One thousand one hundred and twenty-five chapters One party

Listen to what Xiao Ning said,Everyone in Red Willow City is still a little doubtful,After all, Floating Cloud City is a force,There are Liuyunzong masters backing them,Where is it so easy to beat。
but,Lu Menglin’s subsequent command,But let everyone’s doubts go away。
Because Lu Menglin ordered,The whole army strikes immediately,Go straight to Floating Cloud City。
Those two Liuyunzong children kneeling in front of the hall,Real Huyang and General Leiyun,The two know that the situation is over,Had to surrender obediently,Address of Liuyunzong,There are sectarian secrets,Tell all,Just for a chance to survive。
Subsequently,Lu Menglin gave the two to Liu Niu’er,After they were hollowed out of all their secrets,Will be sent back to the city of steel by the guards,After sealing the power, send it to the Heino experiment,I believe the scientists over there will be very interested in studying these two living specimens。
The Red Willow City Army is divided into two,Leave the city defense army to defend the city,Taking care of the Floating Cloud City troops outside the city,But Lu Menglin carried the Guards of the Steel City and the Black Blood Cavalry,Go straight to Liuyun City。
After half a day of raiding,This army came to the bottom of Floating Cloud City。
as expected,Floating Cloud City has been two hours ago,Was taken advantage of by an army under the banner of Day Gate,Captured。
The soldiers and civilians of Floating Cloud City had no idea,When their army embarked on a journey to attack Hongliu City,Less than half a day,This strange soldier appeared outside the city。
The number of soldiers and horses is not large,And the banner is very strange,Even the military uniforms are messy,But their combat effectiveness is surprisingly strong。
And these people are simply unreasonable,A large number of forty level masters directly crossed the city wall,Easily disperse the defenders,Go straight to the castle mansion and weapons depot。
There were originally some members of the Liuyun Sect in Floating Cloud City,Regardless of the number of people,Or individual strength,They are not as good as the army that smashed into the city,After a brief confrontation,Liuyun Zongmen were killed clean,Floating Cloud City Lord’s Mansion was also captured,The entire army and civilians can only helplessly surrender。
Most of them have never seen so many masters in their lifetime,Be the forty-level strong in rows,fully armed,When charging into battle,That kind of scene is simply shocking。