Award collection! 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week micro-class collection activities start

People’s Daily Network Xi’an September 6 (Li Zhiqiang) by the Central Propaganda Department, Central Net Truna Office, Ministry of Education, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, China People’s Bank, Radio, Film and Television Administration, National Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League, National Women’s Federation, etc. The 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week, held by the department, will be held in Xi’an, Shaanxi, from October 11th to 17th. As a national network security publicity week, the "Network Security Micro-Cateury Collection Activity" will officially open the work collection channel today, and publicly collect network security microssice works in the whole society, and the collection time will continue until September 30th. This micro-class collection is based on "network security as the people, the network security relying on the people" as the theme of "improving the awareness of the people". Reporting works should be tight to network security promotion, focusing on publicizing network security regulations, improving network security awareness, popular network security knowledge, and guiding young people objective rational Internet, actively promoting network positive energy and other content.

A group that pays attention to network security promotion weekly activities across the country, and individuals can participate in this work collection.

This event collection covers the three categories of pictures, video, and H5, including but not limited to the following genre: short video, anime, mv, comics, illustrations, posters, etc. After the collection, the collection will be displayed in the 2021 network security publicity Zhou official website "Network Security Micro Category" collection activities, and accepted the full network on October 1st to 10th.

In order to create a good network security atmosphere, it attracts more netizens to actively participate in Netan activities. This micro-class collection activity special settings, second prizes, each set up 10,000 yuan, five thousand yuan bonus, set up three prizes, excellent participation Award, each set two thousand yuan, one thousand yuan bonus or equivalent prizes. According to the full network voting results, dozens of "Excellent Participation Award" award-winning works, and finally combined with netizens voting and expert score, respectively, in three types of works, one, two, and third prizes. Among them, the expert review link will accept the supervision of the notary office.

Netizens can understand the specific requirements and awards settings of the works in the official website and the official WeChat platform "Network Security Micro Category" event page through 2021 national network security promotion, download and fill in the microaceous work collection registration form and the original commitment book, participate in the collection.

Excellent winning works in this collection will be displayed in the 2021 national network security publicity week official website, will also be recommended to the national mainstream network media and business website, social platform, making it better Demonstration leads.