The anchor "Doll"

  Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan November 20th, Qiqi "Dolls", the management of the Xinhua News Agency Ki, the 6-year-old boy is looking at the father’s plan to practice the eyes … Recent time, "Alternative" Non-adult is repeatedly exposed, triggering the popular discussion of public opinion.

  Recently, the National NetTrago Office will draft the "Internet Live Marketing Information Content Service Management Regulations (Draft for Comment)", "" Live broadcast marketers or live broadcast operators should be 16 years old. " Visitors believe that the comment on the protection of minors provides legal compliance, while ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of minors, but also need parents to reflect on their values, and the joint efforts of the school, platform, government departments.

  Live, "Dolls" on the short video, in recent years, live broadcast, short video platform, the anchor increased more increasingly, they attract eyeballs such as selling Meng, performance segments, sunshine skills, some minors anchor even become parents’ money tool.

  In addition to the "Net Red" Penqi, expect, some minors take the initiative to choose when "net red".

For example, on a short video platform, it is a 12-year-old boy with a two-class funny segment. Its family said that all short video is Selfie from the child, as long as he completes the operation on time, home and However more intervention.

Cao Hui, a psychological counselor, Tianjin Anti Hospital, Tianjin, said that the children’s idols are changing from singers, stars, and transform them into game anchors, "net red".

Some young children even use this as their own career plan.

  The reporter also saw the figure of the child mode on some short video platforms. Such as the short video account of a child mode, the fans exceed 1.87 million, the account signature is attached to the "a certain mother", the WeChat "personality signature" is "a certain – a boy model". Up to now, the short video released by the account is more than 210. Minors anchor "Do everything possible" to go to the eye, some legal professionals are concerned about this.

Lawyer, Li Jiaze, Sichuan French Law Firm, believes that short video and live broadcast are fresh things, relevant legal norms are still not sound enough, coupled with live exemplary, once the society is a "performance" of Xia Peiqi, the minor The anchor "I can’t blame", may cause a larger range of minors to protect the loss.

The introduction of the comment shows is very necessary and timely.

  The business behind "Nethong" is behind some parents to find ways to make children become "net red", and most of the economic interests are driven. In general, the main model of the anchor profit is currently the goods, commercial cooperation, fans "brush gift", etc., the premise must have enough popularity, so it is inevitable to bring over "development". – Belt.

Many accounts of many minors will bring goods such as "commodity window", some accounts will also indicate that "there are same clothes in the window". At the same time, some minors anchors play a "drainage" role, and some short video accounts are also attached to the goods, such as sales toothpaste, tea, etc., have also built group purchase group. –Business Cooperation. Some of the accounts of some minors have a contact information of business cooperation, and if you want to add a business partner micro-signal review, some accounts also require the other party to provide the company name, otherwise it will not pass. Business cooperation can be divided into online and offline, online cooperation is mainly advertising implants, with goods, etc., and the next is a child mode, performance, etc. For example, a 4-year-old "net red", a 4-year-old "net red", a 4-year-old "net red", recently, and the little girl also participated in a variety show.

  - Fans "brush gift". Minors anchor primarily primarily to post short video, but live fans will bring them income when streaming. In addition, short video account fans reach a certain amount, the account can be traded, the reporter saw, some anchor is selling short video accounts with a certain amount of fans in a friend circle. Multi-Party Guarantee Legal Rights Experts said that the anchor of minors was over "developed", which not only violated the growth law of minors, but in the past, the child or the parents were resentful, and they grew it in the contradictory mentality; over-exposure children’s life It will make it excessively dependent on others’ attention and praise, hinder its integration into real life.

Safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests requires the whole society to work together.

  First of all, parents should reflect on their values, can’t be fame and fortune, let the children are exposed, forced to perform, and even harm the child’s physical and mental health. Song Wei, the assistant researcher, the Assistant Researcher, the Assistant Student of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the industry association and the competent department must strengthen supervision, clearly regulate the relevant shooting time, places, content, etc., which is strictly forbidden to force children to treat children, and prevent children. Adverse economic behavior, earnestly maintain legitimate rights and interests of children. Second, play the power of the school.

Cao Hui and others suggest that schools and teachers should promptly recognize short video, live broadcast on minors, and guide minors to win attention and acquire friendship.

  Again, increase the audit for minors to participate in live broadcast and clearly supervise responsibility. Yan Sanzhong, Vice President of Jiangxi Normal University Political and Law, believes that minors participate in live broadcasts, platforms are obliged to conduct corresponding audits, and should take a title measures for the rating of legitimate rights and interests of minors.

If the platform listens to the obvious violation of the principle of child protection, it should be seriously investigated. Finally, government law enforcement departments should undertake responsibility to protect the rights and interests of minors. Li Jiaze and others believe that in addition to strengthening industry legislation and supervision, cultural authorities, minors should be intervened in time, do not give space for a live broadcast of the legitimate rights and interests of minors.