Diversified innovation to see the tourism "hugging winter"

[] The tourism industry under the persistence of the epidemic is still mixed, and many merchants have said that they have fallen from the fusion of the provincial tour, consumer travel, and the decline in tourism orders is obvious. This year’s "Double 11" this year is a good time for travel businesses and travel platforms.

In the face of changes in market environment and travel needs, tourists have actively seek breakthroughs from products, channels, and technology, and have achieved good records.

  A set of platform transaction data reflects the willingness of "tourism" in the current consumer. The reporter learned from the flying pig, during the "Double 11" period, the transaction of the travel goods in the Haiwanese Digans of the Flying Pig Platform in the sea increased by 280% year-on-year, the sales of the museum, non-legacy culture, etc., the sales volume increased by 6 times year-on-year, hot spring related Travel commodity booking is over 120% year-on-year. In addition, the three new products such as winter and winter and spring roaming cards in Beijing, and the accumulated sales of 8 airlines "Flying" products have more than 100,000. Zhuang Zhuangran, president of Flying Pig, said, "Double 11" is a tribute to the persistence of tourism, the more the difficult moment, the more you want to double your investment, not only give consumers, satisfactory experience, quality member rights , More to play digital power, create value for merchants. What is more worth noting is that the booking amount of "00", "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

Not only is a flying pig, and the same trip is on November 11th to open 15 hours of long live broadcast. Flying pig data shows that "Double 11" period includes an anchor, the number of new users brought by the content ecology, which has increased by more than 70% year-on-year. In addition, Hilton added a member of more than 400,000, Changlong new membership 120000. From the point of view, rural tour and red tourism are still hot. Flying pig data shows that the top six in the top six of the rural tourist destination is Wuzhou Deqing County, Jiaxing Tongxiang Wuzhen Town, Tengchong and Shun Town, Dali Shuangcong Town, Dali Haidong Town, Changzhou, Tianmu Lake Town; Red Tourism Hot Destination It is Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha, Jiaxing, Nanchang, Zunyi, Yan’an, Xiangtan. Among them, the number of rural areas is new, of which nearly 70% of businesses are the first participation. During the 11th period, the sales volume of Fei pig rural villages in the year increased by more than 10 times, and the rural people became a new favorite of shopping carts.

"’Double 11′ prepared 2000 suits, October 20th is the first batch, did not expect to be booked so fast." The first time, Sichuan Ganzi Zhonggu Village, RGB, Board, Song, Song, is excited, he is flying The first batch of pre-sale listings of the pig platform were snapped up. On October 22, the homestay tourism goods were first logged in Wei Ya live.

  The industry pointed out that this round of this round of the year is to let the merchants have achieved real orders, for the "cold winter", which also helps the "internal force cultivation" of business skills, whether it is product organization Innovation and design, or the optimization of marketing ideas, or potential new customers.

  "Through ‘Double 11′ We found that tourists’ needs and requirements for travel platforms have become more diverse.

The value of simple channels has not been met, the sales capabilities of the front end, the rear end product innovation, product operations and technical capabilities are the components of business capabilities, which is also the difference in the differentiation of our sought. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the flour, this year, the first participation of each 200 minus 30, the official live broadcast, the ecology and the head of the head of the Amoy system, especially the first tourism planting party, and the destination Business belt flow.

  The innovation of the category is essential for young consumers. "The attention and understanding of young generations of consumers is the biggest foundation for our cooperation with Flying pigs at first." Chen Jia, deputy general manager of Kaiyuan Senbo Management Company. Since the beginning of the opening of 2019, Kaiyuan Senbo has set up a large number of high-quality supplies to the Flying Pig Platform, which brings a lot of high quality supply for the resort hotel of the Flying Pig Platform. In addition to daily content operations and marketing, Kaiyuan Sushu and Flying Pigs will jointly build a super brand day in all important nodes, and sediment the brand mind.

In addition, if Shenzhou car rental around "car rental + travel" ecology continues to innovate, combined with the flying pigs "with the new pigs"; all major airliners "fly" also ended out.

  In order to meet the new needs of the transportation industry merchants, Flying pigs have launched a pre-sale and online reservation system of "Sui Flying", "Heart Rent" since last year, and open it to Shandong Airlines. Multi-aircraft and car rental merchants. Platform technical capabilities can provide good support for business product innovation and experience innovation. The R & D of the Flying Pig Transportation Products said that each airline is different, such as route and number of constraints, special circumstances, how to turn rules into technical languages ??is the biggest challenge for development. Taking Shanhang "Magic Carpet" as an example, the first phase and the second phase of development lanes for more than a month, and several technical teams participate. "The younger generation of consumption demand in the ticket, the consumption method has changed greatly and more pursuing new senses and fun." Shandong aviation e-commerce research and development relevant person in charge said that there are many young users like the flying pig platform, very Suitable for the new product of Shanhang to create a new product, "Mountain Airlines and Flying Pigs," Not only to sell the ticket to sell the ticket, more is to operate the ticket as a consumer goods To customize new products for new needs. From another perspective, new product launch is not only to meet new consumer needs, but also to airlines also means higher operating efficiency. "Similarly, for hotel pre-sale And online reservations, the Flying Pig Accommodation Product R & D team also puts the resources to develop and online.

"Many hotels since the epidemic have grown from online reservations, and the demands are getting finer.

"The R & D of the Flying Pig Accommodation Products said," This also brings us challenges, such as the reservation, the changing room, etc. "It is understood that the flying pig is in the form of a commodity combination of the first hotel package in 2013. This year, the 11-room hotel package achieves 100% online appointment. In addition, tourists who experience the epidemic examination will begin to pay more attention to the brand.

"The more you order, but for me, our greater goal is through the marketing farm of ‘Double 11’ this national" tour ", in the consumer heart, the brand memory and brand Miss.

Bai Yanping, Dali and 熹 Hotel, said. This year, this year’s "Double 11" period has increased by more than 60% year-on-year, Shandong Airlines, Ya Gao, Changlong, Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Shanghai Disney Resort, Wanda , Hilton, Kaiyuan Semine, Mangrove, Beijing Global Resort, 12 brand turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, an increase of 3 than 2020.

  Ya Hevie, senior vice president of marketing and technology transformation of Ya Gao Zhonghua, also said: "Outside order, brand exposure is also our focus, so in such a national focus period, we will take out the best products to attract everyone. focus on.

Since the cooperation with Flying Pig, Ya Ga’s reputation and brand power have increased.

"Data shows that the current Pig Platform’s Yago Hotel Group flagship store fans are nearly 500,000.

The pre-sale was held on October 20, 4 hours, Ya Gao Xinyue Town Sanya Haiti Bay Fair Mont Hotel 3 days 2 nights have been booked to exceed 10,000 pieces, and the overall turnover of Ya Gao in the flying pig platform has always been stable in the industry. .

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