A total of five people came,Including a very famous scientist。The attitude of the five people towards Li Ming is also very polite and respectful。

But the purpose makes Li Ming uncomfortable,One is to propose to buy the research imperial crocodile,It’s nothing,Anyway, this monster also promised Da Silva to kill。And it’s too much trouble to ship back to China across the Pacific.。Li Ming is only planning to get some body parts of the crocodile and wait to go back.。
But want to recruit myself,This group of South Americans are too arrogant, right?。Just these few small broken base cities?I really don’t know where the confidence comes from。
Drove these people away with a stinking face。
Waited a few days,Da Silva also survived smoothly from Ruins No. 9,Although I lost an arm,But also got a black god suit。
“congratulation,Da Silva!”Li Ming said with a smile。
“I guess your gains must be greater!”Da Silva said with a wry smile:“I don’t know if I changed my arm for the Black God suit,But you,Can actually kill all the Emperor Desserts,The harvest must be great。”Da Silva didn’t ask Li Ming for any information.,Since he passed the trial,Naturally, I also know most of the useful information obtained in the ruins,Can’t leak。
“Since you came out too,I also hunted down that king monster,Then I won’t stay longer。”
“You really didn’t intend to stay in our base city of Sao Paulo?”Da Silvalho asked jokingly。
Li Ming waved his hand,no answer,But Tissot left here in an instant。
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