100 skinny legs every day

100 skinny legs every day


Every day before going to bed, the pedals are 100 times. There is a fixed rhythm. Don’t be slow and slow. The speed is moderate. Concentrate on it. Don’t think that you don’t feel tired.


Do not put down immediately after stepping on, keep the posture ready, put your legs together, straight up into the air, avoid bending, and straighten your toes.

Hold on for 3 minutes and then slowly let go.


After doing the above actions, the whole leg will be a bit numb, then remember to massage your legs!


  Small reminder: This action may be more difficult. If you don’t adapt, you can do 50 times each time. I am an acute child. I want to slim down immediately, so I will do 100 times.

It should be noted that this action must be adhered to every day, and you must not stop for one day, so it has no effect at all!

If you do well, you should take it as a fixed homework every day, otherwise it will be counterproductive. (I am lazy and do not do it. The result is a typical rebound in 3 months.) Weight loss part: This group of actions is mainly for the loose part of the thigh.I also have some exercise on the waist and abdomen. I insisted on doing a week, and the thighs are really thinning every day!

The effect is quite obvious!

  However, it seems to be useless for the calf, so from yesterday, before doing this group of exercises, add a method of putting the legs 90 degrees on the top for more than 15 minutes to see if you can put a calf.

  Diet needs attention: there is nothing to be said about diet. I just don’t eat sweet, don’t drink cola, eat instant noodles, drink plenty of water, don’t eat or eat snacks outside of three meals, others don’t deliberately avoid it.

Before breakfast every day, after dinner, drink a small bowl of honey: white vinegar (1:4).

I hope to be able to apply 2 or 3 kilograms, about 47.