Then run the exercise,Try another part of a trace of life again。

With the transition of the energy of Li Hui’s silk,The painful trembling body of the Wolf King is not so painful.。
Taier The wolf king has reached out to Li Hui’s hand in the hands of Li.。
Just like a pug,Ambiguous,Wen Shun is uncomprising。
Li Hui also didn’t think that a wolf king will still show such a side.。
Immediately reached out and touch each other’s head。
“All right,Your body has no problem,And very healthy。”
Taier It seems to respond to Li with the wind.,Wolf kings also slowly got up a few steps,The more it is, the faster it is,The hair on the body is getting off.。
But the new hair is also growing.。
Sunshine is illuminated through the forest of the branches of the forest on the silver fur.,The wolf king seems to be like a shiny。
Taier With a wolf,The wolf king jumped directly to the treetops.。
Li Hui Looking at the other party’s bouncement is fast than he jumped.。
Xu Ruzhen saw this scene is also shocked.,She is also the first time I saw the wolf.。
“All right,Don’t call,I will go first without anything.,Remember that it is not allowed to hurt people。”
This is said,Li Hui is ready to take Xu Ru.。
But the wolf king is followed behind,The most important thing is the originally pulled tail actually mimic the dog’s tail.。
If you don’t look carefully,I really think that it is a dog。
Ignite Looking at the Wolf King wants to learn dogs, but how can it be learned?,Li Hui is also amused.。
You want to learn dogs and then go back to me.?”
“Taier” Looking at the Wolf King,Nod,Xu Ruzhen’s original fear suddenly suddenly a lot。
“Ok,But you are not allowed to go to the village.,You can help me watch the orchard in the orchard.,Those fruit mature have a bit strong,So you have to be optimistic.,Don’t let people steal,Of course you are not allowed to hurt people,Heard no?”
At the moment I see the wolf king agreed,Li Hui Rong is relieved to go to Xu Ruzhen.,Then kneel down the body, let the Ru 趴。
This time his movements are very skilled,And Xu Ruzhen’s movement is also very proficiency。
No pressure before,Xu Ruzhen also relaxed a lot,Feeling Li Hui’s strong back,There is also a unique taste of the man on the other person.,Let her feel some feelings.。
Every way, Xu Ru is trying to find a topic,Then say a laughter and laugh back to the orchard。
Li Hui’s directly put the wolf king in the orchard,Wolf king seems to be a feeling of good orchard.。
But Li speaks from the wind,Wolf kings should like those who have residual Xianquan。
“breeze,You have such a powerful massage method with medical skills,Why is it in the poor gusow??”
Xu Ru, who was sitting on the motorcycle, asked questions that he had always asked in his heart.。
“Hey-hey,My dream is to take out this poor hill.,But later my thoughts changed.,Why do we have to go out?,The mountain village can’t be created is better than the city.,For the mountain village, it will become a backward representation.?