Guo Xueli’s Brain Circuit。

Fang Yu really can’t understand!
“Is not,I really think we are quite suitable……I used to think that elegant men are better。But now I feel,Unpretentious men are also pretty good!
Moreover,I didn’t get involved with them too much!
I think,You don’t mind!”
Guo Xueli smiled。
She still keeps the most precious things of women。
Fang Yu,Should understand her。
Who has not experienced a few scumbags,I know who is her final destination。
Moreover,She didn’t do anything excessive。
“Do this first……I have to go back,I have something else tomorrow!Today’s words,I presume you never said……I think you will be sober tomorrow!”
Fang Yu smiled。
As if it’s okay!
of course,Fang Yu just now。
Indeed hesitated!
Guo Xueli looks beautiful、Tall and elegant。
Handy,And very gentle!