TCM, how many medicinal herbs do you know can make a woman more beautiful

TCM, how many medicinal herbs do you know can make a woman more beautiful

Many girls now unilaterally highlight “being thin for beauty” and ignore overall health.

TCM believes that the cause of the disease is due to the abnormalities of qi, blood, and water. By detecting the abnormal conditions of “qi, blood, and water” in the body, it can cope with the overall situation of the patient.

These superficial causes, such as the appearance of acne on the face, dry skin, and abnormal physiological period, are all due to the imbalance in the changes in the internal constitution.

If in accordance with the perspective of Chinese medicine, conditioning should be carried out from the inside out, and a few flavors of medicinal materials can be appropriately combined to allow women to have beauty and health from the inside out.

  October 22 is the “World Traditional Medicine Day”. As the main content of traditional medicine, Chinese medicine plays an increasingly important role in people’s daily health care.

A small section cannot fully penetrate the profoundness and depth of traditional Chinese medicine, and we can only show the scientific charm of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment from one side.

  If you want to eat estrogen for beauty, it is better to drink soy milk and eat some natural fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even if menopausal women really need supplements, they should strictly follow the doctor’s advice . Rose: Make the pain lighter and lighter Today’s protagonist: Rose: The outline of the outline contains: “Rose, and blood, blood, spleen, Regulating qi and regulating menstruation, nourishing beauty.

“Honghua:” Compendium of Materia Medica “records:” Huoxue, moistening, pain, swelling, and menstruation. ”

“Hawthorn seeds: It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, strengthening heart and lowering cholesterol, and is suitable for arteriosclerotic hypertension. It also has the effect of contracting the uterus and treating postpartum abdominal pain.

  Condition: Before the physiological period, you will feel that your stomach is swollen, and your lower abdomen is prominent. Once you reach the physiological period, you will become constipated.

Menstrual blood is dull red and feels sticky, sometimes with blood clots like pig liver color.

Menstrual blood volume is large, the first day is relatively small, but suddenly increased from the second and third days.

The physiological period will reach more than seven days.

Due to poor blood circulation, menstrual pain can be intolerable, and sometimes it is too painful to get up and walk, and can only rely on painkillers.

  Physician’s advice: If this is the case every time, you may have endometriosis or uterine muscle tumors.

People with poor blood circulation need to be physically active. If they are tired from work, they just lean over or walk around.

Be careful not to get cold, don’t eat cold food, eat more warm food.

It is best not to use tampons, as this will only make blood circulation worse, it is best to use sanitary napkins, and you need to change the sanitary napkins frequently.

It is best to eat more black, red and purple food.

Lettuce is cold, and vegetables are best heated.

Avoid sitting continuously, walk more, and make the blood circulation in the bone plate better.

You can drink turmeric tea, or rose, safflower, and hawthorn seeds in traditional Chinese medicine.

  Ginger: It ‘s so warm today. The protagonist: Dried ginger: It tastes hot and spicy, enters the spleen, stomach, kidney, and lung meridian, and has the effects of dispersing cold in the middle, stopping bleeding through the veins, and dispersing the cold of various meridians.

Suitable for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

  Cinnamon: The medicinal ingredient is cinnamaldehyde, which is effective for curing cold in hands, feet, waist and abdomen.

Cinnamon has also been added to Chinese medicine prescriptions for various gynecological diseases.

  Condition: As soon as the physiological period is reached, the abdomen will feel cold, and the menstrual pain will be severe. The cold will be more severe, but it will feel more comfortable to keep warm.

The physiological period is usually late, and the menstrual period lasts more than seven days. The color of the menstrual blood is dark red, and it will be replaced by blood clots like pig liver color.

Especially afraid of cold, high probability of concurrent weakness symptoms.

  Physician’s suggestion: This is the typical chill type.

To keep warm, especially the lower body, you can wear thick underwear or socks.

Also below the waist, do not wear skirts, but change to trousers, because if the lower body is cold, menstrual pain will be more serious.

It is recommended to eat warm foods such as chili or shallots.

If you feel cold during the physiological period, you can try a disposable bag and apply it below the navel, above the left dividing line, or on the soles of your feet.

Usually you can take a bath or soak your feet to dispel the cold.

It is recommended to drink ginger tea and cinnamon tea, or dried ginger and cinnamon of Chinese medicine.

  Mint: Let me be so calm today’s protagonist: Mint: sweating and dissolving the table, clearing the heat and turbidity, clearing the filth, clearing the boss.  Chenpi: It is suitable for suffocation caused by stagnation of spleen and stomach, suffocation, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue caused by coke in dampness.

  Condition: As soon as the physiological period is reached, the phenomenon of mental instability will occur, and the mood will become very worried and easy to lose temper.

Gluttony and anorexia are repeated repeatedly, always farting or snoring, will cause acne, constipation or diarrhea.

The symptoms of menstrual pain vary from month to month, and will change with the physical condition at that time. Before the menstrual period, abdominal distension or abdominal pain will occur, but these symptoms will disappear after menstruation.

Menstrual blood is generally red, which is normal for four to five days.

Sometimes early, sometimes late.

  Physician’s suggestion: Normally learn to control emotions, you can use aromatherapy to relax and use breathing method to calm the spirit.

The daily routine should be normal. You can use music or drink herbal tea to soothe your emotions during the physiological period.

Eat more oranges or drink tea, you can put some green plants in the house, and set up a comfortable environment.

After getting up, you can do some simple contraction exercises. If you have time, you can take a walk and take a deep breath in the park.

It is recommended to drink jasmine tea and mint tea, Chinese medicine can try mint and tangerine peel.

  Angelica: Fatigue swept away today’s protagonist: Angelica: The primary effect of Angelica is to nourish blood.

Dizziness, dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, bloodlessness, and weak pulses caused by blood deficiency, Angelica sinensis is the most suitable.

Angelica is also a gynecological medicine, because angelica is not only enough to replenish blood, but also to activate blood, it is most suitable for women with irregular menstruation.

  Longan: Longan is also known as longan.

As early as the Han Dynasty, longan has been used for medicinal purposes.

Chinese medicine believes that its sexual flavor is attributed to the classics: sweet, warm.

Return to heart, spleen.

It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, replenishing the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the blood and strengthening the yang, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and moisturizing and beauty.

  Condition: Dizzy easily. Venus will be swollen when you stand up. The skin feels rough and rough, the mind is not concentrated, and it is always forgetful.

Although the physical pain is not unbearable, but you will feel abdominal discomfort, back pain and various uncomfortable symptoms, and these symptoms may last for a long time.

The color of the menstrual blood is pink or light red. The menstrual blood is very thin like water. The menstrual period is short, about three to four days, or five to seven days, but the period is getting shorter and shorter.

The condition of late menstruation is very serious, often delaying for more than forty days.

The days when the physiological period is about to end will be particularly fatigued and weak, and even if the physiological period has ended, you still feel whole body weakness.

  Physician’s advice: This is a typical anemia.

Do not overuse your eyes or your brain normally, sleep adequately, and pay attention to blood supply in your daily diet.

Go to bed before twelve o’clock every night for one hour, and don’t go to bed the next day.

If you can’t sleep, drink a cup of hot milk.

You can eat animal liver or dark food.

Take a 10-minute break for one hour of work. In the evening, the reaction will become dull. Important things are best done before three o’clock. Do not soak hot water or soak for too long.

Should drink jujube tea or wolfberry tea, Chinese medicine can try angelica and longan.

  Lotus seed: Give me good spirits Today’s protagonist: Lotus seed meat: “Outline” said lotus seed “benefits the heart, thick intestines, solid essence, strong muscles and bones, tonics, sharp eyes and ears, removes cold and dampness, relieves spleen and diarrhea for a long time, redTurbidity, the woman brought down rickets in the collapse. ”

The potassium content in lotus seeds is the highest in all plant foods, and it plays an important role in maintaining muscle excitability, heartbeat and various metabolisms.

In addition, the lotus heart tastes extremely bitter, but it has the effects of clearing heat, solidifying essence, soothing the heart, and reducing blood pressure.

  Astragalus membranaceus: Astragalus membranaceus is the most widely used medicinal material in traditional Chinese medicine. It is sweet and warm and belongs to the family of legumes. The rhizome is used as a medicine to enter the spleen and lung meridians.Caused diseases.

  Condition: As soon as the physiological period is reached, the feet will become swollen and swollen enough that they will not even be able to wear shoes. It is not normal but there is abnormal bleeding, easy fatigue, low back pain, less appetite, and easy colds or diarrhea.

Menstrual pain is almost non-existent, but if the blood circulation is complicated, menstrual pain will be very serious.

Menstrual blood is light red, sometimes with a large amount, sometimes with a small amount, showing two mutations, and sometimes changes a lot of pink menstrual blood.

The menstrual period is usually four to five days, and the cycle will become shorter and shorter, and the menstruation will tend to be late.

The symptoms of menstrual pain are not serious, but I usually feel that my strength is not enough, it is easy to get tired, and there is no physical strength.Edema is severe, especially the lower body is obese.

  Physician’s suggestion: Eat three meals, eat more digestive and balanced foods like grains and beans

Breakfast must be eaten, because the stomach is not good, chew slowly when eating.

In order to have sufficient physical strength, you must sleep for one hour, usually for one hour, but it is best to sleep for one to two hours during the physiological period.

Weak people are not suitable for intense exercise. If you want to exercise, it is best to choose to take a walk after dinner.

It is recommended to drink Eucommia tea and Korean ginseng tea.

Chinese medicine can try lotus seed meat and Scutellaria baicalensis.