Anti-aging massage 5 minutes a day anti-sagging

Anti-aging massage 5 minutes a day anti-sagging

The reality of “aging” cannot escape, and the process of “aging” can be delayed.

In fact, the secret of breaking through the aging curse has been hidden in our body, and the hidden “anti-old hole” has been found to improve the obvious spots, fine lines and slack through massage, and restore the radiant and firm face.

  The bamboo hole has long been facing the computer, and the fragile eye skin is prone to edema, fine lines and slack.

  Efficacy: Promote microcirculation of the eye, increase the oxygen content and absorption of the eye skin, and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

  Location: The location of the brows on both sides.

  Massage method: the index finger presses the acupoint point and cooperates with the breathing, and continuously presses for 30 seconds.

  The Yingxiang point is polluted, and the ultraviolet rays erode the original delicate skin every day. The poor blood circulation leads to dull skin and loose skin.

  Efficacy: Enhance the blood circulation of the face and moisturize the skin.

  Location: Depression on both sides of the nose.

  Massage method: The index finger is blocked in a ring shape and massaged for 1 minute.

  Pension point.

hzh {display: none; }  长期缺乏运动容易导致体内新陈代谢减慢,毒素积累,色斑、皱纹不断出现。   Efficacy: dredge the meridians, effectively improve facial spots, wrinkles and skin, so it is still a special effect point for dealing with acne.

  Location: The front and back of the wrist.

  Massage method: use the index finger to push the abdomen, and with a soothing breath, massage for one minute.