Shen Han is still in the operating room,Huo Rongxuan almost lost patience,The voice on the phone became completely cold,“Shen Han is still rescued,You have to make sure what happened to Shen Han,The Shen family can afford the consequences。”

This is already very important,But Shen Han’s father still refused to show up,Huo Rongxuan finally hung up before listening to his explanation,I have to order to use the blood in the blood bank first。Fortunately, after a series of tests,Shen Han’s body did not react,After a few hours of rescue,The injury has stabilized。
Huo Rongxuan got the special help who was always next to him,“Go check the Shen family’s affairs,Details of each person,Including Shen Han’s biological mother,Check it all carefully。”
Finished,Added another sentence:“Put Shen Han’sDNACompare the sample with the Shen family,Tell me immediately when the result is out。”
Huo Rongxuan already had doubts in his heart,This incident undoubtedly verified his ideas even more。Even if the Shen family are not willing,It’s not that he can’t bring people here,But they would rather take the risk of offending the Huo family than refuse to give Shen Han a blood transfusion,Then there is probably only one answer,That is, Shen Han is not a child of the Shen family at all。
A few hours after anesthesia,Shen Han just woke up。He opened his eyes and looked at Huo Rongxuan who was standing by for a long time,Just called him:“Huo Rongxuan。”
Huo Rongxuan gave him a drink,ask him:“how about it,Still uncomfortable?”
Shen Han was injured in several places,There is a long hole in the leg,But he still shook his head。
then,Huo Rongxuan saw Shen Han look around in the ward,ask him:“Didn’t my dad come??”
Huo Rongxuan knew he was frightened this time,Only when I wake up I rely on my family。He tucked the quilt for Shen Han,Tell him:“Your dad went out of town,Rushing back。”
Shen Han closed his eyes and said nothing,But even Huo Rongxuan can feel the disappointment that is suppressed and does not want to be shown.。
after awhile,He heard Shen Han whisper:“I seemed to hear the tiger calling。”
“This time the tiger made a contribution,I asked someone to take him to eat meat。”
Shen Han nodded,Huo Rongxuan asked him:“how,You just hear the tiger call,I called you without hearing me?”
Shen Han heard him compare himself with Huzi,Was amused,Just said:“heard it,I thought it was an illusion。”