This blow,Also let the supernatural power dragon king completely understand,Can’t act rashly anymore,If there is any more action,He really will die!

Because that hides in the dark,The enemy who uses mental power is too terrible,If I come twice,I wonder if I will be bombarded as an idiot。
If it weren’t for that mental power burst just now,How could he lose to a 37th-level guy in the duel?。
Just between the moments of Shenli Dragon King,The situation on the court has changed again。
Tu Shanming in midair,Suddenly a green light lit up above my head,Whole body wounds heal automatically,Complete recovery of strength,The body is refilled with a steady stream of light energy。
Except for Lu Menglin,Everyone present saw this scene,All stunned。
Because this is a miraculous scene,It’s definitely not a great healing technique for the Taoist profession,But the people of the gods,The most anticipated thing。
Level breakthrough!Yes,Only when the level breaks,God people will restore their full strength,All injuries are healed,This is the power of world rules,No one knows the principle,But for thousands of years。
“Haha!I am invincible!Tu Shanming is invincible!”Tu Shanming is full of power,Laugh with excitement,Laugh out loud。
He really broke through,A jump from the thirty-seventh level to the thirty-eighth level fighter,Who can think of his luck,It happened to be after a fight against the supernatural dragon king,Suddenly break through the level。
“Again!I want more!”At this moment, Tu Shanming even thinks he is a god protector,Fearless,Screaming,Waving the verdict,Smashed into the supernatural dragon king again。
He probably naively thought,The level breakthrough just now,It has something to do with yourself and the forty-two strong,So he wants to do it again,If you spell it again,One more level,That’s the miracle of miracles。
Seeing that the asshole actually rushed towards him carrying the verdict,Super Dragon King shocked,Subconscious retreat,Back again,Fly back。
Of course he is not afraid of a soldier of level 38,But afraid of the invisible and invisible mental power crit,I’m really afraid I can’t hold it again。
And he is not sure,Was the mental attack just released by the asshole?,That intensity,It’s almost the same as mental self-destruction,Who can stand it!