Daxing’anling Gagdaqi District "Point Line Face" to build "I do practical things for the masses" blueprint

People’s Network Harbin on April 26th, for practical solving the people "urgent expensive" problem, effectively reflecting the party history and education in the university’s operation, in the practice of the people, Daxinganling Gagdaci District with "point line facators "Solidly promoting the practice of" I do practical things for the masses ".

Find the "entry point" to carry out the "People’s Vocational History" to collect opinions.

Gugdaqi District is based on "Open the door to observe the people, listening to the voice of the people", and eliminates contradictions and monks ". Ways and other methods, the extensive sake of advice from all walks of life.

The practice of the active group’s suggestions and discovery of the comments, according to the first prior needed order, and listed 61 questions and specific practical things to "I do practical things for the masses", proposed Specific measures and work objectives, implementing the responsible persons and responsible units.

Currently, there have been 18 problems and complete 18 practices.

Clarify the "Development Line" to carry out special attack activities for industry-puzzle. The Gagdaki District Committee has carried out the "Project Construction Difficult to Attack", "The System Industry Puzzle" "Three major attacks" actions for the main content.

Focus on project construction, now planned from 7 major categories of agricultural products, all-domain tourism, trade logistics, etc., total investment billions; focus on 6 investment promotion projects, total investment billion yuan.

Focus on the style of work, and create a "business" government service brand, 36 units open commitments to government affairs integrity, and combing 866 lists of "do not seek" matters.

The hospital implements online appointment registration, opening the outpatient self-service inquiry system, realizing "seeking a doctor," to add social security business consulting station, set up the chief waiter, to achieve the "social security handling," In the three days, I have to achieve the food management license "to do not ask for people"; the education system has achieved "schooling without people" through sunshine; the court launched "Sunshine Execution" and fully guarantee the right to know, and realize "implementation." Focus on focus, quickly and orderly to advance the national vaccination work, the first time increases the fixed inoculation point to eight, establish three mobile vaccination teams, 56 people who have reserves the pressed positions, as of now, inoculation work is powerful , "Zero stock, daily clear" vaccination requirements effectively.

Broaden "coverage" and carry out the implementation of the "three most" issues. The Gagdaci District Committee focuses on the "eagerness" problem of the masses, and determines the transformation of the old community, the three-to-life upgrade, "the most beautiful campus" construction, the pocket square construction, the low-key system is perfect, etc. And for the whole society. Party organizations at all levels, based on the duties and industry characteristics, and solve more than 80 pieces of "three most" problems.

Focus on Senfang, carry out the "learning party history of spring defense spirit, do practical things to win the Ching Ming Battle" theme practice, 23 school-level leading cadres and 141 department-level cadres deep into the hometown, community village, take the lead in implementing "Five" measures, signed a fire prevention responsibility, more than 50,000 leaflets, and promoted more than 80,000 cards.

Focusing on the masses, Gagdaci District union implemented warm-hearted action, establish 14 love stations, for traffic police, sanitation workers, takeaway small brothers, etc., "drinking water is difficult, rest, such as toilet", etc. Reality.

The Gagdaki District Human Bureau held the "Spring Breeze Send Post, Employment Warm Health" Recruitment Fair, 24 companies to participate, and 60 posts. Focus on the creation of the creation of the creation, the sixth streets are resolutely lifted to the main business, sanitation, property, law enforcement, municipal and other units, the winter residual snow is effective, and the illegal construction is more than 80 square meters, clean up the store and account for Road business behavior 866. Improve the "service" to carry out the "Talk" theme practice activities.

Jiagedaqi District rely on Party organization into the grid, party members entering the building, serving the "three into" models in the house, and more than 7,000 party members in the whole region conduct volunteer services to solve the problem for the people. Focusing on poverty alleviation, district committee secretaries and district committees party members have sent more than 2,000 yuan for condolences to help difficult children. The District Disabled Persons’ Federation increases the way of rescue by issuing a wheelchair, visiting condolences, implementing disabled policies. In the area, the medical staff of the district two-level medical institutions went deep into the township towns. Focus on service "three farmers", P. Add Township, Baihua Township to protect spring farming, all village party members, volunteers have more than 40 people, in-depth directions to guide spring plow materials, carry out technical services 12 times, agricultural machinery maintenance 20, home delivery More than 60 years.

The Gagdaqi District Market Supervision Administration launched the "Guardian Safety, Exchange Consumption", and provides free control services for the majority of farmers.

Focus on the small things around, the District CPPCC learned that the Shan Street residential building community has formed a road collapse due to construction, and often has problems with damage to the vehicle, coordinating the brick stone and sand, party members and cadres, and the collapse road recovery, complete " Car damage path "repair.

The District Public Security Bureau will take the initiative to move the police and civilians to extend the business to the town of township villages. You can apply for all business, accept the masses alarm, and answer the people’s consultation. (Sujinggang, Wulin) (Editor: Zhao Yi, Li Zhongshou).