The first video of China Dollar, released a positive signal to the world

  "China and the United States are the giant rounds sailing in the sea. We have to make the steady rudder, so that China and the United States have a wind wave, not yet yet, not stall, and can not collide.

"On the morning of November 16, the President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with US President and US President.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Yuewei took the morning of November 16th, and the President Xi Jinping held a video meeting in Beijing with the US President.

In the meeting of 3 and a half hours, both sides were fully, in-depth communication and communication with strategic, global, fundamental issues, and common concern of Sino-US relations.

  On the morning of November 16, the President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with US President Bid.

During the Xihua News Agency, the President Xi Jinping clarified the right way to get together in the new era, and the importance of the relations between China and the United States on the importance of China and the United States, opposed the "new cold war". The meeting has increased the mutual understanding of the two sides, increasing the front expectations of the international community to Sino-US relations, and issued a strong signal to China and the United States and the world.

  The video meetings of "the leaders of China and the United States", followed by the phone in February and September this year, China and the United States and the head of China were directly dialogue. This is also the new government of the United States this year. The highest leaders of the two countries held a meeting in a video form.

  Observer pointed out that the current Sino-US relations are in key crossroads. This video meeting is a big event in Sino-US relations, and a major event in international relations, and the people of China and the international community want to meet positive results. Regarding the news of the meeting, there is a US media comment: this is expected to be a "Let the United States have chance to change in cooperation". Zhang Zongze, the executive vice president of China International Problem, said that the direct communication between China and US dollars has played an irreplaceable leading role in the development of the relations between the two countries, helping to enhance mutual understanding, forming consensus, control and control.

  For a while, the US new government has generally continued the ultimate and wrong policies of the previous government. It has difficult to challenge China’s bottom line in the world. In the past few months, the representatives of China and the United States have met in the United States, the United States, China Tianjin, Switzerland Zurich and Rome, Italy, and China resolutely opposes the US, "From the strength status" to deal with China, propose "two copies to the US Listing "and" Three Bodes ", require the US to actively respond, take action to effectively improve the relationship between the two countries.

  In this meeting, Chairman Xi Jinping made a clear proposal: "I hope that the president will play political leadership to promote the regression of the United States to return to the rational and pragmatic pragmatic and pragmatic, and the President of Biden is also actively responding to the Chairman of Xi Jinping: History is fair , The US-China relationship can only do a good job, can’t be smashed.

  "Sino-US, as the world’s first two major economies and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, should strengthen communication and cooperation. They do their own domestic matter, and assume the international responsibility of the should, jointly promote the lofty cause of human peace and development. .

"President Xi Jinping pointed out in the meeting, this is the common desire of China and the United States and the people of the world. It is also a common mission of the leaders of China and the United States. Wu Xinbo, director of the US Research Center, Fudan University, said it is the most important bilateral relationship. I. Sino-US relations have transcended bilateral categories. In the current critical moment, the two countries have introduced the rudder, but also is essential to the development of Sino-US relations, but also has a positive impact on the world. "No Chinese and US cooperation is 10,000 Unable "" Sino-US cooperation may not be universal, but there is no Chinese and beautiful cooperation is not possible.

"President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of Sino-US relations in the meeting.

  Tuan Zongze said that history has repeatedly proved that there is more friction between China and the United States, and it is a disaster for the two countries; the two parties have more cooperation, and they can make a lot of beneficial to the two countries and the world.

  In the meeting, Xi Jinping’s President Xi Jinping’s fourth priority should focus on the four-way priority of the development of the two countries. Advancing all levels of various fields, injecting more positive energy for Sino-US relations; three is to manage differences and sensitivity problems in constructive ways, prevent Sino-US relations from derailed out of control; four is to strengthen coordination on major international and regional hot issues And cooperation, providing more public products for the world.

  Dadao, deputy director of the Strategic and Safety Research Center of Tsinghua University, said that the four priorities proposed by President Xi Jinping, both bilateral levels, and international and regional levels, fully demonstrating the big landscape as the leaders of the big country, greatly responsible.

  In the past few days, China and the United States issued the second part of the joint declaration on climate change. This union declaration called "surprise" by foreign media, and also reflects the huge potential to cooperate between the two countries.

  Chairman Xi Jinping also clarified the Chinese position in the meeting, and the China’s position was clarified in China. Safety and stability of chain supply "" It should advocate the establishment of global public health and infectious disease prevention and control cooperation mechanisms "…" China-US interests, and hurt.

"Da Wei said that China does not deny competition, but insisting on competition must be fair, benign, and rule.

The earth is large enough to have the next China and the United States and common development.

  "Sino-US must find the right way" "In the past 50 years, one of the international relations is the restoration and development of Sino-US relations, benefiting two countries and the world. In the next 50 years, the most important thing in international relations It is Sino-US must find the right way.

"Xi Jinping Chairman saw the development of Sino-US relations from the big pattern of history and the world.

  As the largest developing country and the largest developed country, how should China and the United States get along? Xi Jinping’s chairman summed up the development experience and lessons of Sino-US relations, proposing China and the United States and the three principles – mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and cooperation. "Mutual respect is to respect each other social system and development roads, respect the core interests and major concerns of the other party, respect the respective development rights; peaceful coexistence is to stick to the bottom line of unsubstantial; cooperation, Win-Win is to insist on mutual benefit, do not play zero And games, don’t give you to lose me.

"Tuan Zongze believes that these three principles have guided the direction for the long-term development of Sino-US relations. The" boundary ". President Xi Jinping pointed out that China achieved complete unity, the common wishes of all Chinese children. We are patient, We are willing to strive to strive for peaceful unity, but if the "Taiwan independence" split forces are forced, even break through the red line, we will have to take panic measures.

  Tuan Zongze said that Taiwan issues are always the most important and most sensitive problems in Sino-US relations, and is also the issue of the heads of the two countries to communicate. Under the current situation, President Xi Jinping has strong targeted.

  President Biden said in the meeting, the US government is committed to the long-term consistent Chinese policy, does not support "Taiwan independence", and hopes that the Taiwan Sea is maintaining peace and stability.

  President Xi Jinping also introduced China’s development path and strategic intention in the meeting, and showed the Chinese position on specific issues such as democracy, human rights and multilateralism.

  President Biden also said that the US does not seek to change China’s system, and do not seek to oppose China through strengthening the relationship between the collapse, and unintentionally conflict with China.

I hope to strengthen communication with the Chinese side, reduce misunderstandings, and differences in constructive ways. Analysts pointed out that this meeting, the US’s statement released a positive signal, but the follow-up will be "listening to his words, watching its line."

  "It should be seen that once a meeting cannot solve all the contradictions between China and the United States." Yan Zongze said, I hope that the US will be in the middle, the opposite movement, to implement the spirit of the heads of the heads of the heads of the heads of the heads of the two countries, and maintain conversation, and strengthen communication cooperation. Responsible to control and control differences in promoting the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations. Text reporter: Liu Hua, Zheng Mingda, Wu Yue, Chengxin Video Reporter: Jiang Zhiqiang Poster Design: Zhao Danyang.