Deepen ideological and political leadership to condense taxation

Strengthen ideological and political leadership, unity lead women’s cadres to listen to party Chinese and party, is the political task and political duties of the Women’s Federation, and is the weight of the women’s team.

The State Administration of Trends, the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, the Women’s Committee, earnestly fulfilled the work responsibility of the grassroots organization, under the strong leadership of the party committee, the central government, the central government, working around the tax center, find the entry point , The service overall, relying on all kinds of practical activities, deepening ideological and political leadership, and actively expand the work of the Women’s Committee, and condense the intensity of taxation. First, the intensive theory leads, firm women’s cadres listen to the party Chinese, and the ideals and beliefs of the party.

The Ministry of Women’s Committee always includes the ideological construction of women’s teams in the primary task, combined with party history education, using the rule of tax work conference, organ assembly, theoretical center group, the party branch "three sessions", special lecture, A variety of platforms such as a private document processing system, an internal website, a party building propaganda bar, agency Women’s Work WeChat group, and conscientiously organize megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload. The National Women’s Federation, District Women’s Federation, District Direct Work Committee and other important documents and conference spirit.

On the basis of studying theoretical knowledge, in the women’s cadres, we have widely carried out patriotism education in the women’s cadres, and maintain national unity of patriotism, strengthen the ideal belief education and party style and honest government of women’s cadres, and guide women’s comrades firmly establish "four awareness". Strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", further enhance party spirit and post dedication. The second is to promote the character leadership, guide women’s cadres upwards. The Ministry of Women’s Committee successfully coordinated and organized the convening of the Women’s Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau "Gusang Hua" Towel Construction Conference. The General Assembly commended 10 units and 26 female tax cadres of "Genzaja Towns" in Tibet Autonomous Region, "Genza Towels".

At the same time, actively establish typical demonstration, extensive development of towel and create a successful service, emerged as "National Women’s Civilization Post" Financial Management Office and Women’s Committee, the national leader is far away, "the most beautiful family" in the country "Ren Zhenzhuo family," The Most American Women’s Committee "Organ Women’s Committee," The Best Volunteer Service Organization of the District " , Qin Yanling, "The General Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation of Women’s Federation", China, China, etc. The third is to promote social practice and guide women’s cadres’ new era. Around the assistance of poverty, the Women’s Committee launched the "Sisters Hand Hand Hand, Women Helping Poverty", organized the Women’s Committee in the village of Village to visit Lhasa to visit the experience of grassroots women’s work reform, expand the vision of all the business, and firmly believe . The village female cadres actively play the advantage to send policies, send funds, send projects, send skills, send services, and help the poverty. In March 2020, an epidemic prevention immunity was produced, and the Women’s Cadres of Hubei Tax Systems were sent to the care and concern of the Women’s cadres in the snowy plateau, and condolences to the Turquetarriors – Third People’s Hospital medical staff, police officers, sanitation workers . The Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau organized the day-on-day duty mission is assumed by the woman’s comrades, which is an epidemic prevention, and maintains stability contribution.

In 2008, the "Tax Officer Love Foundation" was established. More than 100 women’s cadres volunteer donation funds were 146,816 yuan, helping the difficult person 550. The 2017 "Tax Officer Love Foundation" officially included in the Tibet Autonomous Region Civilization Volunteer Association, was selected as the best volunteer service organization in Tibet Autonomous Region in 2018. It is recommended to be the best volunteer service organization in 2021 Civilization Committee.

In addition, "Beautiful place to bloom – Tibet" theme photography competition, "Shu Shan March 8" reading, "The Sixth Yixian, Family and Length" parent-child public welfare reading activities.

Carried out the creation of towel, actively striving for "five good civilized families", "the most beautiful family", and the three eight red banners (individual) and other honors. With the main leadership of the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, under the correct leadership of the party committee of the district, with the help of the District, the city’s two-level Women’s Federation, actively play the bridge role of the party committee to contact the women’s cadres, adhere to the ideological and political leadership, leading Do work well, strengthen the lead in work, guide women’s comrades to firmly listen to the party Chinese, and we will continue to follow the party, contributing to the new era of Tibet, contributing the power. (Sending the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.