Tianjin 100 models to visit the green ecological barrier

Recently, the Tianjin Federation of Trade Unions organized 100 labor models and artisan talent representatives to visit the green ecological barrier construction in Double Cities in Tianjin.

The ecological beauty along the way is deeply infected, and everyone is proud of the important progress made in Tianjin green ecological barrier construction.

In the core ecological area of Bali Bay in Jinnan Province, the Western Western Dark Ecool Ecological District, the models have appreciated the views of the trees and trees, ecological repairs, etc.National labor model, Tianjin Port First Hong Kong Yuxi Co., Ltd. The vice captain of the towers said: "In the green ecological barrier, it is like a green, green, and water ecological picture, shocking.

"In May 2017, Tianjin City plans to build a green ecological barrier area on the golden development hallway between the central urban and Binhai New District.

As of now, in the first-level control area of the 736 square kilometers of green ecological barriers, forest green coverage is close to 25%, and the blue-green space proportional to 64%.