A shout directly awakened Xin Zhao who was about to fall asleep,And then he froze there。

The voice outside is familiar,If he remembers correctly,That should be Qilin,And if he doesn’t feel wrong,There should be four people outside!
and many more,four people!
An instant,Xin Zhao feels he should change place!
The door is opened directly,Then Qilin and Qiangwei led in directly,I’m not afraid that Xin Zhao is not wearing clothes,And what surprised them was,There is only one quilt on the bed。
“Where did Xinye go??Did you know that we were coming,Then hid?”Rui Mengmeng said something blankly,Then she saw Qi Lin opened the sheets。
“Report captain,Not under the bed,complete!”
Qiangwei showed up when she saw Qilin,Direct flash,Appeared in front of the closet,Then directly open,Except for some clothes inside,There is nothing else,Let alone people。
“Did Lord Xin ran into the shoe cabinet?!”
Rui Mengmeng deserves to have the word Mengmeng,She opened the shoe cabinet,Then close。This is a bit cute,Make Qilin and Qiangwei a black thread。
“Could it be said that Lord Xin was missing?,But I just saw that Lord Xin didn’t go out!”
“You guys,I don’t know if I was played around,Xin Zhao,I invite you down,I still beat you down!”A ball of golden energy appeared in Lena’s hands。
And after Reina’s reminder,Qilin and Qiangwei looked up directly。
I saw a person lying on the roof like a gecko,Needless to say this person,It must be Xin Zhao。
Xin Zhao looks at the energy ball in Lena’s hand,And the eager eyes of Qilin and Qiangwei,Let him in this weather close to thirty degrees,Feel the cold of death。
“Sisters,I just want to have a good rest,Please let me go!”Sad voice,Make the listener sad,The listener sheds tears。
I don’t know how much wronged Xin Zhao has been.。
Listened to him,Qilin and Qiangwei lost directly,The two looked at each other,Then go out。