Cast "Broken Road" dredge "microcirculation" (people pay attention to · Jin Tie "

  Recently, this newspaper received a lot of readers, reflecting the "Broken Road" Problem: Some is the road to the city’s main road to repair half-downtime, there is only a few tens of meters away, but now to take a dozen Minute; some is that the road hardening in rural areas is not in place. When it goes to rain, the road is muddy, affecting travel, and so on.

  Transportation is a development issue and is also the issue of people.

In recent years, various departments have made a lot of work in improving urban rural road network traffic, whether they are traveling, or urban and rural economic and social development, they are very convenient.

However, from the reflection of the reader’s letter, the traffic "microcirculation" of some places still needs to be improved, "broken road" issues need to be further attached to and actively resolved.

  There are many reasons why "Broken Road". Some are not in place, the road is long-lost, the damage is serious; some is the road construction project, after starting, the progress is not smooth due to funds, construction, etc. When the net is built, it is not possible to coordinate in time.

In addition, there is an unreasonable road network planning, no circumstances, between the road and the dry road, there is no lack of connection between the trunks, and the new community road network has not integrated into the specific planning of urban large traffic. Whether the road is smooth, it is related to the people’s personal interests. Reducing the emergence of "Brokend Road" is both a responsibility of the local and related departments, and is also a test of grassroots governance and governance levels. Therefore, the local and related departments have received reflection, find problems, should be carefully combed, with targeted solutions, and dredge traffic "microcirculation" as soon as possible. At the same time, there should be a non-three, in terms of urban planning, transportation road network construction, many prospective awareness, more investigations, fully listen to the proposal of the masses, and continuously enhance the scientific and sustainability of planning.

  Cast "Broken Road" is to open the "public opinion". When life is inconvenient, the masses often think of the first time. Locals and related departments should listen to the people ‘s appeal and recommendations, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

In fact, the formation of the benign interaction with the masses, and work together to promote the problem of solving people’s livelihood. (Editor: Jiang Fruit, Yang Xianina).