Beijing City Deputy Center "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Yin Xingyun) On October 28th, Beijing City Deputy Center "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street was opened, 81 households, 81 civilized families in Po Yuan Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China Business card "Happy" The most beautiful family pavilion ". It is reported that this is also the first "Family Troists" demonstration street in the country.

The total length of Liyuan Zhongjie is about 260 meters. It is just a sense of obscurity, shabby and messy alleys. After the new transformation in 2019, the title of "Beijing’s most beautiful street" was obtained in 2020.

In 2021, the Tongzhou District Women’s Federation of Yutong Jade Bridge, cleverly used the landscape design of the lane, adding "the most beautiful street" road, the red classic family teaching home training, "home country" calligraphy relief and other family building themes Content, create the first "Family Tutor Tutor" Demonstration Street in the country.

According to reports, the Tongzhou District Committee Propaganda Department is divided into the Women’s Federation of Tongzhou District, and reviewed the four-year-old civilized family and 300 street township civilized households and 300 street township civilized households in the whole year. The glorious deeds of the household-level civilized family show in the "most beautiful family pavilion" form. Co-funded by Women’s Federation of Tongzhou District, the "most beautiful family pavilion" participating in the construction of Yueqiao South China Community is the core landscape of "The most beautiful street". Fan Shuling, Chairman of Tongzhou District, issued an initiative, hoping that every resident, especially civilized family representatives, to do the new era of struggle, the advocate of civilized family construction, the struggle of life, good family good family The leader of the wind.

I hope that women in the district will actively engage in the prevention and control of the community (village), and contribute to the grassroots social governance while doing a good job in their own protection and household protection.

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