tongchuan support." Sun Ssu keep a good brand of Chinese medicine culture, the introduction of the Ark of more than 50 pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical and research institutions, Tian Qin Kun, the resource advantages into industrial development advantages. Meanwhile, Tongchuan grasping industrial layout to achieve optoelectronics, aerospace technology, the digital economy and other emerging industries "zero" breakthrough.

Accelerate the creation of the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the introduction of Electronic Science and Technology Jingwei United States Jun 20 Yujia Guang electronic enterprises have settled down, built space station test operation control center Tongchuan, Jingdong chi cloud (Tongchuan) Digital Economy Industrial Park, State Yiu Industrial Park and other data.

The first to achieve full coverage of school bus safety for four consecutive years, "China’s happiest city" "Thirteen Five" period, a total of Tongchuan implementation of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens new construction, renovation and expansion projects 211.

To stimulate the vitality of the school, the implementation of public elementary and secondary vocational kindergarten teacher performance pay reform. In the province to achieve a warm, rural teacher housing turnover, the township-run kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in rural school bus full security coverage, "drink drinking water, wash the hot bath" became the standard. In addition, Tongchuan create three hospitals in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other clinical seventh, affordable housing projects to solve the more than 20 million low-income people in housing problems.

Promote the "sharp Project", four rural counties materialized achieve comprehensive management center operation; the introduction of Tongchuan good man, moral and exemplary awards help "Implementation Measures", to promote civilized behavior "Regulations" moral model, list the amount ranks around good guy forefront of the country, for four consecutive years, "China’s happiest city." Hayashida-depth implementation of landscape lake grass ecological conservation and restoration project, to lay the blue sky, clear water, the Pure Land Battle. 91 embodiment the city energy saving demonstration projects, cement production line to achieve desulfurization and denitrification, 2020 superior air quality up to 286 days. Urban black-odor water body has been fully eliminated, the forest coverage rate reached%, the number of crested ibis "Tongchuan membership" over one hundred.

More than 20 enterprises have settled down to build industry head digital transformation of resource-based cities city adhere to the development of the digital economy as the industry’s first and leading engineering, Tongchuan lead in setting up regulatory agencies in the province to establish policy system, built carrying platform, built the province’s first a "5G + optical network" dual Gigabit commercial city, attract Jingdong, iFLYTEK more than 20 enterprises have settled down industry head Tongchuan, digital economy, market players has reached more than 600, e-commerce transactions exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Wei four new that Tongchuan rely on a complete industrial chain optoelectronics research and development, integrate applications, create a national integrated optoelectronics industry base; the full implementation of the "cloud Tongchuan" project, use 2–3 years to complete the city’s focus on enterprise digital workshop, intelligent plant modifications let Tongchuan manufacturing into "Tongchuan Chi-made."

Currently, Tongchuan to the western industrial port numbers, Jingdong chi cloud Industrial Park, Industrial Park optoelectronic applications, the digital economy industrial park as the core of the "four in one" dislocation development pattern has been building, and explore the formation of a "scene industrial projects + + application platform economy "complementary digital multi-track economic development" Tongchuan mode ", the digital economy growth index for three consecutive years ranked the forefront of the province. " ‘Or fifteen’ period, we want to create ‘national resource-based cities digital transformation model city’." Wei four new said it would build hundreds of digital scenarios, to build the province’s leading public service digital Huimin system, so that the digital economy Tongchuan quality through the whole process of transformation.

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