The boss’s arms rattled,It turned out to be unbearable and broke directly,Sweating all over,Gradually soaking clothes,Yes……Ah screamed out。

Ah Chong catches up and kicks the boss in the heart,The blackness in front of me fainted directly。
Amao plucked the big steel knife on the ground,Hand up and down,The blood splashed him and Ah Chong all over their faces,Neither of them blinked,The boss’s head is slowly getting out。
The bounty hunters onlookers all gasped.。
One was shocked by the fact that two little kids in a small mountain village chopped off a master of Nine Stage Great Perfection。
Another shock is that these two kids really didn’t blink when they killed someone.! The old man who fights with Danielitwo、The third child has always been suppressed,The boss’s head rolled to the third’s feet,He screamed out,Underfoot,Daniel took the opportunity to step forward,Push it down,Brain plasma、Old blood splatterediBoth faces are。
Mainly because this blood still carries body temperature、Sticky,Seeing two brothers die more miserable than the other,Where does he have the courage to fight against Daniel,Jump over the crowd and run away。
“come back!”
Chen Xiu,Puppetry directlyiTwo pulled back from the air,Big hands hold the oldiSecond staying power,Immobile。
Originally used Chen Xiu’s current puppet skills to fuckiIt’s no problem to control one or two hundred catties。
But it’s not enough to capture a third-rate master,So he can separate the oldiI caught it back,Mainly oldiThe second is being scared。
“Rao……forgive me!”