Lu Youshan immediately thought,Kim So Yeon is obviously the boss of such a big group,Why do you like his son somehow,And came all the way to Liufang,Everything seems to have an answer now。

He dare not let his son continue to be gentle with this appearance,Actually a femme-hearted woman is together,That’s why he held Lu Menglin very firmly。
That’s the effort of the father and son,Kim So Yeon was taken out by the three。
She doesn’t have to look back,I have probably guessed the reaction of everyone in the house。
Lu Menglin’s parents are very traditional,They really can’t accept a woman like themselves!
For a time,Kim So Yeon is in chaos,Messed up,Lost even the most basic vigilance。
now,Everyone in the living room of the Lu family looked at each other.,A little too slow。
People like Wang Shaoxiao and Fat Dun are obviously heartbroken and sad,But more worried about Lu Menglin,I’m afraid he will be hit too hard,Can’t think of it。
Uncle’s family of three is laughing around,They seem to have seen how rare the excitement is,A mocking smile appeared unconsciously on his face。
Fortunately, Uncle and they still have a trace of fear,Knowing that Lu Youshan at this time can’t provoke,But they were laughing inwardly。
Are you not proud of Lu Youshan??Got a foreign daughter-in-law,It turned out to be a poisonous widow!
Even Interpol has come to the door,Don’t look at the beautiful woman,If this is a few days later,Maybe even your Lu Menglin was swallowed so much that there is no scum left!
There are two other guests coming to visit Lujia,See this scene clearly。
These two are cadres of Liufang,At a glance,I suddenly shook my heart,Finished thinking!It turns out that Lu Jiabang is not a rich woman,But a murderer,Now Liufang’s transformation is about to fall apart,It turned out that it was just a bamboo basket.!Everyone is going to be frightened again。
For a time,Everyone in the living room has their own thoughts,But I still worry about the Lu family,Most people worried about Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin is also confused,He really didn’t expect,Why did Interpol come here,And why did Bae Jungi die??Why didn’t Kim So Yeon mention it to herself??
Is it,The purpose of her coming to China,It’s not just coming to me,Still have no ulterior motives?
wrong!Will not!Kim So Yeon is definitely not that kind of person!If she wants to hide,Not used to find me at all,I won’t go to Shenzhen University to apply for an assistant teacher!
Which link should go wrong!
Lu Menglin’s mind turned fast,The look on his face is even more uncertain。