Party history learning education Huai’an Municipal Committee propaganda group to Huai’an District preaching

Original title: Party history learning education municipal party committee propaganda group came to our district to hold a preaching, in order to carry out the education of party history, on April 10, the municipal party committee propaganda group came to our district to hold party history learning education preaching report, municipal party committee propaganda group member, Liu Zhenheng, director of the Jian Enlai Memorial Administration, made a preaching report. The leaders of the district, Jiang Haihai, Guan Xiaowei, Yuan Anbao, Wu Honggang, Xia Kaifeng, Peng Kai, Dai Xiangfeng, etc., the report will be hosted by the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Propaganda Minister.

Liu Zhen was "talked about the revolutionary story, inheriting the red gene – from the party history, the power of the new China" is "firm ideals, quite the spiritual spine of the Communists; keep in mind the initial mission, keep The flesh and blood contact with the people; the four aspects of the party’s sexual cultivation, the ethnasual party will continue to be political; the cultivation of moral evolution, pursuing pure political quality "has been fully meticulously explained, through classic stories and party history cases, full vivid explanation The glorious process and great spirit of our party’s 100-year struggle, and made a good counseling for all personnel in depth.

The meeting pointed out that as the party members and cadres of Zhou Enlai, it must inherit the red gene, inheriting the glorious tradition, continuing to struggle, not the same, not in general, not simple Huai’an District cadres, to make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of the region.

It is necessary to fully understand the important status and role of the work of the party history under the new situation, and effectively enhance the initiative of performance. Strengthen the leadership of the party history in the new era, and work in the work of the party history.

Accurately grasp the important functions of party history work in the new era, and continuously improve the scientific level of disguise people. After the meeting, members of the propaganda group also entered the Huaicheng Street Zhiba Community, interacted with the grassroots party members, and preached with the local cadres and the masses. Everyone said, be sure to follow the spirit of the general secretary of Xi Jinping as the fundamental, doing school history, preaching, and promoting the people from party members from the party history to help the masses solve some practical difficulties and problems. The flesh and blood of the close party and the masses contribute to the high quality development of Huai’an District.

(Li Feng opened the year of Zhongwei Liu Ze) (Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).