“Let him in”

The attendant opened the goalkeeper Wang She invited in。
“Uncle Gan,Wang She came to see you”
Wang She handed a few gifts,Not yet in the house,Shouted。
“Why do you think of coming to me today?”
Willing to raise his hand,The king’s house put the gift aside,Find.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen:Arrived in Minglin,World trend
Fuming has changed into a suit,The face is still Ye Ming’s face,Waiting quietly in front of Wang’s door。
Wang She appeared outside alone,I saw Fuming when I went out,With a red crystal ring in his left hand,Take the lead,Slowly keep up。
“Mr. Ye,You don’t have to say anything,Just step on the teleportation array!”
Fuming nodded slightly,Came to Gan Xin’s office。
Gan Xinyi raised his head,And looked at each other with a calm face,Not going to see。
“Come with me”
Gan Xin leads the way,Take the two to a secret room,There is a person in the room with a strange light.