Not a while,Li Huandong’s throat has some points“咕咕 咕咕”Sound,Then cough sharply。
“Is it oxygen??”Zhou Ye is busy helping to lose the concentration,The patient’s long-term bed bed is easy to cause accidental。
Observed a while,Li Huandong’s cough gradually reduced,The whole person has become calm。
The heart rate is also lowered.。
Li Huandong is still sleeping,It seems that the effect of the sedative is very strong.。
“Military brother,let’s go,Don’t bother him to rest.。”Zhou Ye won Sun Jun smiled,Then both people slowly walked out the ward。
On the way back to the office,Zhou Yewu asked Sun Jun about Li HuandongGPneumonia,According to emergency and surgical,The condition of pneumonia is still good。
Clinic,Zhou Ye has a little wet Rogy hearing,And the patient’s breathing is indeed a little breath,The body temperature is also higher than normal,So the next antibiotic may still use it.。
“Symptom support treatment,Observing observation,Then to protect the liver must be on。”Sun Jun reminds Zhou Ye。
Because Li Huandong is a cirrhosis,Liver function is also very poor,NewGVirus has certain violations of liver function,Therefore, many patients with poor liver function are needed for regular liver.,just in case。
New treatmentGThe core idea of pneumonia is the symptomatic support,Then treat basic problems,Prevent complications,Necessary time ventilator。
Zhou Ye went to open the tablet,I saw that Li Huandong used drugs.。
Li Huandong also observed before surgery7Day,Therefore, many drugs are recorded in history。
The surgeon is still not lazy,All write!This will give Zhou Jiwu.,At that time, he will modify it slightly.,A complete case can be released。
“His medicine is usually eaten20gOne day two times,Now in our sustained release tablets80gOne-piece,I want one day or two days a day.?”
Zhou Ye saw that Li Huandong’s medication was so complicated,Some brains hurt。
And the key is this medication to see blood concentration and half-life,So conversion is quite troublesome。
Sun Jun saw a panel:“One day, I will eat first.,Adjustment。”
Medical research
40Old man,Surnamed yellow。
In the past two years, it has been gradually impressed.,Hair is also a little white,Friend said,Fool,This is the performance of kidney deficiency,Have a good supplement。Cally, Mr. Huang also has a bit of eye,The wonderful advertisements sold on TV are playing.,I really want to replenish the liver and kidney、Benefiting and blood can’t rely on advertising,I have to pay attention to the Chinese medicine。
This is the original words of Mr. Huang。
Pick,Pick up He Shouwu。
Listening name,I know that this thing can make hair umbrella black.,Friends say He Shouwu is not light black hair,Can also strengthen the strong body,Replenishing liver,Bestow。
Mr. Huang once again heard,Can kidney,Be dark,Not right and mind。Think about the performance of this time,It should be that the blood is not rich enough.,Make up。
Have a good supplement。
In the introduction of friends,Mr. Huang himself purchased in the pharmacy, who is the old, the old, still the first black,Unknown,every day2Spoon,Guarantay,Combat strip。