Xia Chenglong carefully recalled what the Great Elder and Elder Wang said,Make sure what they say is just take it,As long as it can be taken away,Move the entire pharmacy out。

In this case,Then he……
do not care,Go in first。
Xia Chenglong went to the first compartment,But want to open the compartment,Two things must be shown beside,One is the elder token,The second is to use dynamometer,Show yourself enough strength。
Take out his honorary elder token,Then freely release aura to the test machine,The compartment door is opened。
After entering, the fragrance of medicinal materials is blowing,Refreshing,See the medicinal herbs placed inside,Xia Chenglong smiled happily。
This is called getting it all effortless!
“Ephedra,Cordyceps,Hundred ginseng fruit……”
Although they are all relatively low-grade medicinal materials,But for practice“Tianyuan Index is just right。
Fortunately, he has a free storage ring,Otherwise, I really don’t know how to get so many herbs。
As for the amount,He is not the kind,People with no bottom line,All medicinal materials are directly divided into half。
One thousand beads of ephedra has disappeared in an instant,There are other medicinal materials as well。
Come out of the first compartment,Go to the second compartment,His principle is not to disappoint the great elders,Will be fine“Patronize”Medicine library。
Little change in the first two compartments,But by the third time,Xia Chenglong felt the difference。
As he goes back,The stronger the aura that needs to be injected into the door,of course,After entering, the grade of medicinal materials will be higher。
Hehe,He finally understood why the elder would ignore it,I know that the precious medicinal materials are not easy to handle,That’s why I feel so relieved??
It’s just that when you meet someone else, you may go back dejected,But something very embarrassing,The other party met him,Dignified dragon king!
In order not to delay,Xia Chenglong speeds up,Just one hour,Swept the medicinal materials in ten compartments。
(of course,I took them in half,Otherwise, the elder may be anxious,I went to Zhongyu to find him!)