“If you would help me,I’ll take care of you”Xia Jian said softly。

Luo Yi looked at Xia Jian for a while and said:“A lot of people can help you,Why are you looking for me?You may not know,I am a very lazy person”
“Do not make jokes,This is yours。If you fix this about me,I’ll pay you back your ticket。If this is messed up,Airfare money will be waived”Xia Jian said,Ha ha smile。
Luo watched Xia Jian amused with her one by one,Can’t help but smile。She smiled and said:“You want to shame!I have to pay for the ticket,If you want to shame,I’ll go to your house,See how your parents clean up you”
The two people talk more and more,More happy。Luo Yi said she grew up this way,Haven’t seen snow,Xia Jian smiled and said,Then I invite you to see the snow in the north。
All joking,But Xia Jian’s last words,Luo Yi is serious。She put away her smile,Suddenly asked Xia Jian softly:“Can you take me there?”
“sure!It just won’t work this time,Wait for next time!Or I will go ahead,Rush over by yourself,I will pick you up at the airport”Xia Jian said that he was so generous because he knew Luo Yi would never go。
Unexpectedly,Xia Yi shook her head and said:“Going,I will go with you tomorrow,It’s boring for me to go alone”
“what!Maybe not tomorrow!You haven’t bought your tickets yet!”Xia Jian said in surprise。
Luo smiled and said:“Kidding you,I just want to try,Will you take me there?,Since you said that,I’m relieved”
“What is this,I’ll take you to see the snow?Although my house is not as good as yours,Can’t eat,But I promise not to let you sleep on the road and starve”When I heard Luo Yi was joking with him,Xia Jian said two more big words。
Luo Yi heard Xia Jian finished,Then he said with a smile:“All right!rest early!After you just went out,I asked Ali to buy something,Packed in your suitcase。Do you mind moving your box?!”
“Yo!You’re welcome,I have nothing in my suitcase,Whatever you want”Xia Jian said,Just rush upstairs。
Luo Yi got up from the sofa,Shouted to Xia Jian who was about to go upstairs:“You get up at seven tomorrow,Let the driver drive you over。If I can get up then,I will also go to the airport to see you off”
See Luo Yi in such a good mood,Xia Jian can’t refute her interest。So laughed:“OK!You Luo beauty see off,That’s a happy thing”Xia Jian was joking,Rushed upstairs。
Back to the room,Xia Jian checked his things,I didn’t expect it all installed,And there are a lot of things in the suitcase,It’s all some southern specialties。