Study-learning music changes brain and enhances language skills

Study: Learning Music Makes Brain Change and Enhances Language Ability

A US study found that learning musical instruments can change the brain, and music training can improve speaking and foreign language skills.

  Although in the past some people thought that listening to Mozart or other classical music could become smarter, there is not enough evidence that music can improve intelligence.

  Nowadays, a study by Northwestern University in the United States is supported by data and analyzes related research on the effects of music training on language, speech, memory, attention and even emotional expression.

  Researcher Nina?

Klaus said that these data fully show that the neuron connections generated during music training can enhance the brain’s ability to communicate in other ways.

  The researchers said in a research report: “This effect of music training shows that, just as physical exercise has an impact on physical health, music can enhance brain vitality and make hearing more acute.

Therefore, it is necessary for our society to recognize the role of music in personal development.

“Klaus said that learning vocal music can improve the brain’s resilience, and it can also help the nervous system build a structure that is conducive to learning.

  This study, published in the Natural Review of Neuroscience, reviews and analyzes a large number of studies that have been supplemented in this field in recent years. These studies focus on the impact of music training on the nervous system and its possible education.Significant influence.

  Studies have found that playing musical instruments can enhance the brain’s ability to distinguish information in a complex process, which may include reading, notation, timing, or cooperating with other musicians.

  Klaus said in a statement: “A musician’s brain is able to selectively discern informational elements in the sound.

With the interaction of sensory and cognitive processes, the nervous system can associate complex sounds with what they mean.

The researchers analyzed previous research data and found that people who understand music are better at spelling words into a new language than people who are not trained in music.