At the beginning,Nalandeping every step,The waist is like a face bag,Almost the whole body is shaking。But this old man is strong,He gritted his teeth,Moved step by step and started。

Nalanyu was so happy that she didn’t know what to say,She shouted out loudly:“mom!My dad can walk,Come see”
Na Banyu’s mother ran in three steps and two steps,When she saw that the old man could really walk,There were tears in the old man’s eyes,These are tears of excitement and happiness。
Because it is the initial stage of treatment,Can’t be too tired for a while。Xia Jian asked Nalanyu to help her father walk around the room a few times,Let him rest quickly。
Nalande lay flat on the bed,Quickly said with a smile:“Quickly make tea for the benefactor,Cook a few more good dishes at noon,Yuyu will drink a few more drinks with Mr. Xia for me”
“I know daddy,I’m afraid my mother’s vegetables are all cooked now”Nalanyu said happily。
Really,Nalanyu’s voice just fell,Nalanyu’s mother came in and invited Xia Jian out for dinner。People treat him so respectfully,Let Xia Jian feel that it is not nature。
Restaurant table,Put several hot and cold dishes。Xia Jian is also welcome,Sit at the table,Eat chopsticks。Now,His stomach is really empty。
Mental and physical work,The most energy-consuming。No one else can see,Only Xia Jian knew about this。Nalanyu really brought out a good bottle of wine,Regardless of Xia Jian’s dissuasion,Opened the bottle quickly。
“What do you mean?Just think about me,Also dissatisfied with my wine?”Nalanyu said,Have poured two glasses of wine。
Nalanyu’s mother has to take care of Nalan Deping to eat,So there are only Xia Jian and Nalanyu at the table。Thus,The atmosphere is a bit awkward。
Xia Jian was eating vegetables,He said with a smile:“See what you said,What can i think of you?It’s just a lack of topics between us”Xia Jian almost said out,There is no common topic between us。This is the truth,But it hurts a bit。
“Come!Drink this glass of wine,The topic is coming soon”Nalanyu said,Raised the glass。Xia Jian originally didn’t plan to drink。But when I saw Nalanyu opened the bottles,He can’t drink。
Men in drinking,Should not lose to women,This is the experience Xia Jian finally summed up。So he raised the glass。
“it is good!Our first cup is dry”Nalanyu said,Raise the wine glass and eat it all。Xia Jian was dumbfounded now,This cup is not small,A bottle of wine can hold four glasses at most,That means Nalanyu drank two halves in this mouthful。I seem to be in trouble again today。
I drank Nalanyu,He has no reason not to drink。Xia Jian had to raise his glass,All come and die。As soon as the cup is put down,Nalanyu filled him up again。
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Wine is indeed a good thing sometimes,It can close the distance between two people virtually。A large glass of wine,Nalanyu has more obvious words。
She persuaded Xia Jian to eat more vegetables and drink,Said with a smile:“Mr. Xia is really a strange man,You have such a good ability,You should sit in a big hospital,how?…”Nalanyu said,Hesitating。