Cultivation of the six steps, the perfect woman

Cultivation of the six steps, the perfect woman

1. Discover a lot of humorous points in life and cultivate a sense of humor.

  Life is humorous.

Or, humor is everywhere.

The key is how to discover.

Women like humorous men. In fact, men also like humorous women very much.

It can also be said that the degree to which men like humorous women is more complicated than the degree to which women like humorous men.

A woman with a sense of humor has a deep and lasting appeal to men.

If you cultivate humor, the most effective way is to learn a lot of people around you.

  2. Dress yourself in moderation.

  Be careful, I’m talking about moderation.

Before, I often said that women are as beautiful as they are.

That is from another perspective.

No woman doesn’t like dressing up.

However, how to dress is not something that every woman can grasp.

Only a moderately dressed, the strong is strong, the light is light, the flower is flower, and the pure is pure, can a woman’s charm be truly reflected.

Moderately dressed, men saw it and felt greatly respected.

  3, read more books, so that you have more culture inside.

  Books are the ladder of human progress.

Books are great, especially good books.

However, there are fewer and fewer people who read books seriously.

If women want to increase their seductive power, they will attract more men’s eyeballs and increase their hearts.

Reading more books is a good choice.

In this way, a woman’s inner temperament can be improved.

When looking at a woman’s appearance, what men are most interested in is the inside.

  4. Do more good things from the heart and show kindness.

  Good things, anyone can do it, just do it.

However, people who do good deeds these days are becoming more and more contrived, and there are always these and those attempts behind them.

This is a very sad thing.

Fewer people are really doing good things from the heart.

Men like good women.

Kind women can always impress men in a subtle way.

Therefore, from the heart to do more good things, no matter how big or small, it is good for women and harmless.

  5. Regardless of whether you are beautiful or serious, exercise regularly to keep your body active.

  She is beautiful, has unique conditions, and has strong natural temptation.

However, if you don’t pay attention to physical exercise, your limbs will not be fully moved and your body will deform sooner or later.

You don’t look very good, and you have to make up for it with mental energy.

No man is willing to face a deadly woman who looks like a sick cat every day.

Of course, don’t exercise too much, don’t make a large muscle mass.  6. Learn to be coquettish and naughty.

  Coquetry is a woman’s instinct.

As long as it’s a woman, it won’t be deceiving.

However, just to coquettishly is not understood by every woman.

Some women are not coquettish and do not work at all.

Some women coquettishly overdo it, but instead get the opposite effect.

Therefore, it is important to learn to coquettishly.

At the same time, we also need to know how to be a naughty man.

According to how to operate, there are more books in this area, it is better to look for them.