At this time,Suddenly someone laughed:“Life meets everywhere,I didn’t expect to see Xia Zhen here!We are really destined”Wang Youcai came over with a big smile,This made Xia Jian very surprised。

First1672chapter Encounter at a hot pot restaurant
Xia Jian looked at Wang Youcai,Asked coldly:“Why are you here?”
“Come out for a meal with brother,Unexpectedly, which ladies have to eat hot pot”Wang Youcai said,A few people sitting not far away。It turned out to be Tian Wa and Wu Wu,One of them is Xu Lihong,Another person is Feng Yan。The other with the kids is Julan。
Xu Lihong and Feng Yanxiajian have met,As for this Julan, of course he has never seen it。Tian Wa and Wu Wu had more than one chance to meet。
What’s terrible is when Xu Lihong saw Wang Youcai talking to Xia Jian,She also ran over。Remember the Spring Festival that year,Xu Lihong was taken to Xiping Village by Wang Youcai for the New Year,She met Xia Jian,And said something for a while。
“Yo!It’s you, President Xia!Haven’t seen you for a long time,But getting handsome”Xu Lihong has two beautiful big eyes,Sweeping on Xia Jian,There was a hint of charm in her laugh。
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Wang Youcai rushed to say to Xu Lihong:“Don’t talk nonsense if you can’t speak,He is the mayor now,What summer and winter”When Wang Youcai said this,,Luscious eyes glanced at Tong Jie who was sitting next to Xia Jian。
Tong Jie has long heard of what Wang Youcai did,When she found out that Wang Youcai looked at her,She deliberately turned her face to the other side。This makes Wang Youcai a little embarrassed。
After all, Feng Yan is a woman who has seen the world with Hu Huiru,She didn’t move where she was sitting,I just nodded to Xia Jian,If you don’t pay attention,Can’t find it for a while。
“Hey!Which one with the baby is your wife??How did it change so much,I don’t even know each other”Xia Jian said this deliberately,He is just looking for words,Deliberately attacking Wang Youcai,Because he really doesn’t want to see this person。
Xu Lihong,Suddenly couldn’t help but smile:“His wife ran away with someone”
“Stinky girl!Get back,Are you talking here??”Wang Youcai sank his face pretending to be angry,Xu Lihong spit out her tongue at Xia Jian,Really ran back。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Boss Wang!You really have a womanhood”In Xia Jian’s words,It’s a bit of a satire of Wang Youcai。Don’t look at this guy’s chubby silly look,But the brain is not stupid,He heard it right away。
“Hi!Mayor Xia and I are nothing compared to that。These women brought by Wang Youcai,It’s all broken flowers and willows,And the woman next to Mayor Xia is not only beautiful,And not always a cadre,I’m so envious”Wang Youcai said,Laughed presumptuously。
Xia Jian is afraid that Wang Youcai’s words will be nonsense,So he lowered his voice and said:“Ok, boss Wang!You should go back,Otherwise they will wait,Some of the time we talk”
“What is she,I don’t hesitate to take care of them。But Mayor Xia is different,It’s hard to see the previous side。I come today,I want to say thank you,I want to ask,Does Pingyang Town have any good investment projects?,?”Wang Youcai said,Twisted butt,Sat in the empty seat beside Tong Jie。
This guy is really a plaster,Post it up,It’s not easy to send him away。Xia Jian and Wang Youcai grew up in a village,What kind of person is he,Xia Jian knows best。