but,The more at this critical moment,On the contrary, the Sandstorm City Legion cannot make any unfavorable actions against the Fourteen Mechanics.。Because the fourteenth mechanic just talks hard,I don’t want to be under the management of the Sandstorm City Legion,But they are still stationed on the Jinghu Line,They occupy the righteousness against the army of monsters,If someone shoots at them at this time,That is to abandon race and just ignore it,For selfish desire,Destroy the human defense circle。

And the Master Ji Deming of the 14th Mechanic,It is with a keen political sense,See through this,That’s why I’m so persistent,His existence,Just for disgusting people,A pair of hate,But can’t get rid of him。
Maybe behind the fourteenth mechanic,Hidden some big power,Just waiting for the Sandstorm City Legion to attack the 14th Mechanic,Because only this,They can regain the initiative of public opinion,Regain public opinion in the chaotic circle。
One thousand two hundred and seventy-six chapters New species
Jinghu Line of Defense,The 14th Machinist Camp in Korea。
Commander Ji Deming in heavy armor,Laughed at the subordinates:“Those idiots in the military,I thought the pie would fall in the sky,So I was hit by Wuhao’s tricks!Those who came out of the hunting ring,Bad water,What tricks and tricks are made。If you fight with real swords and guns,They won’t work!”
“Yes!Yes!Our Fourteenth Division just doesn’t accept inclusion,I didn’t see any movement there,I’m obviously afraid of you, Master!”An army officer touted。
Master Ji Deming shook his shoulders,Laughed:“Of course!What they called the final line of defense,in my opinion,It’s nothing!The offensive of those monsters is already at the end of the battle,No more power,It happened to be picked up by the wild boy for a bargain。Plus Hu Lin’s desperate styling for him,Come and go,He became famous!”
“In my opinion,That Wuhao,It’s just a dog of Hu。Really powerful characters,It’s the old man Hu!Old marshal,Why are you willing to take care of yourself??He is borrowing a corpse to return to life!”
“Takami!The teacher really has an opinion!”
“Hit the nail on the head!The teacher’s wisdom is much better than those politicians in the capital!”
“Yes!Our teacher grows great,There must be a chance to enter the capital in the future!”
For a time,The officers of the 14th Division sought after,All kinds of flattery,Like the Yangtze River,Endless stream。
Ji Deming listened to these words of praise,Very proud,Can’t help but laugh again。
“Teacher,What are we going to do next?Keep guarding Jinghu Lake??Still waiting for an opportunity?”A senior officer of the 14th Division asked。
“If we can fight the sandstorm army,Pierce their undefeated myth,That would be better!”Another officer laughed。