Gao Hongjun said this time I thought of Li Hui with the wind of the end of the tail head.。

Even him wants to invite three women to share the dinner tonight.,If you stimulate a little,Three women thought about thinking together,He can’t help but excite it.。
“Forehead,Then I can afford it.?
What do you have to pay??”
“You bought it,I bought ten buildings.。”
In high promotion,Today, Li Hui is a hundred percent.。
The people around him heard two people were competing for financial resources.,And still buy a villa,Not a building,Immediately attract a lot of people’s attention,Even someone can’t help but start watching。
After all, Qin Su Ya and Sun Yaru are really too beautiful.,There is also a body that is good to explode.,Such three beautiful people are here,It’s enough to attract people.,Now Gao Hongyang is another trouble,Immediately play the explosive effect。
“Forehead,It is also yours to buy ten.,If you can’t afford to buy ten,Also buy a building like me?
But within ten years,Reform right,Use rights belong to me,Ten years later, give you,Or who, whoever can’t afford it, give it five million,how?”
Li Hui said that there is still some only Ino when I say this.,But high promotion is the first time I have given a doubtful color.。
He is also the first time Li Hui Feng, this is to play pigs to eat tiger.。
But looking at the other side’s dress,There is still previous performance,He really can’t think of tens of millions of things.。
He is also the general existence of the big essays in the city.,It’s still very accurate.,But care carefully.,He decided to add some conditions that make the other person.。
“hehe,Can,But my request is that you pay for it.,I am also a one-time payment.,How about it?”
Li Hui Hui also thought that the other party also proposed any unfinished conditions,Heard this condition,He feels reasonable,After all, he did not intend to install a loan at first.。
“Oh oh,OK,Then are we, is it a forerunny?,After all, so many people are guarded.。”
Seeing Li Hui Feng not only didn’t panic,Instead, it is very anxious to tell him.,High promotion does not regret it in my heart。
Although five million is not too big for him.,But in case it really lost,So but face,All evil fruits of Li Hui Feng before designing Li Anti-style is in his body.。
Ten villa he is definitely impossible to buy.,After all, hundreds of millions of money flow,Once bought,Then the entire company will definitely disconnect funds.,The consequences he knows。
“High total,You won’t regret it.?
Refuse,Let’s don’t sign.,This matter did not happen。”
Said that Li Hui’s hand directly pulled Qin Su Ya’s hand to go out,When I left, I couldn’t help but pull a Sun Yaru.。
Plusted by Li Hui Feng,Sun Yarn’s heart is not a tremble。
She suddenly understands why she actively took the hand to the wind,Can make Li Hui feel excited。
That kind of surprise,That kind,I even feel that my hard work is worth it.。
Gao Hongji saw that Li Hui Hui wants to pull two women to escape,Reaction immediately。
This is settled in the other party.,If you want to swell, you will put him.。
“Little brother,I haven’t said nothing.?
You are like this.,Is it too anxious??”
“Manager Liu,Trouble to prepare for paper and pen,By the way, the printing is also prepared。”
When I said this,Gao Hongyang flashing excited light,When you look at Liu Yan,The greedy color in the eyes is simply can’t wait to eat Liu Yan.。
For high promotion,Liu Yan did not show the dissatisfaction,Instead, it’s a charming smile.。
“Gigbling high, slightly, etc.,I will go to my office to give you。”
After finishing the lotus,Twisted floral waist hips quickly。
Li Huihe heard the high promotion,The heart is also very dark。
If it is,He really didn’t dare to bet with the other side.,But the transfer gives him to him last night.,Let him feel full。
Don’t say a,That is the ten。
Sun Yaru heard the words of high promotion,The joy of being held by Li Hui Feng instantly disappeared without trace.。