“why?The gold is even700Less than 100 million dollars,Why do you ask us2100One hundred million U.S. dollars?!”Qiao Tianyu saw the other party getting more and more excessive,Clenched fists,Asked angrily。

“Why?!”Who knows that the young man still leans his face directly up and down,Almost face to face with Qiao Tianyu,Said arrogantly。
“Relying on the Opium War,You clear**Lost to us2100Ten thousand,I will ask you today2100Billion!”
“what happened,Do you want to punch me??Come,Punch here!Punch here!”The boy pointed at his face weirdly。
“Do you have such a fucking backbone?Do you Chinese pigs have this backbone?waste!You are all useless.what!.”
Turns out that the young man’s last“Waste”The word has not been spoken,Just heard a scream,The next second I fell on the ground five meters away.
First0213chapter Sweet car with beauty
Qiao Tianyu punched out,Stunned everyone present,Even though they were too angry with the messenger boy,But they never thought that Qiao Tianyu would dare to do it,Became at a loss for a while。
However, the boy is used to it,I don’t believe Qiao Tianyu dared to do it,After being fisted by Qiao Tianyu,,Still swearing recklessly。
“Qiao Tianyu,you.Dare you hit me?!I want to smash you Chinese pigs into ten thousand pieces!”
“Oh shit!Dare to scold?!”Qiao Tianyu saw that the young man still lives and lives,A stride up,Stomped on the boy’s chest,Followed by“Creak”A crisp sound,I don’t know how many ribs are broken。
“what!!!.”This step down,The boy was kicked and spurted blood,Screamed heartbreakingly。
“I let you scold!I let you scold!I let you scold!”
Qiao Tianyu’s eyes are red,Reluctantly, he raised his foot and kicked at the boy,The boy was so scared that he just rolled around and dodged,Wailing。
And Lu Ye, Qiao Dahua and others were even more shocked when they saw this.,I’m afraid that Qiao Tianyu will miss that boy again,Hurried over to hold Qiao Tianyu。
“Qiao Tianyu,You are crazy!”Qiao Dahua was even more frightened when he saw this.,When he came up, he slapped Qiao Tianyu on the face,Trying to wake up Qiao Tianyu!
“Gioda Hua!You despicable!”
However, Qiao Tianyu who killed the red eye cares about you, uncle, aunt and grandpa,In addition, Qiao Tianyu has long been dissatisfied with Qiao Dahua,I took this opportunity to vent,He gave Geordahua a big push,Pointing at Geordahua viciously。
“Gioda Hua,I tell you,Lao Tzu, I’ve long seen you not pleasing to your eyes!You fucking kneel in front of the Japanese, begging for mercy,Dare to bully me!”
“Qiao Tianyu,You are crazy!Who are you scolding?!”Qiao Dahua dared to scold him when he saw Qiao Tianyu,I’m going to work with Qiao Tianyu。