Taiwan Defense Department: 6 People’s Liberation Army military machine entered the southwest airspace in Taiwan yesterday

  [Global Network Report Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to Taiwan’s "Central Society" Track and monitor "cloud cloud. The photo report of the PLA 歼 -16 fighter panel released by the Taiwan Defense Department said that according to the Dynamics of the Air Force on the 15th evening 7:50, 1 shipment-8 electrician, 2 歼 -11 fighters, 2 歼 歼 – 10 fighter, 1 shipment-8 remote machine on the 15th "invading" Taiwan Southwest "Air Defense Identity". "Central Society" claims that according to statistics, 38 "common harays" on October 1st, 10 of whomy 16 fighters deep into Taiwan and southeast airspace; 39 October 2nd; 16 October 3; October 4th, 56, and the defense department has announced the most since the "instant military dynamics" since September 17 last year.

  For the military operations around the People’s Sea, Zhang Chunhui has previously stated that Taiwan and its affiliated islands were part of the sacred indivisible in China’s territory. The Chinese army war preparation cruise is completely legal, which is for the current Taiwan Safety Corner and Maintain the necessary actions taken by national sovereignty.

Zhang Chunhui emphasizes that the warband forces have a determination. It has the ability to defeat all "Taiwan independence" split activities, resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and resolutely maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.