“If we don’t risk,Will let the machine find its destiny first!”The woman in the car is clearly mission first。

“Alive,Can say find。Now the machine is waiting,But it doesn’t know how many people we came,Wait for the limelight,When it thought we were all caught,It’s easy。”Say so,It is tantamount to giving up taking the biggest risk。
“If found by the machine first?”Woman asks。
“Even if we find our destiny from the jackpot winner,Can’t escape being caught by the machine,What’s the point?We can’t all die!That means no chance!At least there must be a few people alive guarding the fire of hope!”Persistence,The woman in the car is silent,Seems to have been persuaded。
“and also,Unless fate is found,Otherwise, I can’t contact other people。”The white face is not sure whether the machine will put a long line to catch big fish in the future。
“you’re right。In the future, I will find my destiny from a small probability。”The woman in the car made her own decision,White face did not discourage,Say:“The power of destiny completely covers the planet,That means there is only one way to discover fate——The observation information sent out compares people with inconsistent actions before and after the substance reverses,Most likely the owner of destiny。We have no support behind,Must control as many people on the planet as observation eyes,Slowly find people in abnormal conditions。”
“You use your method,I use mine。”The woman in the car is obviously unwilling to go with Bailian。
“What can you do?Even if you can meet destiny,In front of the power of the reverse movement of matter,You don’t know that you have ever met!”Feel absurd,This is not something you can do on your own。
“I will find a way。”The woman in the car still insists,Added:“You said,Not everyone can stare at one way,You are doing your way,I have to look for other possibilities。”
White face has nothing to say,There are good reasons,Actually right,Just himself,I’m just worried about her safety。
but,They are facing race、The survival crisis of civilization,They are the last hope,Doomed to risk。
car,Speeding on the road。
Two people in the car,Worried about the future,They guessed countless times,What kind of person is the master of fate,What are you doing with the power of destiny??
substance,In reverse motion……
Chen Wenjin originally lost a crooked bowling ball,Lost it again,Finally took a beautiful route。
Chen Qian sees a prize,Quite want,This is the last ball,You can get a prize if you succeed。
Chen Wenjin didn’t bother to lose the ball from the beginning,So lazily use the power of material inverse motion。
Destiny full of infinite possibilities,Here in Chen Wenjin,Turned out to be just a tool for assisted living。