“Why did you take me out?”

Xiang Chen turned over and lay down beside Bai Lu,Both of them kept panting。
Bai Lu keeps moving forward with heavy burdens,And Xiang Chen is also because of Bai Lu’s wrong way of bearing,Now the injury is added to the injury。
Long journey,Both Xiangchen and Bai Lu are physically exhausted,This is also an opportunity for two people,Can take a short rest。
After a while,Bai Lu spoke:“Flee without you,Could it be that you were caught by the police??”
Bai Lu said something of course,Made Xiang Chen a wry smile,I don’t know if I should tell Bai Lu,The police were called by themselves。
“Where are you going to take me now?”Xiang Chen lying on the ground,Boringly asked。
“Where else to go,Of course to take you to the hospital!Can’t you see how badly you hurt yourself?”Bai Lu gave Xiang Chen a strange look,Knowingly,Bai Lu suspects that Xiang Chen was saving herself,My brain was broken。
“Have you ever thought about?Although it was troublesome for me to be taken away by the police,But in that case,I can get treatment right away,Just by your current state,I’m afraid there is no way to take me to the hospital at dawn。”
Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen a little at a loss,This is indeed the truth,It’s just an emergency,I didn’t think of this relationship。
Bai Lu was a little silent,Don’t know what to say,But I didn’t expect Xiang Chen to add another sentence,“I called those policemen!”
“You called the police?”Bai Lu turned to look at Xiang Chen in doubt,Some accident,How can a murderer contact the police??
“if not?Do you really think the police are supernatural,We are fighting here,They received the message?Think about it,Does it look like there are enthusiastic citizens around??”
Xiang Chen sighed,Get up slowly。
“Why are you hurt so badly?”
When Xiang Chen got up,Bai Lu let out an exclamation,Looking at Xiang Chen’s bloody back,Bai Lu covered her mouth,I do not know what to say。
“Next time you drag my hand,What is uncertain about this situation is my ass。”
Xiang Chen said with a smile,Then got up and did a warm-up activity slightly。
Bai Lu is silent,Obviously, I am also aware of my operating mistakes。