The 7th China Campus Drama Festival kicked off in Shenzhen

In the survey, please wait.If there is no response, please refresh this page (Reporter Li Dan) On November 17th, the 7th China Campus Drama Festival, Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Exhibition and 20 Drama Festival of 2021 Nanshan Drama Festival,It is about to open in Shenzhen Nanshan Ming.

This session is divided into the "Tong" as the theme, divided into "The 7th China Campus Drama Festival" "Yue Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Youth Drama Invitation Show" "Forum and Lecture", "Outdoor Performance" 4 large sections, selected The 38 drama performance teams from all major universities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Shenzhen, and the mainland have participated in the performance.

From now until December 2nd, 25 exhibitions will be staged, and the wonderful drama of the half-month will make the drama fans to play. This event, by the Chinese Players Association, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Literature Arts Association, Hosted by the Nanshan District People’s Government of Shenzhen Nanshan District, the CPC Shan District Committee Propaganda Department, Shenzhen Drama Association, Nanshan District Cultural Radio, TV Tourism Sports Bureau, Nanshan District Literature Arts Association hosted. China Campus Drama Festival settled in Nanshan China Campus Drama Festival in 2008, a national-level campus drama event, held in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, this time is the first year of Shenzhen Nanshan.

The Chinese Campus Drama Festival selected 16 campus drama teams from major colleges and universities in the country participated in the exhibition. During the period, it will also be held, and the drama home enters the campus lecture, the "Star of Campus".

  The 7th China Campus Drama Festival will stage 16 works such as "Lei Jingtian" "Hamlet" "Forever Wah". Among them, the opening ceremony "Lei Jingtian" is the original drama from the Youth East University of Political Science and Law, telling the Chinese Communists and the people to enach a new contract, a contract story of a human equality.

The stage space of the multimedia background showed the old appearance of Yan’an Loess Plateau and the old appearance of the Shaani Ganshen Higherian District Court. With the development of drama scenes, Huaxian teachers and students, the Lei Jing and revolutionary youth, Yan’an people’s three groups compared to a distinction Rendering, showing historical texture, writing a spiritual core of the history of the new Chinese law. This drama festival is a new innovation attempt to focus on the "same" theme, meaning "wind and rain, like-minded, cooperative cooperation", and construct the human fate community. The form of drama repertoires include dramas, dance, tide opera, mask, children’s drama and musical, etc., let Shenzhen’s drama fans are full.

What is excited to make drama fans is that the Chinese Campus Theater Festival will settle in Nanshan. The invitation of the singer, exploring the future of the Drama, the invitation show of the Youth Drama of Guangdong, Macau is the first time the Chinese Players Association is held, and the drama exhibition activities of Youth Drama people in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau.

This exhibition invited representative 9 denominations from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the mainland to bring a wonderful performance. During the period, it will also hold a discussion, drama, interviews, etc., aimed to promote the exchange and cooperation of young drama people in Daxu District.

  This year’s drama invitation exhibition includes "Excellent Drama Excellence between the Cross-Straits" and "Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau Regional Forum".

"The four-strait four-way ex! The Macau Mall Experimental Struggle Troupe "Nine Sound", on the "Rings", etc. of the theater drama.

"The Drama Forum on the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macau" will invite experts from the two sides of the sides to discuss the crisis and response methods that the play may face in the future, bring a drama with the theoretical height and topic. Thoughts feast, help Chinese drama development. Outdoor drama interaction, let the public and drama are close to the Nanshan Drama Festival is the local drama brand founded in 2017. In the past three years, Nanshan Drama Festival has adhered to the core concept of "everyone is the drama +", with creative expression, attracting more than 60 domestic and foreign teams, thousands of outstanding drama workers participate. This year, the Nanshan Drama Festival will rely on the national drama platform resources. While cooperating with indoor performances, it will continue to invite professional drama team to hold a multi-player carnival performance. During the Drama Festival, there will be 13 outdoor block columns of several outdoor drama activities, Latin Jazz, National Wind and Flashing, and Top Sports, Content, Content, Diversome, Diversified Drama. And in public space in non-traditional theater.

Paragrances, Chinese famous dramas, and extrusive animation armaments and other drama image patrols, interact with modern public spaces, interacting with the audience, this imaginary "drama adventure", unconsciously Incorporate it. In order to wake up Chinese traditional opera memory, fixed one small stage, the drama of the Cantonese opera, the drama and the drama, the drama Skill, etc. In puppet, shadow, modern hand, robot, non-down performances, etc., audiences can contact the performers, even with performers, breaking the audience and stage performers. Barriers, let visitors integrate into performances, create infinite interesting dialogue. The Drama Festival fully considers young people, with "online + line" show, launched live broadcasts, the distance between the drama and the young people, combined with the form of the drama, create a different difference in the film and television drama , New experience in other art forms such as games. In order to guide art consumption, vigorously support the development of China’s drama, this drama ticket trial public welfare gift + low ticket ticketing method, the ticket price will be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the performance of the epidemic prevention and control.

Students receive a ticket for free from the student ID card, first come first served.