All the standard! Changning 10 Street Town has been on the list for five consecutive years!

Xinhua Road street pays attention to building "two major relations": harmonious labor relations and good supply and demand relationships, providing a good environment for the resolution of employment contradiction. Jiangsu Road street insisted on the service, as a good company "Mother", "Smart Bad Team" offers the weekend "Don’t fight" "all-day" office consulting services, so that the company and the masses "first" first "can find people, ask Incompetent. Tianshan Road street builds "T3 Dream Park" – employment service space, relying on "AI employment system platform", focusing on college graduates, business district white-collar workers, high-end talents, etc., to create a new position of employment entrepreneurship . Xianxixin Village Street wounds around "15 minutes of service circle", set up an employment service work site in the jurisdiction, which is convenient for job seekers to find a suitable job at "Door". Zhoujiaqiao Street created by the streets, "Sunflower Xueang" on the entrepreneurial brand project, providing policies, professional guidance, special training, etc.

Chengjiaqiao Street establishes the employment service WeChat group, using Shanghai to vigorously implement the "one network", the big data leading government service platform, guide the employer and the job seeker without seeing, online office, and carry out the online recruitment fair. Xinjing Town Vocational Guidance Stations have always adhered to the development of public employment services in different groups, paying attention to employment opportunities, job positions, service resources, and realizing employment services to win a joint share.

Hongqiao Street has carried forward "Embroidery Spirit", often face-to-face communication, communication, talks, understands their basic situation and family status, and carry out targeted in different situations of each person Employment assistance work.

Huayang Road street combines young employment "launched" work, a large number of visits to the building park, excavation of enterprise resources, and launched a series of policy promotion activities according to different audience groups.

In the process of promoting employment work, North Xinyi Street, insisted on the implementation of the facts and works, and regards the relevant core indicators involved in employment as the main line of the start of the work.

From January to October this year, there were 29,177 new jobs in the district to complete the% of the indicator tasks.

As of the end of October, 4911 registered unemployed in the whole area, always stabilized within the target range of the city. Next, the District People’s Social Security Bureau will further implement relevant policies, increase publicity, and promote key group employment such as college graduates and unemployed people in the district, realize the "zero-employment family" dynamic clear, woven security net, stable Live the basic dish to ensure the stability of the regional employment.

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