just,The relationship between the two,As if back to the familiar state。

exactly,It was Su Xuehen who showed a clear sense of resistance,She doesn’t even look at Lu Menglin,How do you start communicating??
but,How could such a small problem stump Lu Menglin?!
He tilted his head deliberately,Close the distance between the two,And then said in a faint inaudible voice:“Came back early,I didn’t have time to bring you a gift!”
“Not needed!”Su Xuehen is still watching the textbook,Didn’t even look up,Cold road。
Lu Menglin was blocked and didn’t know what to say,I had to smile。
“I have carefully reviewed it along the way,You have finished all the questions you borrowed from me,Homework is guaranteed not to be pulled down。”Lu Menglin tried another angle,Said。
“Oh!”Su Xuehen still doesn’t look up,It’s just not light or heavy。
Such a light as water attitude,Lu’s self-confidence was instantly hit by tons。
The beautiful girl sitting in front of herself,It’s much harder than the opponent in the King of Fighters tournament。
“You should take me to review before school is over?I still don’t understand some questions。”Lu Menglin asked carefully。
Actually he doesn’t need to be so cautious,But I can’t bear my guilty conscience!
Have been abroad for half a month,And they stayed with Jiang Jinghong,Although there is only one small ambiguity between the two,But when Lu Menglin saw Su Xuehen,There is no reason for it!
It seems that the three wives and four concubines in ancient times were not all right,Have no mental quality,You really can’t be a scumbag!The silent grievances in someone’s heart。
“Not available today!”Su Xuehen’s face doesn’t change color,Zhu lip spat softly。
“Then tomorrow?”Lu Menglin hit a snake with a stick,It’s so silly。
“No time tomorrow!”Su Xuehen turned her face,Gave him a fierce look。
This look,The girl’s expression is very heroic,Lu Menglin looked a little straight。